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    Vehicle dynamics control on board motorcycles


    Bosch’s stability control system for highperformance motorcycles goes into series production in 2013. Motorcycle stability control (MSC) works by supporting the rider during both braking and accelerating in a straight line and cornering. The technical basis of the MSC is the ABSenhanced system, which Bosch engineers in Japan have now ...

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    Combined control for compressor stations


    The airtelligence provis 2.0 can control compressor stations of up to 16 rigid or frequency-controlled compressors of various makes, claims Boge. In addition, up to 24 accessory components, such as refrigerated air dryers, filters, fans, dampers or sensors can be integrated. Based on the actual compressed air consumption, the company ...

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    Press line automatic compact transfer system


    Strothmann has installed a complete handling system for high-capacity suction presses all the way from blank loading through to end-of-line parts removal at the production site of a major car company. The automation concept, which is suitable for all car parts and can be adapted to new products, consists of ...

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    Space-saving AS-interface splitters


    Pepperl+Fuchs has introduced G11 passive splitters to its family of G11 Series AS-Interface I/O Modules. Available in flat cable or M12 male connector versions the company says they are ECOLAB certified and IP67- rated for reliable operation in wet environments. This series of interface modules features a round housing design ...

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    On-site nitrogen and oxygen generators


    Three new ranges of nitrogen and oxygen generators (for on-site gas generation) have been launched by Atlas Copco Compressors. The new NGM, NGP and OGP generators will enable companies to utilise their existing compressed air installation to generate their own nitrogen and oxygen, avoiding the operational and administrative costs of ...

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    New square-bodied ISO cylinder


    A new DSBC range of square-bodied ISO cylinders, featuring PPS self-adjusting air cushioning as standard, has been launched by Festo. The company says the DSBC range offers machine builders the benefits of adjustable air cushioning but without the difficulties associated with set-up. The DSBC with PPS cushioning system automatically compensates ...

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    Integrated measuring system for tube bending machines


    The Springmatic optical measuring system from Schwarze-Robitec is integrated into the bending tool. Immediately after the bending of a tube, the new optical measuring system records the rebound value, from which the CNC control of the tube-bending machine calculates the required subsequent bending angle. Subsequent bending is carried out either ...

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    3D printer for industrial scale prototypes


    Objet has launched the Objet1000, the company’s largest 3D printer to date. Featuring a 1000 x 800 x 500mm (39.3 x 31.4 x 19.6 inch) wide-format build envelope, the company says the Objet1000 is suitable for automotive vehicle and component producers that need to create industrial size, 1:1 scale prototypes. ...

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    Dual-coil ignition system offering improved combustion


    Similar to a plug top ignition coil, BorgWarner BERU’s latest technology consists of two ignition coils inside a single housing, connected directly to the spark plug in each cylinder. Currently under testing and development with several OEMs, BorgWarner says the new ignition system reduces ignition delays and allows more accurate ...

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    Hybrid connectors for automation application


    Motorman and Power4Net hybrid connectors from TE Connectivity are available from TTI. The company says TE’s Motorman connector will allow for decentralised automation and the Power4Net connector is suitable for machine automation applications that require a higher performance data connection and power of up to 10A. The Motorman hybrid connector ...

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    Safety Interlock switch for space-restricted applications


    Omron Automation and Safety has introduced D4SL-N Safety Interlock Switches, available with 4, 5 or 6 contacts for a number of applications. The company says the IP67- rated D4SL-N can be mounted in four different directions without needing to rotate the head. Two wiring methods (connector-type and terminal block-type) are ...

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    Ultra high-strength, electro-galvanized steel for the automotive industry


    Docol 1400 MZE is the next generation of ultra high-strength steels from SSAB. The company says these new steels are stronger, safer and lighter, and come with a corrosion resistant electro-galvanized coating. They represent the strongest UHSS steels that SSAB produces for the automotive industry and achieve the balance between ...

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    Enhanced laser scanning technology


    Hexagon Metrology says it has developed its laser scanner technology for portable measuring arms. The integrated laser scanner for the ROMER Absolute Arm is now faster, offering an acquisition speed of up to 50,000 points per second, claims the company. Along with this development, the company is also launching a ...

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    Additional speed control options for overhead lifting equipment


    Konecranes has introduced two speed control options, Extended Speed Range and Adaptive Speed Range for overhead lifting equipment motors for the automotive industry. The company says these are cost-effective options to achieve high average hoist speeds without increasing motor size. Offering a range of lifting products for the automotive industry, ...

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    High-performance pre-treatment for automotive applications


    The individual body parts of an automobile have to be carefully cleaned of dirt, dust and other foreign matter and then properly prepared for the subsequent painting operation. Henkel says it offers optimised pre-treatment processes adapted to the requirements of its partners in the automobile industry. The company has developed ...

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    Air filtration units for capturing oil mist in production facilities


    Two new ScandMist air fi ltration systems for capturing and removing oil mist from manufacturing facilities have been introduced by Clean Air America. The company claims the ScandMist 70D and 100D offer compact and effi cient oil mist fi ltration solutions for any size plant or facility. The new systems ...

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    Microsite offers MAG welding information


    ESAB has developed a new microsite that it claims will help users of MAG welding to increase their productivity and quality. The company says the microsite explains the benefi ts of non-copper-coated OK AristoRodTM MAG wires. Additional details are provided about Marathon PacTM bulk wire drums and the company’s SATTM ...

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    Improved electrical discharge machining equipment


    Reduced energy consumption and demand for consumable parts, as well as an integrated generator are some of the developments featured on Mitsubishi Electric’s new MV series wire-cut EDMs. The company claims it has succeeded in reducing energy consumption by up to 42%, and also the demand for wear and consumable ...

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    EX connection system for Class I, Division 2 and Zone 2 hazardous locations


    The Brad Ultra-Lock (M12) EX Connection System, from Molex has been designed to provide process automation installers with a connection interface for instrumentation and control devices in potentially explosive and hazardous areas. Molex says the Ultra-Lock (M12) EX features patented push-to-lock technology, and includes an integral isolating ring that limits ...

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    Low cost electric water-cooling pump for cars


    Aisin Seki claims it has successfully developed a smaller, cheaper electric cooling pump through some effective effi ciency optimisations. The company says its electric pump uses a newly shaped impeller to improve performance. In addition, the design positions the components so that both the motor effi ciency and the centrifugal ...