Atlas Copco Compressors claims its new 30-90 kW oil-injected screw compressor range offers signifi cant improvements in sustainability and reliability, as well as performance increases of up to 10%. The new GA 30+ to 90 range is available in three variants: the GA 37-90 VSD models; the premium effi ciency, fi xed speed Plus variant GA 30+-75+, with IE3 motor; and the standard base performing GA 37-90. The GA 37-90 VSD range is equipped with a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) motor, which matches the compressor’s output to the actual demand. The company says this enables the compressor to achieve, on average, 35% energy savings and a lifecycle cost reduction of up to 22%. The GA’s integrated dryer uses environmentally friendly R410A, a refrigerant, that is claimed to reduce the dryer’s power consumption by 50%. The integrated dryer is available as an option in all models.