Adaptive welding remains a small proportion of the UK’s welding market, but offers improved weld quality and reduced costs according to Bosch Rexroth. The compmany believes this type of system has the potential to offer more control to a production process as it monitors the condition of the weld during the process every one millisecond, claims the company. Such monitoring compensates for process disturbances by adjusting current and if applicable, weld time. The important component in the Rexroth adaptive welding system is the U (voltage) I (current) regulator. The regulator ensures that the same amount of energy that was required to create the reference weld is inputted into all subsequent welds. A warning or error message can be communicated if a process limit has been exceeded. The company says additional benefi ts also include a reduction in post-weld checks and a reduction in the number of test parts and time taken checking the weld condition.