Due to an optimized nanostructure that creates a balance of improved hardness, toughness, and resistance to residual stresses, BALINIT PERTURA from Oerlikon Balzers stands out as a universal coating solution for high-performance solid-carbide drills in a variety of drilling applications. Whether your need is for drilling holes in steel, stainless steel, or cast iron; or your part requires specialized bit geometries (deep hole, micro, step drilling, internal cooling, or external cooling), BALINIT PERTURA improves abrasion resistance and extends tool life at both moderate and high speeds. With a much tighter nanolayer construction of between 5 to 20 nanometers thick, crack propagation is signifi cantly reduced, delivering notably longer tool life, even in dry drilling or deep-hole drilling applications. Improved abrasion resistance also means smoother chip evacuation, not only in tough materials or non-standard holemaking tasks, but also at reduced tool and machine stress levels, extending the life and performance of expensive capital equipment. Two recoating options are possible and with a global network of 86 coating centers, Oerlikon Balzers is able to offer BALINIT PERTURA worldwide with consistently high quality.  www.oerlikon.com/balzers