Docol 1400 MZE is the next generation of ultra high-strength steels from SSAB. The company says these new steels are stronger, safer and lighter, and come with a corrosion resistant electro-galvanized coating. They represent the strongest UHSS steels that SSAB produces for the automotive industry and achieve the balance between ultra highstrength, formability and weldability claims the company. The new steel offers resistance to hydrogen embrittlement and can be used for side impact beams, bumpers, battery protection for hybrid/E cars, sill reinforcements, tunnel reinforcements, as well as cross and fl oor beams. SSAB say that as a cold forming steel, less energy is needed for trimming processes than with hot stamped boron steel; plus the strength and technical properties of Docol 1400 MZE mean that the amount of material needed for manufacturing an application can be reduced by utilising thinner dimensions. At the same time, conventional production equipment can be used for welding, stamping and roll forming processes.