With the next-generation DL100Hi laser distance measurement sensor, Sick UK says it has developed a signifi cantly-improved control loop technology to achieve faster and more accurate position feedback. The sensors’ data output supports applications with acceleration values up to 15m/s2. The DL100Hi offers the choice of three measuring ranges to suit customers’ applications (0.15 to 100mm, 0.15 to 200mm and 0.15 to 300mm) with a positional accuracy of up to ±2mm and repeatability of up to ±0.5mm. A wide variety of feedback interfaces are supported including SSI, RS422 and Profi bus. Featuring an IP65-rated compact metal housing, the DL100Hi achieves a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 100,000 hours. Maintenance downtime is also minimised through the sensor bracket’s quick-release mechanism.  www.sick.com