Teklas has introduced a new water-assisted injection moulding technology (WIT) for the production of hollow plastic parts. The system is currently used to manufacture tubing using BASF’s Ultramid A3HG6, a glass fi bre-reinforced polyamide specially developed for the WIT process. The new system delivers superior inner and outer surfaces, as well as the required high chemical resistance. Tubing can be used for automotive water, air and oil systems. In addition to being able to resist degradation caused by the internal fl uid, another principle tubing requirement is a low pressure drop. This means that the interior surfaces must be especially smooth, while the walls must be thin and of a uniform thickness. Teklas can deliver tubing shapes and combinations to suit almost any model, allowing maximum design freedom and fl exibility within the engine compartment. Using plastic tubes in place of heavier metal components also helps to reduce vehicle weight and the need for related metal working equipment.