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    New 8-pole Circular Hybrid Technology (CHT) connectors from Molex


    Molex Incorporated has expanded its Brad Micro-Change M12 Circular Hybrid Technology (CHT) Connector System with the addition of a new 8-pole (4+4) connector featuring two Cat5e twisted-pair data lines and four power lines capable of carrying up to 6.0A. The company says combining power and data lines into one connector, ...

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    Solutions on show at Automatica


    The potential of the robotic co-workerAutomotion and the challenge of alternative power sourcesMaterial gainsMan and machineThis year’s Automatica, taking place in Munich from 22025 May, will allow visitors can follow complete value-added chains—from components to system, and from application to services—to gain a comprehensive view of new developments and their ...

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    New matrix resin for composite making


    For the resin transfer molding process, Henkel has developed a new composite matrix resin based on polyurethane that enables improved economics and throughput in processing. Compared to standard epoxy matrix resins, the new Loctite MAX2 cures signifi cantly faster.During injection, it also enables more effi cient impregnation without stressing the ...

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    Innovation by InventorCAM 2012


    SolidCAM’s InventorCAM 2012, the latest version of its powerful CAM system, seamlessly integrated and with full associativity to Autodesk Inventor, has been launched. InventorCAM 2012 features the revolutionary iMachining module, that reduces cycle times by up to 70% and increases tool life. The revolutionary iMachining technology in InventorCAM 2012 uses ...

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    Meet ADAM – welding monitor from Miyachi Europe


    Miyachi Europe, supplier of laser and resistance welding systems and laser marking products, has announced its new Advanced Data Analysis Monitor (ADAM), the most advanced resistance welding monitor available from any manufacturer. ADAM is easily integrated into automated systems and offers more of the information manufacturers need for process development, ...

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    SKF’s portable new endoscope


    SKF has launched a new series of portable, compact and easy-touse, multi-functional endoscopes that are suitable for internal inspection of a wide range of machinery. TKES 10 endoscopes are high quality instruments that provide fast and easy inspection with functions such as snapshot, video recording, picture and video review on ...

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    Scanning for Nikon Metrology’s Focus 10


    Focus 10 offers a completely new user interface and now provides support for handheld laser scanning and tactile probing. Users gain productivity through the new intuitive and attractive user interface that optimizes available space of the 3D scene. The tabbed ribbon bar provides direct access to the relevant functions for ...

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    Oerlikon Blazer’s Balinit Pertura gets to point


    Due to an optimized nanostructure that creates a balance of improved hardness, toughness, and resistance to residual stresses, BALINIT PERTURA from Oerlikon Balzers stands out as a universal coating solution for high-performance solid-carbide drills in a variety of drilling applications. Whether your need is for drilling holes in steel, stainless ...

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    Pepperl+Fuchs’ new 8mm pile driver sensors announced


    Pepperl+Fuchs X-Series Pile Driver Extended Range Inductive Sensors are now available in 8mm diameter models. With barrel lengths as short as 35mm, these miniature sensors deliver a 3mm sensing range – 50% more range than is available from larger competitive 12mm diameter models. Like all Pile Driver sensors, its robust, ...

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    Norbar’s TruTorque and new calibration devices


    Norbar TruTorque screwdrivers come as adjustable tools, providing exceptional fl exibility, as well as fi xed torque versions – ‘P’ Types – designed for the production environment and preset for specifi c demands. Safe, easy-to-use and accurate – better than the International Standard – they offer capability for dealing with ...

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    Aristo Tech 5-13 helmet from ESAB


    ESAB’s Aristo Tech 5-13 auto-darkening helmet features the latest digital lens technology, with an internal LCD display and precise control over the shade level (DIN 5 to 13), sensitivity (eight levels) and delay (0.1 to 3.5s). Adjustments to the shade and sensitivity levels are made using controls on the outside ...

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    Siemens expand Comos to include plant FEED


    Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologies (IA&DT) has expanded Comos – the software solution for complete plant management throughout the entire lifecycle of an industrial plant – with functions for productive front-end engineering and design (FEED). Comos FEED supports the user in the early planning of a plant. The Comos ...

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    Heller will show its FT 4000


    At METAV 2012, Heller showed its 5-axis machining centre model FT 4000, with swivel-head unit and Heidenhain control iTNC530, to demonstrate how to machine a wide range of parts and materials at highest fl exibility and productivity in continuous operation. The FT 4000 could be considered a classic workshop machine ...

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    Assessing Datacolor’s 45G portable spectrophotometer


    Datacolor has revealed its 45G portable spectrophotometer, which controls colour and appearance in complex manufacturing supply chains, producing measurement results that correlate better to visual assessment. For items with multiple visible components such as automobiles, achieving colour harmony is complicated by the need to visually match those components. For example, ...

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    New Diavia HVAC system from Delphi Automotive


    Delphi Automotive has introduced a new HVAC system for city buses designed to keep passengers comfortable while improving effi ciency and reducing energy consumption when compared to traditional external roof top bus units. The new Diavia City Bus HVAC delivers uniformlycooled air to passengers regardless of where they are located ...

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    New weld cell environment sensor cables from Pepperl+Fuchs


    Pepperl+Fuchs has introduced Weld Slag Resistant POC cables. The robust and fl ame retardant cables offer reliable operation over an extended working life in high temperature welding applications. The fl ame-retardant cable jacket can withstand temperatures up to 150oC, while the fl exible structure can handle high levels of mechanical ...

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    High-speed spindle grease from Castrol Industrial


    Tool performance is critical to manufacturers, but higher spindle speeds have created the need for a new spindle grease to prevent bearing failure and improve effi ciency. High-speed applications require specialist greases composed of base oils and thickeners, which enable the lubricant to remain in contact with the bearing at ...

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    Bayer MaterialScience launches EV polycarbonate glazing solution


    Bayer MaterialScience has introduced a new lightweight polycarbonate and polyurethane material suitable for automotive roof structure glazing. The material offers weight reductions of up to 50% when compared to similar glass products. A prototype of a roof module with glazing and integrated solar modules, developed by Webasto, was exhibited as ...

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    DuPont releases Zytel RS for automotive tubing


    DuPont has introduced the Zytel RS grade product. Based on PA1010, the material is used for production of fuel lines for vehicles using diesel and biodiesel. The renewably-sourced, long-chain nylon was chosen in preference to competitive grades of PA12 on the basis of its superior temperature resistance and long-term aging ...

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    Uddeholm launches new steel product


    Uddeholm has replaced its Ramax LH product with RoyAlloy stainless steel. Delivered from Edro Specialty Steels, a division of the Voestalpine Group, Uddeholm will act as the exclusive global distributor of the new product. RoyAlloy is a pre-hardened, corrosion-resistant holder steel specifi cally designed for plastic mould base applications. It ...