Cognex has released SensorView 2, a new smart display for Checker machine vision sensors, which it says will allow production engineers to fully confi gure, test and monitor Checker 4G vision sensors without a PC being required at any stage. The SensorView display has a large 225 mm touch screen, and feature a built-in Ethernet based communication, allowing it to be installed anywhere Checkers are connected to a network. Another development is the new Checker 4G7S, which the company says can solve simple presence/absence applications at a lower entry level price. The Checker 4G7S has the same 752x480 resolution and optional coloured lighting and fi lters as the higher end models in the Checker 4G product family. A new Checker SDK (Software Developers’ Toolkit) allows OEMs to integrate Checker into their custom HMI (Human Machine Interface) and to select the parameters needed for runtime control.