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    New laser tube processing machine


    Trumpf claims its TruLaser Tube 7000 laser tube processing machine can process tubes with a rectangular, round or oval cross-section as well as cut thin-walled or large heavy tubes and incorporate complex contours and cutouts. The company says the machine will also cut tubes and profi les up to 250mm ...

  • innov8

    New robot for laser cutting applications


    Motoman’s new MC2000 Master Cut robot is designed with high rigidity and precision drives to provide superior path accuracy – within 0.1mm, depending on the application – for laser cutting small holes and sharp corners. The MC2000 has a 50kg (110.3 lb) payload, suitable for a remote laser welding head, ...

  • innov7

    Online forum offers engineers solutions to automation problems


    Festo has launched a new online technical forum, the Festo Support Community, to give customers quick and easy access to its experts, as well as enabling them to interact with each other, to fi nd the best solutions to their automation and machine building problems. Once they have registered, customers ...

  • innov4

    Power clamp offers multiple mounting and shaft options


    Designed with fi eld-adjustable opening angles, multiple cylinder sizes and manual locking, Destaco says its new 82M-3 power clamp is fully interchangeable with previous models of the 82M series and designed to keep out contaminates and debris. The company claims the 82M-3 features a number of enhancements including a locking ...

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    Control System Integrators Association site


    The Control System Integrators Association (CSIA), a non-profi t professional association of companies that design and implement control systems for manufacturing and industrial facilities, has a new website. The site is aimed at providing information for those who hire control system integrators. The association says decision-makers in the automotive industry ...

  • innov5

    CNC honing machine for production of precision gears


    A high performance 11-axis CNC system from NUM has enabled machine tool manufacturer Sicmat to create a gear honing machine for posthardening fine finishing. The company claims that by using a new honing wheel with external teeth, and an ultra-precise application-specific CNC program developed by NUM, the Grono 250 machine ...

  • innov3

    New flexible measurement probe for industrial applications


    Featuring an integrated swivel joint, Carl Zeiss says its new VAST XTR gold probe offers fl exible and accurate measurements for industrial applications and helps to increase productivity. The integrated rotary axis allows the stylus system to turn (in 15° increments) in the direction of the feature being measured and ...

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    Vehicle wiring protection for extreme environments


    Harnessfl ex says its range of PKC conduit systems for vehicle wiring applications suit any demanding environments. The company claims PKC conduit is stronger than nylon and has high fl exibility, making it suitable for dynamic applications, such as wiring installations in turbo engines and the exhaust systems of off-road ...

  • innov2

    Extended range inductive proximity sensors


    Pepperl+Fuchs claims its NRB/NRN series inductive proximity sensors (with reduction factor 1) are capable of detecting every kind of metal at the same operating distance – and over greater operating distances – than is possible with standard inductive sensors. Cylindrical sensor models are available in diameters from 6.5mm up to ...

  • led

    Explosion-safe LED stacklight towers scertified for use in gaseous and dusty environments


    Patlite has introduced explosion-safe AR070 and AR-078 LED stacklight towers for Zone 2 and Zone 22 application environments. Each model is rated IP65 without alarm/ fl ashing and IP54 with alarms/fl ashing and features a glass fi ber-reinforced polyester base, a 1.5-meter cable and a sealed cable exit. The towers ...

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    New automotive application and technology website for design engineers


    Mouser Electronics has launched a new application and technology website focused on automotive design. The company claims the new site provides assistance to design engineers in fi nding the latest automotive advancements, sourcing product information via block diagram navigation, and pinpointing the latest technical resources. The site features new products ...

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    Specialist vehicle panel fittings


    FDB Panel Fittings is offering a specifi c range of hardware for special purpose vehicles such as fi re fi ghting trucks, ambulances, police riot control vehicles, refuse trucks etc. The company says special requirements such as vibration and vandalism resistance are considered, as well as specifi c standards and ...

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    Vacuum tube lifters and manipulators


    American Crane & Equipment Corporation has recently added AL-Vac vacuum tube lifters and manipulators to its product range, suitable for lifting objects ranging in weight from a few pounds to several tons. The equipment is easy to operate and can help increase effi ciency and reduce labour costs associated with ...

  • innov1

    Economical production of Eoil-free compressed air


    The new Boge Bluekat range of screw compressors feature an integrated converter which the company claims offers a more effi cient solution to providing oil-free compressed air. These compressors are based on screw type compressors with traditional oil injection but feature a converter integrated directly after the compression stage. This ...

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    Suction cup for efficient handling of metal sheets


    Schmalz USA claims its SAXM series of sheet metal handling suction cups are able to absorb several times the lateral forces of other types of this equipment. The company says this is due to the special structure of the suction pad interior and an additional friction disc. Its design enables ...

  • torque

    AMB 2012: Stuttgart


    Shaping the future Display performance Optimising production Innovations in machining Innovative techniques Next generation Organizers of Stuttgart’s biennial metalworking trade show – AMB 2012 – speak confidently of their hopes that over 90,000 delegates will attend during the course of this year’s event. Located in the very heart of Germany’s ...

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    New ultrasonic controller for level measurement


    The new Sitrans LUT400 series ultrasonic controllers offer one-millimetre (0.04-inch) measuring accuracy, claims Siemens Industry Automation Division. These compact, single point ultrasonic controllers are designed to continuously monitor and control level in liquids, solids, or slurry applications for a range of industries. The controllers are available in three models: the ...

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    New metrology CT system


    Nikon Metrology has developed a new “absolute accuracy” Metrology CT system. The company says the MCT225 provides Metrology CT for a wide range of sample sizes and material densities with 9+ L/50μm accuracy in accordance with the VDI/VDE 2630 guideline. All internal and external geometry is measured in a single ...

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    Contact scanning and optical measuring combined in coordinate measuring machine


    The O-INSPECT 322 coordinate measuring machine is the smallest system in the expanding the range of applications from Carl Zeiss. The company says the system combines contact ZEISS scanning and optical measuring, and is available in two sizes: O-INSPECT 322 and the original O-INSPECT 442. Both machines use the same ...

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    Multi-turn encoders use magnetic sampling for reliability


    Pepperl+Fuchs has mounted its latest CVM42H absolute encoders in a stainless steel housing, flange and shaft, which the company says makes them suitable for use in harsh environments. The encoders utilize magnetic sampling to deliver 24 bit resolution position value through the CANopen protocol, and are available with an IP66, ...