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  • Francisco J Riberas

    New stamping ground


    Gestamp chairman and CEO Francisco Riberas tells AMS about the growth in outsourcing of press shop operations Spanish metal parts supplier Gestamp has grown to the point it is now the go-to company for European makers wanting to outsource body-in-white and chassis parts, particularly stronger hot-stamped steel parts. It ...

  • Brose_Electric-Motors

    Motor reflex


    Brose’s Bernd Kaufer tells AMS how engineering instincts helps him to run the company’s Würzburg plant At 7:00am each working morning, Bernd Kaufer begins his day by consulting his smartphone. As general manager of Brose’s Würzburg plant, his first task is to check on the status of operations there. ...

  • no title (00098203)

    The stage to engage


    The continually restructuring tier supply environment is witnessing record M&A activity amid rapid technological change Tier one suppliers currently face a bewildering mix of challenges, some long-term and some short-term in impact. This has always been the case, but the pace of change and the scale of adjustment required now ...

  • Article

    The stage to engage


    The continually restructuring tier supply environment is witnessing record M&A activity amid rapid technological change Tier one suppliers currently face a bewildering mix of challenges, some long-term and some short-term in impact. This has always been the case, but the pace of change and the scale of adjustment required now ...

  • Indiana Harbor, ArcelorMittal

    Steel town


    ArcelorMittal’s Indiana Harbor steel mill has needed to change with the times. AMS paid a visit ArcelorMittal employs over 4,200 people at its Indiana Harbor facility, which has been the site of steel making for over 100 years. According to Wendell Carter, long-serving steel man, vice-president and general manager: ...

  • 55 WARREN_STAMPING_088upoe5dog2212on39tqbuvtp1g

    A curva ascendente do servo


    A recente instalação do que é reivindicada como a maior máquina de serviço em qualquer parte do setor global de produção de metais automotivos demonstra os principais avanços feitos na tecnologia de pressão. A tecnologia de prensa servo vem aumentando cada vez mais as aplicações de moldagem de metal automotivo ...

  • Domenico Iacovelli

    Iacovelli to replace Klebert at Schuler


    Germany – Schuler said that CEO Stefan Klebert “is not extending his contract and will leave the company by mutual consent” on April 24, 2018, the day of the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. His successor, Domenico Iacovelli, has served as deputy CEO since 2007. Klebert joined Schuler on October 1, 2010. ...

  • Article

    Composites take shape


    Pressing and forming technology for composite materials are a key part of modern automotive production. Andrew Williams looks at the latest developments When manufacturing composite parts, companies throughout the automotive supply chain commonly rely on hydraulic press systems, which are generally far better at increasing the curing time of materials ...

  • Jim Hackett

    Ford's focus on the future


    Jim Hackett, Ford's CEO since May 2017Periodically, Ford decides that it needs a non-automotive leader to effect major change as market shifts demand new ways of running the giant corporation. Back in 2006, it recruited Alan Mullaly from Boeing, whose solution to the OEM’s problems at the time was ...

  • Barry Engle GM

    Engle to lead new GM region


    US – The company announced that it will combine its International and South America regions after the retirement of Stefan Jacoby, executive vice-president and president of GM International, at the end of this year. Barry Engle, currently in charge of South America, will assume the leadership of both regions ...

  • 3DViewStationV2017

    3D CAD viewer for engineers and designers


    Kisters North America has released version 2017 of its 3DViewStation desktop. The company says the new version features several updates, including wall thickness analysis via rolling ball method and sections of selections. It is available as Desktop, ActiveX and HTML5 WebViewer product-versions. All product versions are intended to be used ...

  • 5m units, TMMI

    Toyota Indiana hits 5m units


    US – The milestone was reached almost 20 years after the start of production. The five-millionth vehicle was a Sequoia Platinum. Since the establishment of the plant in 1998, Toyota has invested $4.3 billion in the manufacturing operation and the workforce has grown to 5,300 personnel. Toyota operates ten plants ...

  • Article

    JLR appoints Marchand to Americas role


    US – As vice-president Government and Industry Relations, Chris Marchand will direct the company’s interactions with governments and industry associations across North, Central and South America. He will take up the role on November 7. Marchand will report to Joe Eberhardt, president and CEO, Jaguar Land Rover North America, and ...

  • VW e-Golf

    VW launches electrification strategy


    Germany – According to ‘Roadmap E’, the OEM will electrify its line-up by 2030, offering at least one electrified version of the 300 models across the Group worldwide. Volkswagen plans to introduce 80 models by 2025 and estimates that 25% of new Group vehicles, amounting to 3m per year, could ...

