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    Freeform flexibility in stamping dies


    Ford’s 3FT may one day provide prototype variations without the need for dies and stamping, AMS reports Stamping out sheet metal parts for production vehicles in a fullscale automotive manufacturing environment can be a matter of just a few seconds per part. Making the dies in which the parts are ...

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    3D printing and additive manufacturing global summit


    UK: An industry-led forum is to be held in order to identify what new technologies such as 3D printing offer in terms of commercial opportunities for industrial production. Specifically the costs, limitations and identification of where these processes could generate new value alongside traditional manufacturing methods will be highlighted ...

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    Inkjet interiors


    Multi-material mixing StreetScooter project 3D printing has been much mooted as a consumer tool for creating objects in the office or home. Mike Farish reports on a company taking this remarkable technology one step further. An exciting new rapid prototyping tool for automotive designers has been shown off recently at ...

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    From virtual, to reality


    Eliminating trial and error JLR part production Having a fully-rendered CAD model on the screen is one thing, but holding a part and assembling it with other prototypes reveals a whole new set of information. An example of this rapid prototyping (RP) in action can be seen at the Jaguar ...

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    Rapid prototyping in the fast lane


    Pushing the envelope Material world Past matters For the purposes of engineering-based manufacture, rapid prototyping (RP) is essentially the automatic construction of physical objects using additive manufacturing technology. Put plain and simple, additive manufacturing is now viewed as the first major challenger to the three traditional ways of making things ...

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    From art to part


    Time-to-market pressure has never been greater, which is why new technology to shorten this critical process is becoming more impressive Cost-saving prototype design Let’s get physical 3D printing Years ago, the beginning of any new automotive project was called the ‘fuzzy front end’. No one really knew how much time ...