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    Cool down, clean up


    Beside selecting the right coolant or cutting fluid for the material being machined, ensuring the fluid is kept clean for as long as possible is just as important, both for quality and cost savingMachine shops using water-based metalworking fluids are being urged to initiate a regular system cleaning regime, amid ...

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    Hole benefits


    New drilling and boring tools for parts such as master brake cylinders and transmission switchgear housings are having a big impact on efficiencyWhen it comes to engine, powertrain and brake system components, hole-making is a primary process that influences both quality and cost. With this in mind, new drilling and ...

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    Interior angles


    Despite much merger, acquisition and joint ventures, the automotive interiors market remains fragmented Seats and dashboards/cockpits are the two largest segments of the interiors market, both in terms of component size and value. Historically these components have been supplied by a mixture of in-house and independent suppliers, while in recent ...

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  • 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty

    Ford Ohio adds new F-Series Super Duty


    US – The factory will make the F-350, F-450 and F-550 Super Duty chassis cab configurations, alongside Kentucky Truck Plant. Ford says the aluminium body on a high-strength steel (HSS) frame generates a weight saving 350lbs, while components such as axles, hubs and brakes are now stronger to support work ...

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    DRAFT - TRUMPF Webinar: Remote Laser Processing - A driver for efficient production and light weight design


    The reduction of CO2 emission is still one of the key targets for all major OEMs worldwide. In addition there is an exceptional competitive environment which forces all car makers to offer a diversified product portfolio based on cost efficient design and production.In order to be able to cope with ...

  • Melfi assembly hall

    The billion euro plant


    FCA has invested heavily in its plant at Melfi to create a state-of-the-art production facilityThe workforce at Fiat’s Melfi factory gave a huge cheer when, back in 2012, FCA head Sergio Marchionne announced that the ailing plant was to receive a €1 billion (£700 million) investment to make two new ...

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    New addition to CMM range


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    An innovative EMS approach


    Flexibility and cost savings are just two advantages of the latest Siemens monorail technology, writes Thorsten Riemer, EMS product manager at SiemensThe Chinese automotive market has the highest volume of any single country and continues to grow at a steady rate. Since 2009, more vehicles have been produced in China ...

  • SGM Body Shop

    SAIC expanding success


    Shanghai Auto has no intentions of giving up its position as China’s number one automaker. AMS looks at its manufacturing operations and future plans SAIC Motor Corporation Limited (SAIC), which is owned by the Shanghai municipal government, operates two major passenger car joint ventures: Shanghai Volkswagen (SVW) and Shanghai GM. ...

  • Hambach plant, production of the new smart fortwo

    Daimler-Renault-Nissan – The alliance in action


    normal">We conclude our review of Daimler’s partnership with Renault and Nissan with a look at platform and production sharing projectsThe preceding articles set out the background to and rationale behind the alliance between Daimler and Renault-Nissan. In this article, we look at each of the joint projects in turn, ...

  • Civic Type R Line-Off Event

    First Civic Type R off the line at Honda Swindon


    UK – The first production models of the Civic Type R have rolled off the line at the Japanese carmaker’s UK plant. Addressing those gathered for the event, Soichiro Takizawa, managing director at HUM, took the opportunity to thank staff for their continued commitment and hard work.The new Honda Civic ...

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    Do the Chinese dream of electric cars?


    Half way through my trip around China’s car makers a few things inspired me to shamelessly paraphrase the great Philip K. Dick’s novel. Firstly the smog laden, rain soaked night skyline of Shanghai, in all its neon-lit glory reminded me of scene from Blade Runner, the film version of Dick’s ...

  • Renault Argentina

    Renault Argentina



  • Nissan Sunderland

    Nissan apprentices



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    Watch Cadillac joining a CT6 body


    GM has announced a new combination of joining technologies for the Cadillac CT6. The methods are in use at Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant, Michigan. 

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    India’s Steel Pioneers


    SSAB and its partner IFB Automotive are at the forefront of the rollout of high-strength steel in automotive production, writes technology journalist Håkan JohanssonSSAB is a leading manufacturer of advanced high-strength steel and the company’s products have played an important part in the improved safety performance of modern cars. But ...

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    Swedish Steel in India


    Swedish steel specialist Uddeholm has built its reputation as a global supplier of tooling materials and services. The company’s vice-president for sales and marketing, Pär Emanuelsson, talks to automotive writer Dermot Healy about the company’s strategy for India.Dermot Healy: To begin with, what can you tell us about Uddeholm’s work ...