Conec says it has developed its waterresistant series of connectors to include Ethernet I/O ports with a special fl angemount. These die-cast, nickel-plated IP67-rated connectors allow designers to incorporate data ports in applications exposed to harsh environmental conditions. The addition of a fl ange-mount to the RJ45 Series makes it suitable for industrial machinery, test and measurement equipment. It is claimed these connectors, available in Cat5e or Cat6e confi gurations, provide increased protection from contamination and moisture in addition to mechanical stability, temperature resistance, vibration immunity and EMI/RFI shielding. The fl ange-mounted IP67-rated RJ45 connector can be front or rear-mounted to a maximum panel thickness of 3.20 mm, and operates within a temperature range of -40ºC to +85ºC. The RJ45 line also includes a variety of panel-mounted receptacles, mating plugs, protective caps and pre-terminated jumper cables, including cables suitable for outdoor use and direct burial.