Zebra Technologies has introduced WhereLAN III, the company’s thirdgeneration real-time location system (RTLS) sensor. WhereLAN III offers a one-metre accuracy level, more than double that of the previous generation, which delivers an improved level of real-time asset management and a signifi cantly decreased total cost of ownership. The new system is fully backwards compatible with previous versions. For automotive OEMs, WhereLAN III can achieve parking spot level accuracy for vehicle tracking, eliminating the need to search for vehicles when loading them for conveyance or other operations. WhereLAN III includes a software-defi ned radio with leading-edge digital signal processing and ‘Snap Shot’ technology. The new wireless timing technology eliminates the cost of Ethernet drops and timing cables, with no loss of location fi delity. Using optional Wi- Fi and wireless time synchronisation, WhereLAN III allows cable-free installations for both indoor and outdoor applications. WhereLAN III also allows fully remote operation with solar-powered energy systems, eliminating the need for expensive subterranean wiring outdoors.