Dürr Ecoclean claims its new parts cleaning technology is designed to improve process reliability, cost effi ciency and environmental impact of industrial part cleaning operations. The company says its EcoCLab technology allows cleanliness testing to be performed in accordance with VDA 19 as a fully automatic in-line process. Any non-compliance with particle load specifi cations can be identifi ed and remedied more rapidly than using conventional laboratory tests. The compact automatic ‘cleanliness lab’ can be integrated into the cleaning system or arranged as a separate module in the production line. With its EcoCSteam system, the company offers a new steam cleaning process that it claims will remove a wide range of contaminants – oils, greases, emulsions, release agents, chips, dust, fi ngerprints – from any material quickly, reliably and without any use of chemicals. The cleaning process is based on the combined action of saturated steam and a high-velocity airfl ow. Dürr Ecoclean will be exhibiting the new technologies at this year’s part2clean trade show.