With a series of additional components and functions, the compact DuraMax Shop floor coordinate measuring machine from Carl Zeiss is now even better suited for taking measurements in the workplace.

With its additional functions, DuraMax Shop floor is tailored for use in rough production environments. DuraMax also eliminates errors associated with the use of manual measurements completed with gauges and complex equipment, while also supporting the measurement of multiple workpieces in one measuring run.

Two components make DuraMax Shop floor more compact and even more accurate: a base for the measuring machine and a temperature compensation function. The Shop floor base includes a metal cabinet to house the measurement computer, protecting it and the sensors used to measure workpiece temperature against contamination. The Calypso measuring software then incorporates this temperature data with the measurement results, taking into consideration the expansion coefficient of the workpiece, providing users with an even more precise result. This even works when multiple workpieces are positioned and measured in one run.