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    Gauge marking label to help with productivity and quality control


    Gauge marking label is intended to assist machine operators to quickly identify gauge and inspection parameters and specifications. Visual Workplace says it is suitable for error-proofi ng Go-No-Go gauges, pressure/vacuum gauges, alignment measurement gauges and other inspection tools to help maximise productivity and quality control. The material is 2mm thick ...

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    Variable cam timing technologies increased to cover 14 engines


    BorgWarner says it will expand its variable cam timing (VCT) technology with a new family of cam phasers for I4 engines. The company claims the modular design supports a variety of cam phasing technologies, including cam torque actuated (CTA) and torsional assist (TA) phasers with w optional mid position lock ...

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    All-in-one optical sensing solution


    Pepperl+Fuchs claims its Series 61 photoelectric sensors offer machine builders a cost-effective, high optical power solution. The company says these UL and cUL listed sensors are available in DC models with its 4-in-1 output and AC/DC models with SPDT relay output, for a number of applications. AC/DC versions with SPDT ...

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    LED display boards offering real-time production status


    VE series visual LED display boards provide realtime production status indication to alert workers and supervisors to manufacturing productivity, says Patlite. The VE series offers four-digit, three terminal ‘Plan’, ‘Actual’ and ‘Status’ indication with 25mm digits or 100mm digits depending on application requirements. These display boards can be used as ...

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    New machining turning centres out this year


    Yamazaki Mazak says it is launching 13 new models this year. These will include new size options for a number of turning centre machines, including a new Slant Turn Nexus 600 M and a new Hyper Quadrex 250 MSY. The Quick Turn Nexus series of machines will also be supplemented ...

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    High-performance power supply for single-phase networks


    Siemens’ industry automation division has extended its range of Sitop single-phase power supplies, with three single-phase 24V power supplies with rated output voltages of 2.5A, 5A and 10A, plus two 12V power supplies with 7A and 14A. The company says the output voltage of the new PSU100S power supplies is ...

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    Linear axis electric toothed belt drive for light loads


    A new electric toothed belt axis with high feed forces and fl exible motor attachments has been launched by Festo. The ELGA linear drive integrates a plain-bearing guided belt drive which the company says is suitable for positioning lighter loads quickly and is easy to handle and fi t, enabling ...

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    ESP unit is launched for premium segment


    Bosch says it is adding a high-performance variant to its Generation 9 brake control systems. The core of the new smaller and lighter ESP 9 premium version is an especially effi cient return pump, which the company claims can build up brake pressure very fast and with very little vibration. ...

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    Booster compressor generates oil-free 40 bar compressed air


    Boge says its K8 Booster will compress air from 10 bar to a maximum pressure of 40 bar – completely oil-free. Driven by an effi ciency class IE 3 motor this unit generates, depending on the inlet pressure, a delivery volume of 1,160 l/min at a pressure of 40 bar. ...

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    Clamping components enhance adjustable mounting system


    new selection of MSM-referenced components which include a clamping base, sensor holding clamps, connecting tubes, L brackets, two-way connecting clamps, fl anged bolts and square mounting tube have been added to Elesa’s adjustable mounting system. The company says these MSM components add to the functionality of this system which may ...

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    Cable entry connectors provide extra protection


    Electrical systems faults in commercial vehicles can often be traced back to the cable entry points of electrical connectors, says Harnessfl ex. The company claims its range of connector backshells, which includes straight and elbow external connector interfaces, is designed to provide high integrity connections between various Ampseal connectors and ...

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    New central controller claims average energy savings of 10% in compressor rooms


    A new central controller, which can be connected to up to 16 compressors, has been launched by Atlas Copco. The company says the ES 16 will provide compressed air users with one central point of control for an entire compressed air network. The controller will retrieve and process information coming ...

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    Advanced technology for arc welding


    Fronius has expanded its range of applications for arc welding with CMT Advanced. The company says this new application extends the ability to weld or braze thin and very thin sheets with low levels of spatter. The focus is on applications that demand a low and adjustable heat input. However, ...

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    Tube production monitoring system


    The production of welded tube requires constant monitoring and Invisuale claims its monitoring systems and tools, available to automotive manufacturing departments, offer tangible economic and technical benefits. The company says these systems are tied to a set of control limits and robust IO for operator alerts, mill integration and historian ...

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    Larger smart display for checker vision sensors


    Cognex has released SensorView 2, a new smart display for Checker machine vision sensors, which it says will allow production engineers to fully confi gure, test and monitor Checker 4G vision sensors without a PC being required at any stage. The SensorView display has a large 225 mm touch screen, ...

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    Standardised cell concept for welding solutions


    FlexibleCUBE is a new standardized welding cell from Kuka Systems. The company says this compact cell for automated welding tasks has been designed on a modular principle with numerous confi guration options. Kuka has focused on coordinating the cell with other components from its product range such as positioning units ...

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    ‘Building block’ connectors for small pitch, high current, high density applications


    Molex is now offering an expanded range of customisation, modifi cation and extension (CME) capabilities on variations of its Mini-Fit product offerings and KK system of building block connectors for small pitch, high current, high density applications. The company says CME versions of the Mini-Fit and KK interconnects feature multiple ...

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    Solvent-based parts cleaning technology


    Dürr Ecoclean claims its new parts cleaning technology is designed to improve process reliability, cost effi ciency and environmental impact of industrial part cleaning operations. The company says its EcoCLab technology allows cleanliness testing to be performed in accordance with VDA 19 as a fully automatic in-line process. Any non-compliance ...

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    Adaptive welding offers alternative to traditional methods


    Adaptive welding remains a small proportion of the UK’s welding market, but offers improved weld quality and reduced costs according to Bosch Rexroth. The compmany believes this type of system has the potential to offer more control to a production process as it monitors the condition of the weld during ...

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    Multi-cable entry plates seal to IP66


    A range of round cable entry plates have been added to the icotek range of cable and wiring accessories available from M Buttkereit. The company says these can be fi tted in both standard cutouts or metric versions covering thread sizes from M32 to M63 and provide IP66 sealing, together ...