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    Autofocus upgrade for barcode readers


    Cognex has announced the addition of liquid lens optics for the DataMan 300 series of fi xed-mount barcode readers. The company says this new accessory allows any DataMan 300 reader to be upgraded from fi xed focus to autofocus. Liquid lens variable autofocus technology is suitable for applications that require ...

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    Next generation sensor-less and sensor based BLDC motor control


    Melexis has launched its next generation IC family for sensor-less and sensor based BLDC motor control in automotive applications. The family consists of four base members; the MLX81205, MLX81207, MLX81210 and MLX81215. The company says each is available with a variety of memory confi gurations and in different package ...

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    Low cost galvo-based scanning system


    Traditionally, the galvo system of laser marking has cost considerably more than alternative methods, but Electrox says it has developed its Raptor laser to bridge this gap. The company claims the Raptor can permanently mark 1,000 characters per second with an accuracy of fi ve microns. This is supported by ...

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    New levels of accuracy for distance positioning sensor


    With the next-generation DL100Hi laser distance measurement sensor, Sick UK says it has developed a signifi cantly-improved control loop technology to achieve faster and more accurate position feedback. The sensors’ data output supports applications with acceleration values up to 15m/s2. The DL100Hi offers the choice of three measuring ranges to ...

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    High-speed drill for steel and cast iron machining


    The new MEGA-Speed-Drill from Mapal has been designed specifi cally for effi cient and cost-effective machining of steel and cast iron. Suitable for wet and dry machining the new cutting edge geometry features an unequal cutting pitch and three guide chamfers, which, the company claims, virtually eliminates vibration during machining ...

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    Latest VF camera platform for hightech industries


    Framos’ new Visiosens VF camera series is a fl exible and customisable image capture platform with more than 140 camera variants per image sensor. The company says new features include the Mini-B USB2.0 and the latest Micro USB3.0 super-speed interface with up to 5Gbps as well as the latest Sony ...

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    Introducing new 30-90 kW oil-injected screw compressor range


    Atlas Copco Compressors claims its new 30-90 kW oil-injected screw compressor range offers signifi cant improvements in sustainability and reliability, as well as performance increases of up to 10%. The new GA 30+ to 90 range is available in three variants: the GA 37-90 VSD models; the premium effi ciency, ...

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    Efficiency savings with New ARPRO grade


    JSP has introduced a new grade of ARPRO – the specialist lightweight material – which the company claims will faciltitate savings in inventory management, as well as logistical effi ciency. ARPRO® 1000 – 5253 is a grade that customers can expand on site to a wide range of densities in ...

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    Compact spot-welding solution


    A new system from Comau integrates a welding gun with the fl ange connected directly to the robot without the need for any adapter kit. It features a compact welding gun, equipped with an improved transformer, which is rotated 90° to further decrease the dimensions of the body and shift ...

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    Environmentally friendly e-coat corrosion protection


    CathoGuard 800 is BASF´s latest e-coat technology for OEMs. The company claims that the technology contains less than one percent solvents, is tin-free and as such, already complies with future European environmental legislation. General Motors (GM) has moved to this cathodic e-coat at its plants worldwide since 2009. SGM Yantai ...

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    LG Display 12.1” TFT for industrial market


    Avnet Embedded has introduced the LG Display LB121S03-TL03, industrial 12.1” SVGA TFT panel. The 800x600 (SVGA) TFT LCD panel uses a-Si thin fi lm transistor as the active element and an integral LED backlight system to achieve a typical brightness of 450cd/m2 and a contrast ratio of 600:1. The display ...

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    New die-cast, nickel-plated flange-mount


    Conec says it has developed its waterresistant series of connectors to include Ethernet I/O ports with a special fl angemount. These die-cast, nickel-plated IP67-rated connectors allow designers to incorporate data ports in applications exposed to harsh environmental conditions. The addition of a fl ange-mount to the RJ45 Series makes it ...

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    Small... but perfectly formed coordinate measurements


    The new MICURA coordinate measuring machine from Carl Zeiss meets user demands for smaller coordinate measuring machines that are as accurate as their larger relatives. It is priced lower than the company’s larger machines but has a measuring range of 500 x 500 x 500 millimeters, and uses a VAST ...

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    Flexible safety controller expands to bridge the gap


    Pepperl+Fuchs has introduced a new a compact and fl exible stand-alone programmable safety controller with an expansion port that enables it to grow with the application. The device provides four redundant safe inputs and two independent safe electronic outputs. It runs on standard 24 VDC and allows any safe device ...

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    New heavy duty toggle clamps


    A new series of manual toggle clamps from DE-STA-CO are engineered for heavy-duty applications and feature forged clamping bars for high strength, hardened steel bushings and non-rotating pivot pins. They incorporate the company’s Toggle Lock Plus safety feature that adds a secondary lock to the clamp to help ensure that ...

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    New-look network monitoring


    Patlite’s new NHL intelligent signal tower with network monitoring function allows economical control of the functions of up to 24 network components for each signal tower. Used as a PING device monitor it detects whether all network components are connected with the network by initiating PING interactions for up to ...

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    Free safety control software from Omron STI


    The company is offering free G9SP programming software for customers who make one or more purchases of multiple G9SP safety controllers before May 31. The software enables users to easily design, verify, standardise and reuse safety control, while also making it easy to reconfi gure G9SP safety controllers when new ...

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    Spatter protection in hollow workpieces


    Carl Cloos Schweisstechnik has developed a system to avoid spatter residues in component interiors created when hollow workpieces, in particular pipes, are welded together. This spatter protection tool is particularly effective for welding hydraulic cylinders using the MSG laser hybrid process. The new system is based on a 3D suspended ...

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    Safety light curtains detect fork lift trucks


    SICK has added a new fork lift truck (FLT) detection capability to its M4000 light curtain range to permit pallet loading and unloading into light guarded areas, while protecting the safety of personnel. The M4000 FLT multiple light beam entry and exit protection system is supplied with an FLT ground ...

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    New motorised weld head from Miyachi


    Miyachi Europe has unveiled its new low force MFP-25 servo weld head with linear drive, for use in the AWS3 Active Welding System. The MFP-25 is particularly suitable for such applications as automotive sensors and airbags. The weld head is servo motor-driven for very short cycle times and uses a ...