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    Stobart Group e Paragon


    Shakeup Stobart resulta em negócios de £40m para ParagonO provedor de transporte do Reino Unido Stobart Group anunciou a demissão imediata do seu presidente Rodney Baker-Bates e a venda de sua divisão de Stobart Vehicle Services, provedora de gestão de transporte e logística com sede no Reino Unido, Paragon Group. ...

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    Making the grade with steel CHECK INTRO - SAME AS OTHER STORY


    Steel makers are developing new grades and coatings that can help the automotive industry reduce weight without compromising safetyThere is a significant need within the automotive industry to find ways of increasing safety in a crash situation, using lightweight designs,” explains Anke Meyer, marketing manager at SSAB. One of the ...

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    Steel crazy after all these years CHECK INTRO - DUPLICATE WITH OTHER STORY


    Steelmakers are developing innovative new processes and coatings to meet changing demandsThere is a significant need within the automotive industry to find ways of increasing safety in a crash situation, using lightweight designs,” explains Anke Meyer, marketing manager at SSAB. One of the solutions is electro-galvanised steels such as SSAB’s ...

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    UHF RFID system provides a clear signal


    The new RFU630 UHF RFID system from Sick has been designed for challenging factory environments and overcoming the problems of poor signals caused, for example, by close proximity to heavy metal machinery and plant.The company says the RFU 630 read/ writer avoids signal reflection and distortion in ‘high noise’ conditions ...

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    Welding guide for AHSS/UHSS steels


    SSAB has released a guide to welding with AHSS/UHSS steels. The company says the new guide offers the results and recommendations needed to optimise welding processes.SSAB says the guide presents a detailed overview of the most common welding methods in the automotive industry: resistance spot welding, laser welding and arc ...

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    Piston inspection system to prevent failures


    An automatic vision inspection system to read the alphanumeric product identifi ers cast into pistons has been developed by Olmec-UK Ltd for an automotive engine manufacturer.The pistons must be checked prior to engine testing to ensure that the correct ones are fi tted. The vision solution features the use of ...

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    Analogue device server for remote monitoring


    Lantronix says its xSenso analogue device server (ADS) is a compact DIN-rail or wall mount device that enables sensors with analogue outputs to transparently send real-time data to any node on the network or over the internet. The company claims it is suitable for data acquisition and alarm notification in ...

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    Reusable welded cable carrier transport rack


    igus UK has produced a new modular rack for the transportation and installation of pre-installed energy chain cable carrier systems. The company claims the new rack provides a solution for safely mounting and transporting an entire pre-confi gured energy chain system directly and precisely to the customer’s machine interface.The rack ...

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    Full range of machine guarding components


    Elesa has created products designed for builders and installers of equipment cages, access panels and associated control cabinets.Working on the basis of industry standard tubular frame systems, the company claims to enable complete frame assembly with associated panel fi xing, panel hinging, door fabrication, door hinging, locking and interlocking (pictured).

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    Unmanaged switches suitable for harsh duty Ethernet networks


    Molex claims its new IP67 sealed Direct-Link switch modules provide a simple and secure on-machine Ethernet switch solution. Suitable for installations located in extreme temperature conditions, the Direct- Link 8-port switches operate in -40 to +75°C.Tested to NEMA 6 and IP67 environmental ratings, the company says the new Direct-Link switch ...

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    Adhesive solution for DCPD bonding


    SCIGRIP has launched an enhanced product for bonding dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) composites. The company claims that different grades of DCPD can be adhered successfully using SG600 without the need for time-consuming preparation techniques such as flame treatment.SG600 is cold curing and also features ratio-adjustable cure times and rheology compatible with robotic ...

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    Electronic control unit software tool


    dSPACE says its new SystemDesk version 4.0 is a convenient tool for completely modeling electronic control unit (ECU) software in compliance with AUTOSAR R4.0.The AUTOSAR data can be exchanged between OEMs and suppliers, as well as with other tools in the development process.The company says the dedicated dialogs and graphical ...

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    High-pressure pump for forging press use


    Bosch Rexroth has launched a new open loop axial piston pump, the A4VBO, which it claims works at a higher pressure, making it suitable for applications in the open die forging industry.The company says the pump has been designed to provide a long service life and low-level operating noise. The ...

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    Next generation of adhesion testers


    Elcometer has launched its latest range of pull-off adhesion testers – the Elcometer 506. These portable adhesion gauges are available in analogue or digital versions and are suitable for measuring the pull-off adhesion of coatings up to 50MPa (7250psi), either onsite or in the laboratory.The system features a quick connect ...

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    Additional inductive sensors offer compact machine mounting solutions


    New short cylindrical barrel and square profi le models have been added to Pepperl+Fuchs’ NBB range of inductive sensors.The company claims their compact size make them a suitable sensing solution in space-restricted machine mounting applications where super-fast switching speeds are necessary.NBB1.5-8GM16-E2 short barrel sensors are available in PNP normally open ...

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    D-SNAP technical guide book


    FDB says its D-SNAP technology handbook illustrates how this fixing and assembly system for the sheet metal and panel building industries can provide an alternative to traditional fastening methods.The company says the system has the potential for use in a number of other areas including industrial machinery, HVAC equipment and ...