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    Epson launches new LS6 SCARA robot


    Seiko Epson Corporation has introduced the LS6, which within the automotive sector is ideal for companies looking to boost throughput when working with electronics components and other similarly-sized parts.The new LS6 is the latest addition to the LS series of SCARA robots, designed for use in automated assembly and transfer ...

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    Siemens 3SE63 safety switch for safety equipment


    Siemens’ Industry Automation Division has launched an electronic contactless safety switch for equipment including covers, flaps and doors.The new 3SE63 safety switch, which uses RFID transponder technology, offers a high level of protection against interference, tampering and bypassing. The safety switch has a plastic enclosure which provides protection up to ...

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    Hyperform HPR reinforcing fibre cuts weight and costs


    Milliken’s Hyperform HPR high-performance reinforcing agent can produce finished parts with improved stiffness and impact resistance, that weighs less than parts made with talc.Hyperform HPR-803i, which has been launched in all geographic markets, is primarily intended for use in polypropylene compounds, making it of particular interest to companies delivering automobile ...

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    ESAB launches Hybrio hybrid laser arc welding equipment


    ESAB has launched the Hybrio family of hybrid laser arc welding equipment. The units combine the benefits of laser welding and gas metal arc welding (GMAW) to create an automated process that is up to ten times faster than conventional alternatives, with up to 90% less heat input and substantially ...

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    Adhesive offers visible curing confirmation


    Intertronics has introduced a new adhesive that features a built-in cure indicator. DYMAX 3225-T-SC is a versatile, plastic-bonding adhesive designed for rapid bonding, laminating and sealing of most plastics such as PMMA (acrylic), PC, PVC, ABS, PA, PU, SAN, TPU and aluminium.Formulated with See-Cure technology, it can also be used ...

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    Blow-forming tech for HVAC parts


    International Automotive Components (IAC) Group has introduced a new blow foaming process for production of HVAC duct components. The proprietary process is patented and licensed from JSP, global supplier of foamed plastics.The innovative process and proprietary material requires that only minor modifications be made to existing blow moulding equipment. Blow ...

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    Hexagon Metrology launches DEA GLOBAL Silver


    With the new DEA GLOBAL Silver, produced by Hexagon Metrology, users can quickly, accurately and conveniently complete measurements, as scanning throughput of the new range is up to 35% higher than with previous-generation models.Improvements to the new DEA GLOBAL Silver range have been achieved through the use of optimised motion ...

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    ENGAGE XLT for interior and exterior auto parts


    Dow Chemical Company has introduced ENGAGE XLT, a new grade of polyolefin elastomer for thermoplastic olefins (TPOs) used to produce interior and exterior automotive components. ENGAGE XLT provides a variety of benefits. Compounders can take advantage of improved impact effi ciency that enables lower elastomer loading in the TPO, while ...

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    Olympus launches the new OmniScan flaw detector


    Olympus NDT, manufacturer of industrial ultrasound phased array instrumentation, has launched the latest version of the OmniScan Series fl aw detectors, the OmniScan MX2. This phased array fl aw detector features an entirely new design with a 10.4 inch LCD touch screen that provides fast navigation, enhanced text input functionality ...

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    Federal-Mogul launches new aluminium heat shield


    Engine downsizing strategies and the proliferation of turbocharging create a need for more effective and lightweight thermal management products to protect heat sensitive electronics and materials under the bonnet.For this, Federal-Mogul has developed a new material to address difficulties related to heat shielding in vehicle engine compartments. The new material, ...

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    EMKA offers pre-assembled gasket rings


    In addition to some 500 gasket profi les, EMKA has introduced a range of pre-assembled gasket rings and frames which, with fully-sealed ends and corners, remove the chance of manual trimming errors. Sealing of ends and corners is essential to maintaining full sealing performance of a gasket profi le, eliminating ...

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    AWL launches ‘beam switch management’ laser welding system


    AWL, a leading manufacturer of arc-, resistant- and laser-welding equipment, has introduced a new laser welding system that features ‘beam switch management’. Because the system can direct a laser to two separate work areas, weld-to-weld times can be dramatically reduced. The solution is ideally suited for welding complex 3D parts.According ...

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    Compact Rite-Link conveyor from DE-STA-CO


    DE-STA-CO, provider of robotic tooling, workholding and flexible industrial automation solutions, has announced the launch of the CAMCO Rite-Link conveyor. Rite-Link’s compact design features narrow links, (30.4mm wide) with 75mm, 115mm, or 150mm pitches. There are five standard centre distances available, or a custom alternative can be provided, assembled and ...

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    Protect CFRP with Tinuvin Carboprotect


    BASF has launched its Tinuvin Carboprotect light stabilizer product, designed to protect carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP). Using Tinuvin Carboprotect makes it possible to display the embedded carbon fibre material pattern, as the product blocks the destructive radiation from UV and near-UV visible light, keeping the matrix intact. This allows ...

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    Trumpf launches the TruLaser 3003 workstation


    Trumpf has launched the new TruLaser 3003 workstation for users carrying out medium-sized laser welding batches. The new system is described as being flexible, economic and ergonomic. For example, if the application requires a pulsed laser, such as for welding temperature-sensitive components, users can select a TruPulse laser. Disk, diode ...

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    AS-interface magnetic door safety switches from Perpperl+Fuchs


    Pepperl+Fuchs has introduced new AS-interface magnetic door safety switches. The CAT4 magnetic switches feature a coded magnet system with a fixed cable and an industry-standard M12 connector, enabling AS-interface users to safeguard small doors and coverings with a compact solution that quickly and easily mounts in any position.According to Helge ...

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    Dow Corning's Molykote helps reduce automotive cabin noise


    Dow Corning offers a full range of proven and cost-effective Molykote Smart Lubrication solutions to help OEMs and their suppliers eliminate the causes of interior noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). The noise-damping Molykote specialty lubricants are formulated with and without solid lubricants in synthetics, mineral oils and silicone. Specific choices ...

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    Fasteners from Velcro help reduce seat production times


    Seat assembly with Velcro fasteners is more cost-effective than with ring-and-wire or adhesives. The fasteners also reduce scrap and rework, while offering added design flexibility, just some of the reasons hook-and-loop is widely used to secure seat trim covers and, increasingly, for armrests and headrests.There are many advantages to attaching ...

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    GOM launches ATOS Triple Scan


    The mobile ATOS Triple Scan 3D digitizer from GOM features Blue Light technology, and for the first time, a 3-in-1 sensor concept. The new technology of ATOS Triple Scan returns improved resolution and accuracy for fine structures and edges, supplying full-field 3D data for complex components within very short timeframes. ...

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    Floor-Mark outlines pathways in high-traffic areas


    Visual Workplace has launched Floor-Mark, described as being a better alternative to tape and paint for marking floors and other workplace areas. Floor- Mark is ideal for high traffic areas; the product features peel-and-stick backing for simple and quick application, while delivering superior adhesion when compared with traditional tape products ...