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    Uddeholm launches new steel product


    Uddeholm has replaced its Ramax LH product with RoyAlloy stainless steel. Delivered from Edro Specialty Steels, a division of the Voestalpine Group, Uddeholm will act as the exclusive global distributor of the new product. RoyAlloy is a pre-hardened, corrosion-resistant holder steel specifi cally designed for plastic mould base applications. It ...

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    New injection moulding system for Ultramid tubing


    Teklas has introduced a new water-assisted injection moulding technology (WIT) for the production of hollow plastic parts. The system is currently used to manufacture tubing using BASF’s Ultramid A3HG6, a glass fi bre-reinforced polyamide specially developed for the WIT process. The new system delivers superior inner and outer surfaces, as ...

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    Zebra Technologies launches the WhereLAN III asset tracking system


    Zebra Technologies has introduced WhereLAN III, the company’s thirdgeneration real-time location system (RTLS) sensor. WhereLAN III offers a one-metre accuracy level, more than double that of the previous generation, which delivers an improved level of real-time asset management and a signifi cantly decreased total cost of ownership. The new system ...

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    Geared up for flexible growth


    Steel and stamping successShift systemFrom construction to productionBody-in-white - expertise on two levelsSuppliers onsite and onside for efficient assemblyTransmission productionHyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech (HMMC) in Nošovice is described by the carmaker as being the most modern manufacturing facility in Europe. While that claim might provoke some debate, the plant can ...

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    Wenzel releases the new exaCT XS desktop CT system


    The new Exact XS from Wenzel is designed for the dimensional measurement and testing of small plastic components and parts with low density, where 3D data of complex inner structures is required. Measuring 600mm x 520mm x 430mm, the Exact XS is the smallest industrial CT scanner in its class, ...

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    Jet Edge launches Mid Rail Gantry waterjet system


    The Jet Edge Mid Rail Gantry waterjet cutting machine is capable of producing complex parts out of virtually any material. Features include an exposed tank that easily accommodates overhead loading. The system is delivered with a standard abrasivejet cutting head; a second cutting head can be added to increase productivity. ...

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    DuraMax ‘Shop floor’ measuring equipment from Carl Zeiss


    With a series of additional components and functions, the compact DuraMax Shop floor coordinate measuring machine from Carl Zeiss is now even better suited for taking measurements in the workplace.With its additional functions, DuraMax Shop floor is tailored for use in rough production environments. DuraMax also eliminates errors associated with ...

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    Werth Inspector FQ high-speed CMM


    The Werth Inspector FQ is a fast measuring machine that uses linear drives. Maximum positioning speed for the CMM is 1,000m/sec., with acceleration speed reaching 10m/sec2. The system is delivered with standard zoom optics, plus it can be fitted with additional sensors, including touch probes and laser scanning. For even ...

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    Autoform delivers efficient simulation of hot forming and quenching processes


    AutoForm Engineering, supplier of software solutions for the sheet metal forming industry, has introduced AutoForm-ThermoSolver, designed to simulate the hot forming and quenching processes. Using AutoForm-ThermoSolver, high-strength components with complex geometries and minimal springback can be engineered in less time and at lower cost.AutoForm-ThermoSolver features several innovations. In addition to ...

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    Sabic introduces Xenoy iQ resin


    Xenoy iQ resin, from Sabic’s Innovative Plastics unit, offers superior ductility and improved impact resistance for automotive parts. This translates to improved energy absorption in such events as pedestrian impacts, which is why the material has been used to produce the undertray fitted to Ford C-MAX models.As a further benefit, ...

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    ExxonMobil introduces new Mobilcut water-soluble cutting fluids


    The best coolants can deliver reduced maintenance requirements by resisting biological attack, helping to extend batch life. Ease of maintenance must also be balanced with good machining performance, while also protecting the machine tools and work pieces from corrosion and sticky deposits. In addition, the fluids should meet the latest ...

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    Sandvik Coromant to launch new CoroDrill 860


    Sandvik Coromant has announced that the new CoroDrill 860 will be available from March 2012. Optimised for steel drilling, the CoroDrill 860 delivers top-class performance across a range of operations, including conventional drilling, chamfered holes, inclined surfaces, cross holes, stack drilling and convex/concave surfaces. Using high cutting data in long ...

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    New feature-rich CTX Ecoline turning machines from DMG


    DMG has launched the CTX Ecoline range of turning machines that incorporate a range of new features. These include high-tech digital drives and the highly-stable linear roller guideways in all axes, which deliver optimum speed and dynamics even when completing complex procedures.Other features include a highly-dynamic spindle drive with continuously-adjustable ...

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    Perfecting primerless painting PSA-style


    Measuring successAlthough it started out producing pepper grinders, and then expanded its portfolio to include bicycles, PSA Peugeot Citroën is now Europe’s second largest car manufacturer. The Poissy site just outside Paris is where France’s first ever compact water-based painting process has been installed, and is regualated by an ABB ...

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    Eisenmann introduces the VarioLoc modular skid conveyor system


    Combining several systems, such as inverted monorail or eccentric lifting tables, Eisenmann has developed a new conveyor system, the VarioLoc shuttle, which has the ability to raise, lower and transport skids and car bodies. The shuttle moves along a rail installed at floor level, which has fixtures at each side ...

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    Federal-Mogul introduces the CrushShield cable protection system


    Federal-Mogul has developed a product that will help protect occupants of hybrid and electric vehicles in the event of a crash. The new material, called CrushShield, surrounds and protects electrical cables, keeping the electrical system isolated from the rest of the vehicle.CrushShield is one of the first cable products on ...

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    SKF launches Sound Monitor Kit for easy detection of conveyor faults


    SKF has launched its new Idler Sound Monitor Kit. This easy-to-use handheld monitoring device can detect faults in conveyor belt idlers. Conveyor idlers support the length of a conveyor belt and are a common cause of belt damage - and production downtime.The Idler Sound Monitor Kit is ideal for monitoring ...

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    New CNC controllers from Fanuc


    Fanuc has released a selection of new CNC process controllers, Model A, B, C and D.For example, the new Fanuc CNC Series 30i, 31i, 32i Model B Series controllers are ideal for sophisticated and complex machine tools. Features include a large number of axes and multichannel capability. Compared to previous ...

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    BASF Coatings launches new ‘XColors – designed by BASF’ system


    ‘XColors – designed by BASF’ is described as ‘a unique colour concept bringing together colour trends and paint development’. One segment in the XColors product range is the ‘XFine’ colours. XFine offers strong metallic effects, the result of very fine aluminium particles arranged flat next to each other, producing a ...

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    Rofin introduces the FL 030 C fibre laser


    The new Rofin FL 030 C fibre laser is a compact version of the company’s existing fibre laser series which has been specially developed for direct integration into existing machine installations. With a maximum power output of 3,000W, the FL 030 C is available as a multi-mode laser with a ...