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    A call for Quality


    GM India plans to focus its production at Talegaon as they increase output and add new models This year the plant may become the company’s only production facility in India as it plans to closes the older Halol site in Gujarat. But this isn’t a reduction in operations, far from ...

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    Swift system switchover


    When a company needs to replace a major manufacturing-related IT system it has to find a way that has minimal negative impact on production schedules.Downtime is a word that no-one in the automotive manufacturing business likes. Any interruption to production outside of scheduled annual breaks can quickly rack up into ...

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    Influential India


    India’s automotive component sector is relishing its new place on the international stageChanges in the Indian component sector have prompted growth in the role of its companies worldwide in recent years. Likewise, European, Japanese and American suppliers have moved into India. Until around a decade ago, the Indian automotive components ...

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    A visão de operadores humanos trabalhando lado a lado com 'colegas' automatizados está em crescimento, cada um trabalhando com seus pontos fortes e compartilhando as tarefas.A ideia de robôs como grandes equipamentos para tarefas árduas em ambientes perigosos já não é totalmente válida. Embora esse cenário ainda seja familiar, os ...

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    Cobot companions


    The sight of human operators working side by side with automated 'colleagues' is a growing one, each working to their strengths and sharing the task at handThe idea of robots as large, expensive pieces of equipment for arduous tasks in hazardous environments is no longer wholly valid. Though that scenario ...

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    Cast learners


    Academic research into casting is helping OEMs and suppliers bridge a knowledge gap Almost every piece of metal used in the manufacture of an automobile will have gone through a casting process at some point previously – whether to shape through a technique such as sand-casting or simply as a ...

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    Rings around the world


    Like its premium brand competitors Audi is now establishing a global manufacturing networkThe geographic expansion of Volkswagen’s vehicle production beyond Germany, into Mexico, China, Spain, India, Brazil and South Africa, is now well-established. Meanwhile, parallel expansion at Audi is, with the exception of China, a much more recent phenomenon.Despite the ...

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    Hitting the gas


    As OEMs step up their sustainability programmes, two leading players are arriving at key milestones. AMS reports on how biogas projects have contributed greatly to the renewable energy success of GM and BMWLast year, for the first time, the BMW Group met the majority of its electrical energy needs by ...

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    Bearing in mind PTFE


    There may be a tendency to pay little regard to the humble PTFE bearing but when it comes to assembly and performance this small component can make a big difference The hinges on doors, bonnets and other car-body closures seem at first to be among the most straightforward elements of ...

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    Bearing in mind PTFE


    The hinges that allow doors, bonnets and other closures on a car to open and close seem at first sight to be among the most straightforward elements of the componentry on any vehicle. But, as is often the case, the appearance of simplicity can disguise a surprising amount of technical ...

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    EU referendum


    As the UK‘s EU referendum campaigns gather speed, I am frequently asked for my views on the impact of a vote to leave on the industry. A year or so ago, I would have said that leaving the EU would be unremittingly bad news for the UK auto industry. Now, ...

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    AGVs find their way


    Automated guided vehicles are carrying the assembly lines to a flexible futureHistorically, the automotive industry has relied heavily on the use of robotics technologies for pure manufacturing operations like assembly, welding and stamping – but in recent years other robotics applications such as automated guided vehicles (AGVs) have become more ...

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    Cool down, clean up


    Beside selecting the right coolant or cutting fluid for the material being machined, ensuring the fluid is kept clean for as long as possible is just as important, both for quality and cost savingMachine shops using water-based metalworking fluids are being urged to initiate a regular system cleaning regime, amid ...

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    Hole benefits


    New drilling and boring tools for parts such as master brake cylinders and transmission switchgear housings are having a big impact on efficiencyWhen it comes to engine, powertrain and brake system components, hole-making is a primary process that influences both quality and cost. With this in mind, new drilling and ...

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    Interior angles


    Despite much merger, acquisition and joint ventures, the automotive interiors market remains fragmented Seats and dashboards/cockpits are the two largest segments of the interiors market, both in terms of component size and value. Historically these components have been supplied by a mixture of in-house and independent suppliers, while in recent ...

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  • 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty

    Ford Ohio adds new F-Series Super Duty


    US – The factory will make the F-350, F-450 and F-550 Super Duty chassis cab configurations, alongside Kentucky Truck Plant. Ford says the aluminium body on a high-strength steel (HSS) frame generates a weight saving 350lbs, while components such as axles, hubs and brakes are now stronger to support work ...

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    DRAFT - TRUMPF Webinar: Remote Laser Processing - A driver for efficient production and light weight design


    The reduction of CO2 emission is still one of the key targets for all major OEMs worldwide. In addition there is an exceptional competitive environment which forces all car makers to offer a diversified product portfolio based on cost efficient design and production.In order to be able to cope with ...

  • Melfi assembly hall

    The billion euro plant


    FCA has invested heavily in its plant at Melfi to create a state-of-the-art production facilityThe workforce at Fiat’s Melfi factory gave a huge cheer when, back in 2012, FCA head Sergio Marchionne announced that the ailing plant was to receive a €1 billion (£700 million) investment to make two new ...