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    Unmanaged switches suitable for harsh duty Ethernet networks


    Molex claims its new IP67 sealed Direct-Link switch modules provide a simple and secure on-machine Ethernet switch solution. Suitable for installations located in extreme temperature conditions, the Direct- Link 8-port switches operate in -40 to +75°C. Tested to NEMA 6 and IP67 environmental ratings, the company says the new Direct-Link ...

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    Adhesive solution for DCPD bonding


    SCIGRIP has launched an enhanced product for bonding dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) composites. The company claims that different grades of DCPD can be adhered successfully using SG600 without the need for time-consuming preparation techniques such as flame treatment.SG600 is cold curing and also features ratio-adjustable cure times and rheology compatible with robotic ...

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    Electronic control unit software tool


    dSPACE says its new SystemDesk version 4.0 is a convenient tool for completely modeling electronic control unit (ECU) software in compliance with AUTOSAR R4.0. The AUTOSAR data can be exchanged between OEMs and suppliers, as well as with other tools in the development process. The company says the dedicated dialogs ...

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    High-pressure pump for forging press use


    Bosch Rexroth has launched a new open loop axial piston pump, the A4VBO, which it claims works at a higher pressure, making it suitable for applications in the open die forging industry. The company says the pump has been designed to provide a long service life and low-level operating noise. ...

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    Next generation of adhesion testers


    Elcometer has launched its latest range of pull-off adhesion testers – the Elcometer 506. These portable adhesion gauges are available in analogue or digital versions and are suitable for measuring the pull-off adhesion of coatings up to 50MPa (7250psi), either onsite or in the laboratory. The system features a quick ...

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    Additional inductive sensors offer compact machine mounting solutions


    New short cylindrical barrel and square profi le models have been added to Pepperl+Fuchs’ NBB range of inductive sensors. The company claims their compact size make them a suitable sensing solution in space-restricted machine mounting applications where super-fast switching speeds are necessary. NBB1.5-8GM16-E2 short barrel sensors are available in PNP ...

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    D-SNAP technical guide book


    FDB says its D-SNAP technology handbook illustrates how this fixing and assembly system for the sheet metal and panel building industries can provide an alternative to traditional fastening methods. The company says the system has the potential for use in a number of other areas including industrial machinery, HVAC equipment ...

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    Bearings to prevent mechanical breakdown in linear guide systems


    Linear bearings supplier igus UK has produced drylin T, a range of linear guide systems that it says are chip and debris resistant, maintenance free and 100% lubrication free. The products’ design consists of six sliding pads made from the iglidur J plastic bearing material and a rail and carriage ...

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    Small motoring dynamometers for automotive


    The MicroDyne series of small motoring dynamometers is suitable for a range of automotive testing applications, claims SAKOR Technologies. The company says it is capable of testing all types of small rotary devices such as motors, pumps, generators and compressors. The MicroDyne is a four-quadrant dynamometer engineered specifi cally for ...

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    Production scheduling software now in German


    Preactor International says it is now offering a free, downloadable software package that allows companies to schedule production to make optimum use of finite resources. Preactor Express is a fully-functioning, entry-level version of the Preactor family of scheduling products, aimed at small to medium-sized companies. All product information such as ...

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    Tandem welding process


    Fronius says its CMT Twin tandem welding process lets users exploit two cold-metal-transfer (CMT) processes, or combine a CMT process with a GMA pulsed-arc welding process. The system features the configuration and synchronised start-up of two separately controllable power sources, two wire electrodes and a gas nozzle, combined with the ...

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    Non-contact power steering torque sensor


    Designed to sense very small differential angles, the new TT electronics SX-4428 Magnetorque II non-contact steering torque sensor is based on Hall Effect technology. The free floating torque rotor within the device offers infinite rotational life claims the company. The new sensor enables the end user to program output levels ...

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    VDA 19-compliant in-line cleanliness test


    Dürr Ecoclean says its new EcoCLab system offers an automated in-line capability for inspecting and documenting particulate cleanliness in compliance with VDA 19. The company claims its EcoCLab provides a system to perform testing of critical areas on individual parts (eg. crankcases) directly in the manufacturing line. These findings are ...

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    Hand-held single point 3D touch probe


    Steinbichler Optotechnik has launched the new, hand-held touch probe T-POINT CS for singlepoint measurement. The company says it features coordinated components – tracking camera, hand-held scanner and touch probe – that act as a modular system to provide optimum flexibility for multiple uses in the broadest range of sectors. The ...

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    New multi-spindle turn-milling centre


    A new, multi-spindle turn-milling centre has been launched by Index. The company says it features six independently controlled spindles that are served by both a two-axis CNC slide and a single-axis plunge turning slide. Replacement of cam-controlled lathes for the production of parts up to 16mm diameter, especially in the ...

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    3kW fibre laser for processing thick section metals


    A 3kW fibre laser has been launched by JK Lasers. The company says this new addition to its Watt to kiloWatt fibre laser range will help manufacturing productivity by processing thicker section metals at faster speeds and to higher standards. It is fitted with JK Lasers’ detachable ‘plug in, pre-aligned’ ...

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    Cloud computing for manufacturers


    Supplier of manufacturing software, RealVision is offering several of its products through the software-as-a-service cloud model. Its tool and gauge management program, ToolManager; preventative maintenance program, RPM; and document control system, DocManager are now all offered through the cloud. The company says these programs integrate well with each other and ...

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    High performance machining coolant


    Master Chemical Europe says it formulates high performance coolants, without the inclusion of environmentally damaging additives, for the requirements of the European market. The company says TRIM E950 is a proprietary blend of the company’s new vegetable-based technology and premium non-chlorinated and non-sulphurised extreme pressure additives which has been formulated ...

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    Quick release cable connections


    Now available with integrated SpeedTec quick release fastening technology, igus says its Intercontec connectors offer reduced installation times (with a ¼ turn open-close mechanism), and the special locking mechanism will prevent the connection loosening, as well as offering vibration and shock resistance of up to 25g in three axis.

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    Virtual support engineer service for OEMs


    Rockwell Automation says it can now offer OEMs secure, remote monitoring and troubleshooting of their production operations through its Virtual Support Engineer service. The company claims this service enables OEMs to identify and resolve technical issues, perform scheduled and preventive maintenance, and monitor their installed base of machinery. Virtual Support ...