Uddeholm has replaced its Ramax LH product with RoyAlloy stainless steel. Delivered from Edro Specialty Steels, a division of the Voestalpine Group, Uddeholm will act as the exclusive global distributor of the new product. RoyAlloy is a pre-hardened, corrosion-resistant holder steel specifi cally designed for plastic mould base applications. It offers excellent machinability, which translates to shorter lead times for mould manufacture, less tool wear and reduced machining times. Uddeholm RoyAlloy is also very stable, offering uniform hardness in all dimensions. This improved dimensional stability helps to ensure higher precision during mould base manufacture and over the tool’s working life. In addition, the superior toughness and ductility of RoyAlloy reduces the risk of plates cracking in even the most challenging applications. RoyAlloy is also corrosion-resistant, which helps to maintain cycle time consistency and keep watercooling channels clean.