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    被称为汽车业最大的伺服冲压机安装之后用于金属成形,这是冲压技术目前最大的进步 伺服冲压技术一直以来都在消耗汽车金属成型应用。其中的原因对汽车部门的需求来说并不算特殊,但是这番印了该技术的有点可疑应用到制造流程中。最关键的就是利用伺服冲压技术的灵活性控制;滑动可疑直接通过点击完成,并在单一操作中就完成变更 — 加速、减速或者停止 — 这根据需求来动。这种结果就是加强了零部件成型准确率,同时不会降低材料质量,也不用考虑目标零部件的几何结构。 该技术拥有两个冲压技术对手。他们是非伺服机械压力机,这种技术将电机能量通过复杂的离合器、齿轮、系统传递给刀片。另一个是飞轮和液压机在,电机会驱动一个液压泵,之后又反过来驱动活塞缸套组驱动刀片。这两种技术仍然在使用,但是没有一个能够媲美伺服冲压机的灵活性,因为这两种技术中,刀片运动在振幅和速度上都是固定的。 此外,伺服冲压技术在汽车制造部门的优点刚刚又取得了突破性的进展 — 准确地说是在最近委任所谓的最大的机械使用。该机械目前在德国Bielefeld工厂运行,这是西班牙巩固组件制造商Gestamp Automoción旗下工厂。正确的说,该机械从设计到安装,都拥有西班牙原厂产品,由来自Bielefeld和Logroño(这里是日本-西班牙设备供应商Nidec ARISA的办公室所在地)组成的团队联合完成。 Gestamp Bielefeld工厂里的伺服冲压机长37米,重1,350吨 Bielefeld 的大家伙 光是安装尺寸(去年12月从德国运来)就能看到它的不同。设备中体长度37米,宽20日,高10米,地下还有6米长。总重量为1,350吨,额定功率达到9MW转矩和7MW蓄能,可以通过一个补充发动机完成,所有这些特性,足以使机械在模面产生45,000KN的压力。 整个系统配有一个单一压力机,上面有两个车厢和三个支柱,可以瞄准模具的偏心载荷。该机械通过一种格式化拆包机给料,经过多个装在站,目的是为机械操作员提供人体工学效率。同时,有一个传送带系统,通过一个石油编程还贷润滑器运输材料,保证每个操作中最佳油使用。这种模具更换系统,包括拆垛机的更换,都是全自动的。 线下编程可以通过Nidec ARISA自主产品Optiservo软件运行,这个是为了考虑公司冲压机的开口曲线而特别编写的,这可以让操作员制造很多种曲线。特别要注意的是,该软件能让生产工程师模拟并优化曲线,而且不需要停止生产,同时降低启动时间,避免碰撞。 "汽车业的规格,以及不间断的快速发展需要精确而灵活的机械,这使不同材料和模具可以混合工作,提高了速度,降低了能耗" - Roberto Gonzalo, Nidec ARISA 这些细节都得到了Nidec ARISA公司项目经理Roberto Gonzalo的证实。他还说,Bielefeld安装目前这个伺服冲压机是公司目前以来最大的,他还说,“这也是串联伺服冲压机”。尽管如此,这个记录可能要马上被打破,因为Gonzalo解释说,“我们还要使用其他类似尺寸的机械”。 新的境界 据Gonzalo称,在Bielefeld设计、制造并安装新的伺服冲压机项目面临一些根本性的问题,比如如何实现绩效目标。他说,“在设计过程中,我们已经解决了高抗张强度新材料的印刷工艺问题,尤其是面对第一成型站和后面之间的压力差异问题,因为这会造成多工位压力机的变形。“ 他们面临很多种方案,比如在多工位压力机之前使用个别压力机。但Gonzalo认为,这种方法不够简便。他说,“变形过程通常都是深拉成型的,需要高压。”她还解释说,这可能会在冲压过程中损坏模具负载的对称性。但是,这种系统的主要缺点在于,他会总体上降低绩效,因为它需要将零部件从一个冲压机移动到另一个冲压机上。 另一个方案就是制造一种单独的不对称压力机,这种压力机可以承受使用过程中产生的压力造成的变形,并有压力机的不对称结构进行补充。但是,这种刚发也存在问题。Gonzalo说,“这种方法在模具需要的尺寸不变的情况下是可行的,但是单一托班冲压无法制造。此外,这种冲压机会在缓慢负载模具分配的情况下造成不对称变形。” 因此Gonzalo认为,所选的技术方案需要一种单一冲压机上带有两个拖板,三个垂直的能够瞄准偏心载荷的模具,并且可以操作各种模具尺寸的工作。这种高要求还复杂了,“压力机应该是伺服驱动”才能实现一定的质量水平。它而得传递过程还能实现较高生产率。他说,“材料的高抗张强度需要非常准确的成型速度,才能制造高质量零部件。只有精确速度控制的伺服冲压机才能实现这个要求。”此外,在建造过程中还有一个困难,就是制造安装装量超过200吨的组件精确率要低于0.1mm。 要让客户满意 Gonzalo补充说,这种性能等级要求尽管不是汽车业唯一,但确实目前非常典型的。他说,“这种规格,以及汽车业的快读不断的发展都要求精确而灵活的机械,能够完成不同材料和模具的工作,提高速度,降低能耗。只有伺服冲压机能够满足这些要求。” 同时,冲压机用户表示,新的机械要满足他们的预期。据Gestamp Bielefeld工厂经理Lutz Huxholl称,冲压机目前能够成功制造“主要底盘”零部件,提供给高前杠用户。这些零部件包括“弹簧连杆和下控制臂”。 对安装规模而言,Huxholl称这与立即解决制造任务是两回事。Gestamp还认为,这个技术在未来很有前途,并且能够加强市场公信力。他说,“经过这次投资,Gestamp Bielefeld工厂正在向未来大踏步前进,同时还能保证目前的竞争力。这个伺服冲压机为我们提供新的制造选项。对汽车供应商来说,配有现代化生产设别非常重要。而且,这种伺服多工位压力机能够提供独一无二的卖点。” 改进能源管理 但伺服冲压技术对大西洋另一侧的行业却造成了巨大的打击。这里的主要技术供应商是Komatsu North America。产品经理George Schreck认为,精确控制滑板移动时该技术的关键。他还说,与飞轮压力机相比,这能够代表“能源管理”的特点优势。飞轮压力机的局限性在于,它在快速旋转的过程中,只能将能量转移到画板上,则就要求滑板的速度也要很快。但该技术从本质上具有更高的能源效率。 在这一点上Schreck认为,Komatsu与第三方机构合作进行测试的结果显示,“在物理工作中,伺服压力机要比飞轮压力机的能源效率要高出30-40%。”他说,与液压机相比的话,能源效率差异会更加明显。 这并不是说液压机和飞轮压力机在很和情况下都不适合使用。Schreck认为,器拿着具有“深拉”能力,而后者可以在高单速滑板移动中更有利,而且不需要先进的控制技术。尽管如此,Schreck肯定地说,市场对伺服冲压技术的青睐越来越大。在Komatsu North ...

