The new Exact XS from Wenzel is designed for the dimensional measurement and testing of small plastic components and parts with low density, where 3D data of complex inner structures is required. Measuring 600mm x 520mm x 430mm, the Exact XS is the smallest industrial CT scanner in its class, making it suitable for desktop use.

The system is operated using an integrated touchscreen display - the operator does not have to be a computed tomography specialist to operate the system. An intuitive user interface allows excellent results to be generated after only a short training period. The Exact XS also thinks: Measurement parameters are automatically optimised by the system.

The CT control unit and reconstruction software ensure high precision and high quality results. The entire image processing chain and 3D reconstruction are carried out using Wenzel software, allowing the components to be optimised and finely geared to one another, thus achieving high quality standards. Volume reconstruction software ensures the precise calculation of volume data. Additionally, the evaluation software used by the Exact XS has a direct link to such proven software products as Metrosoft Quartis and PointMaster from Wenzel. After a single CT scan, nominal to actual comparison, reverse engineering and compensation of shrinkage and distortion can quickly be evaluated.