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  • The AM S 290 Tooling solution has been created by GFMS and EOS

    Printing the future


    Additive manufacturing offers many benefits and the technology is seeing wider application in the automotive industry Among the most recent additive manufacturing (AM) trends are the advantages it can bring to mould-making processes. The quality of plastic components in modern cars has increased greatly over the years in terms of ...

  • Control

    Taking Control of quality


    AMS previews the array of quality-assurance technologies that will be on display at the Control 2016 show Control 2016 – the International Trade Fair for Quality Assurance – is celebrating its 30th anniversary by featuring techniques and hardware used in quality assurance, including conventional mechatronic measuring systems, ...

  • Hannover Messe

    Getting connected at Hannover Messe


    The show will highlight innovation in production and process automation, system solutions and industrial IT With the Industry 4.0 concept high on the agenda, issues of connectivity and data management will be highlighted at this year’s Hannover Messe , along with additive manufacturing, energy efficiency, preventive maintenance and lightweight ...

  • Figure-3b.jpg

    Subtractive or additive manufacturing?


    We all know that improving process productivity is one of the primary means for automotive plants to reduce costs. However, after decades of lean manufacturing initiatives, CI and Kaizen events, most are finding that there’s not much fat left on the bone. It therefore boils down to technology to make ...

  • BMW Tiexi

    Editor's note: A good year?


    I don’t usually do end-of-year round-ups, but the events of the previous 12 months posed a question that is worth considering as we begin a new year: was 2015 a good one for automotive manufacturing? The figures would suggest that the answer is ‘yes’. China’s automotive market continued to grow, ...

  • New 2016 Nissan Altima production begins in Smyrna

    Driving down the skills gap


    If the automotive industry is to continue its progress, manufacturers will have to prioritise human resourcesThe US needs to fill no fewer than 3.5m manufacturing jobs over the next decade, according to Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute, Washington. Meanwhile, UK organisations are pouring £42.9 billion ($64.7 billion) of investment into ...

  • 3D-printed intake manifold

    Does 3D printing add up?


    Additive manufacturing has long assisted prototyping, but OEMs are now exploring its uses in production A hot topic for a number of years, it now appears that additive manufacturing (3D printing) technologies are starting to be used more widely by a number of automotive OEMs. But while additive manufacturing has ...

  • 3D printing, Ford

    Ford hails 3D printing in production


    US – In celebrating the 25-year anniversary of the technology, the OEM said it has “played a key role” in the development of three well-known models: the GT, the Mondeo Vignale and the Focus RS. Also used on other Ford vehicles, 3D printing speeds up part prototyping, enabling ...

  • 3D-printed parts, BMW

    BMW celebrates 25 years of 3D printing


    Germany – In 1990, the OEM’s Rapid Technologies Center in Munich commissioned the development of its first additive manufacturing facilities, and that year prototype parts were made on a stereolithography machine. Early examples featured on concept cars; BMW later developed further procedures and applications in line with component specifications. Today, ...

  • 3D-Scanning-.....jpg.jpeg

    Shaping the future


    This year, for the first time, Euromold went to Düsseldorf, where the event showed signs of being revitalised Euromold departed Frankfurt in Germany after 21 years, with legal wrangles in the background, and now other shows targeting similar market segments have emerged in the shape of Frankfurt’s FormNext ...

  • LM3D Swim, Local Motors

    Local Motors unveils 3D-printed car


    US – Four months after revealing the designs for LM3D Swim, the first vehicle has been produced by the direct digital manufacturing (DDM) methodology which includes 3D printing. Presales of the car, which will cost around $53,000, will begin in spring next year, while manufacturing and delivery are expected ...


    The view from Frankfurt


    Every other year, the automotive industry’s European movers and shakers convene in Frankfurt to gaze in admiration at the latest offerings and future concepts, particularly from the German brands. This year, despite the looming worry over what China’s slowdown might mean, the European car companies did not disappoint, with a ...

  • MAP079 - New inserts

    Laser-sintered indexable insert drills


    MAPAL UK says it has added laser-sintered indexable insert drills with diameters down to 9mm to its QTD drill range. It says it has used laser sintering – a form of 3D printing – in the production of the new drills. This allows a non-circular profile to be used for ...

  • Virtual Manufacturing

    Ford reduces production-line injury rate


    US – The company says it has cut the number of injuries to its 50,000-strong workforce in the country by 70% since 2003, through new ergonomics research, lift-assist devices, workstation redesign and data-driven process changes. “We refer to our assembly line employees as ‘industrial athletes’, due to the physical ...

  • 3D core

    Perfect casting


    Executive director Ed Grainger explains how Grainger & Worrall has transformed the ‘black art’ of casting into a high-tech operation to meet the demands of clients including F1, NASCAR and supercar makersAMS: Could you provide an overview of how the company has developed?Ed Grainger (EG): The company was established in ...

  • Smart factory, Audi

    Audi progresses smart factory concept


    Germany – The OEM says it has already implemented some intelligent production processes but will introduce further innovations in the coming years. Audi’s vision for the future, discussed at its recent annual shareholders meeting, encompasses collaborative robots, 3D printing and cars driven from the assembly line in piloted mode. ...

  • Gear shift, KWSP

    KWSP's 3D printing makes 1920s car parts


    UK – Engineers from KW Special Projects (KWSP) in Brackley used their additive manufacturing capabilities and high-performance engineering experience to design and manufacture missing parts for the restoration of a 1927 Amilcar C6, based on a black-and-white photograph. The car had featured an extended selector housing, adapted from the ...

  • 2014 Ram Power Wagon front axle, FCA

    Chrysler using 3D printing for axle development


    US – Engineers at the Chrysler Technology Center (CTC) are now printing transparent plastic components for test purposes, providing Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) with a better understanding of axle durability and efficiency. In conventional methods of evaluating oil flow inside axles and pinion carriers, ‘windows’ are cut into the ...

  • Nick Holt

    Editor's note: Automotive alchemy


    Automotive manufacturing has, for the most part, become an exact science. With the exception of a few bespoke, artisan operations on luxury models, every operation is simulated, programmed and performed with exacting accuracy. Production processes aim to eliminate errors even within the operations carried out by human operatives. This drive ...

  • Google Glass 2 copy

    BMW sees into the future


    Google Glass is among the smart technologies the OEM is exploring to boost production efficiency The fourth industrial revolution is upon us. At least that’s what the German government believed when it coined the term 'Industry 4.0' to refer not just to increased industrial automation, but also cyber-physical systems, the ...