  • 55 WARREN_STAMPING_088upoe5dog2212on39tqbuvtp1g

    The upward curve of servo


    The recent installation of what is claimed to be the biggest ever servopress machine anywhere in global automotive metalforming sector demonstrates the key advances made in pressing technology Servo press technology has been making increasing inroads into automotive metalforming applications for some time now. The reasons are not particular to ...

  • Kia

    Troubled times


    New global politics and difficulties at home threaten the production and export hubs of Japan and Korea Nissan reforming Mitsubishi Production is laboured in Korea Motorcycle decline slowing Suppliers finding new partners Threats from the US to tear up free-trade agreements and impose tariffs on imported ...

  • Volvo S90 pre-production, Daqing of the new Volvo S90 in the Daqing manufacturing plant

    Getting the green light


    Under government pressure, domestic and international OEMs in China are switching to new-energy vehicles US vehicle manufacturers Premium European brands European high-volume makers Japanese and Korean OEMs Motorcycle producers Suppliers The origins of Chinese vehicle manufacturing are rooted in technology transfers from European, US ...

  • GAC FCA Guangzhou

    Speed of thought


    A well-educated workforce within a tried-and-tested process model enables the GAC FCA plant at Guangzhou to achieve rapid ramp-ups. AMS went to the WCM-designed plant in China to take a look at the production In April, 2016, Jeep Renegades began rolling off the assembly line at a brand new ...

  • David Filipe

    Ford announces leadership appointments


    US/China – David Filipe will take the role of vice-president, Powertrain Engineering, while Jason Luo will become president and CEO of Ford China, responsible for all business in Greater China, including Lincoln, Changan Ford, commercial vehicle investment in Jiangling Motors, imports and operations in Taiwan. The appointments will be ...