Master Chemical Europe says it formulates high performance coolants, without the inclusion of environmentally damaging additives, for the requirements of the European market.

The company says TRIM E950 is a proprietary blend of the company’s new vegetable-based technology and premium non-chlorinated and non-sulphurised extreme pressure additives which has been formulated to deliver high levels of lubricity.

These additives effectively control builtup edge in tough operations on materials commonly used in the aerospace and automotive sector. Yet thanks to its mild contact nature, this premium emulsion is highly operator friendly. Its superior lubricity provides excellent surface finish and tool life on all manner of difficult-to-machine materials. These include aluminium alloys, inconel, titanium and the stainless and high tensile strength steels.

Another major benefit of TRIM® E950, is its low foaming quality. This makes it especially suitable for high pressure, through tool operations.