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  • valmet D66A0134

    Valmet Automotive’s planned biogas terminal will help make Uusikaupunki plant carbon neutral


    Valmet Automotive will construct a biogas terminal at its plant in Uusikaupunki, Finland, which will help make operations at the factory, including paintshop, more sustainable.

  • Uusikaupunki body shop

    Valmet Automotive opens battery plant in Finland as it expands EV production capabilities


    Valmet Automotive has officially opened its Uusikaupunki, Finland battery plant, marking the start of production of high-voltage automotive battery modules and battery packs, part of a significant expansion of its electric vehicle battery-related manufacturing.  

  • Supplier development

    Electric vehicles could transform role of tier 1 suppliers in manufacturing


    As OEMs look to reduce production costs and manage more complexity, automotive suppliers will face challenges. But with more EV models in the pipeline, many have the opportunity to grab a larger piece of the pie both for manufacturing and the total value chain

  • ATS 2020 Continental

    Challenging relationships


    As the trend of electrification gains pace, and demand in the global new car market dwindles, suppliers are looking at ways to best serve their OEM customers

  • Valmet battery test Germany

    Valmet starts building battery test centre


    Germany - Valmet is upping its game in the battery field for electric vehicles

  • BASF research on materials for batteries

    Electrification nation


    A corridor of factories is being established in Finland to satisfy the rapid growth in demand for electric vehicle batteries

  • Uusikaupunki, Valmet Automotive

    Valmet expands production at Uusikaupunki


    Finland - A new production line is being installed to speed up production and increase flexibility

  • Mercedes GLC Bremen

    Mercedes starts GLC production at Bremen


    Germany - The latest generation of the Mercedes-Benz GLC is now being made at the company’s Bremen plant

  • Daimler Bremen

    A positive response


    Daimler is embarking on a major corporate restructuring in the hope of improving its ability to face upcoming challenges in the automotive sector The restructuring currently underway at Daimler is due to be complete by 2020 and the plan centres on creating legally independent AG companies, Mercedes-Benz AG, Daimler Truck ...

  • 4th generation A-class at Valmet Automotive

    Valmet marks 50th year of operation


    Finland - The contract manufacturer is celebrating its 50th anniversary at all its facilities. It currently produces vehicles for several companies, including Daimler, BMW and Porsche."Already for five decades, we have demonstrated that our work, know-how and engineering skills are world class," commented Olaf Bongwald, CEO, Valmet Automotive. "We expect ...

  • Ian Henry

    PSA and Nissan exploring new ground


    An interesting news report caught my eye recently; the article suggested that PSA – whose Chinese plants are operating well below capacity – will lease one of its factories in China to Nissan later this summer. The report suggested that the factory and its workforce will move to Nissan in ...

  • 4th generation A-class at Valmet Automotive

    4th gen A-Class at Valmet Automotive


    Finland – Having built the previous A-Class generation, the Finnish contract manufacturer said that only limited changes were needed at its Uusikaupunki plant to produce the new A-Class. The bodyshop has seen the most upgrades, where all manual workstations are now automated, increasing the number of body shop robots to ...

  • Olaf Bongwald CEO Valmet

    Bongwald takes the helm at Valmet


    Olaf Bongwald becomes CEO at ValmetFinland - Valmet Automotive´s board of directors has appointed Olaf Bongwald as chief executive officer, effective from July, 2018.Olaf Bongwald joins the Uusikaupunki-based contract manufacturer from American Axle where he has acted as Driveline Europe president.Previously, Bongwald held held several senior business leadership positions ...

  • Daimler Factory 56

    Forjando um futuro na fábrica 56


    As novas instalações de fabricação de automóveis precisarão ser altamente flexíveis à medida que as tendências de eletrificação de veículos e direção autônoma continuarem a evoluir. Por Christopher Ludwig e Michael NashA Mercedes-Benz é há muito tempo defensora de técnicas de fabricação flexíveis e eficientes, realizando inúmeros projetos para testar ...

  • Mercedes-Benz Factory 56

    Forjando el futuro en la Fábrica 56


    Las nuevas plantas de producción automotriz deberán ser muy flexibles a medida que avanzan las tendencias de vehículos eléctricos y autónomos. Por Christopher Ludwig y Michael NashMercedes-Benz siempre ha liderado las técnicas de producción flexible y eficiente y ha realizado innumerables proyectos para ensayar procedimientos innovadores e implementarlos en sus ...

  • smart fortwo production at Hambach

    Mercedes prepares plant for electric EQ


    France - Mercedes-Benz has announced that its Hambach plant will produce a new compact electric car under the EQ brand - it's electric vehicle (EV) family. In order to ready the facility, a total of €500m (US$588.14m) will be spent on a new body shop and surface treatment system, while ...

  • Mercedes-Benz A-Class production at Kecskemét Hungary

    A-Class production starts in Hungary


    Hungary - Mercedes-Benz has started making the new A-Class at its plant in Kecskemét, which is located about 90km south of Budapest. It is the second facility to house production of the model, following soon after the Rastatt plant in Germany."With the new A-Class, we start the production of our ...

  • Daimler Factory 56

    Forging a future in Factory 56


    New car manufacturing facilities will need to be highly flexible as the trends of vehicle electrification and autonomous driving continue to evolve. Mercedes-Benz futuristic ‘Factory 56’ paves a new path. 

  • Ellesmere Port Vauxhall

    Mudanças à frente


    Os fabricantes que operam na Europa continuam a impulsionar o menor custo para o leste, já que os volumes globais de vendas na região se aproximam dos níveis anteriores à criseFabricantes como a Jaguar Land Rover, a Volkswagen, a Ford e a Daimler estão entre as que criam novas fábricas ...

  • Ellesmere Port Vauxhall

    Tiempo de cambios en Europa


    Los productores que operan en Europa continúan avanzando hacia el este para reducir costes a medida que las ventas se acercan ya a niveles anteriores a la crisisLos constructores como Jaguar Land Rover, Volkswagen, Ford y Daimler se encuentran entre los que están construyendo nuevas plantas o expandiendo sus operaciones ...