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  • General Motors Autodesk 3D printing

    GM combines software and 3D printing


    US - General Motors has become the first carmaker to use new generative design software technology from Autodesk - a software company headquartered in San Rafael, California. It is using the technology to design parts that are then 3D printed for proof-of-concept."This disruptive technology provides tremendous advancements in how we ...

  • 3D printed forging press spray heads

    3D printed spray heads


    SMS Group is using additive manufacturing to produce its new 3D spray heads for forging presses. The company says 3D printing enables it to produce lightweight, compact spray heads that can be tailored to the conditions of the respective dies. The starting material is a fine powder based on polyamide ...

  • Simufact LightHinge+Monitor_rot

    Success hinges on AM


    Simufact’s Michael Wohlmuth and Michael Tran describe LightHinge+, a co-engineering project that used the extended possibilities of additive production to develop a lightweight solution with fewer components and simpler assembly One of the main advantages of additive manufacturing (AM) is the near-unlimited freedom in design due to die-less ...

  • GEAR Gear_welding

    Photonic precision


    Light is a fascinating manufacturing tool enabling laser technologies and applications for materials processing tasks of all scales and sizes Systems for industrial laser applications like cutting, welding and surface processing are well established, reliable and cost efficient production tools with clear technical advantages due to their wear-free highly localised ...

  • NAIAS 2017 luxury by design detail

    Seating plan


    Adient CTO Detlef Juerss talks to AMS about the company’s sure and steady approach to new and complex challengesAmong all the exhibits at the IAA international motor show in Frankfurt, a seat that Adient produces for the BMW 7-Series ably exemplifies a modern automotive manufacturing challenge – to combine precision ...

  • Additive manufacturing

    Added value


    Although additive manufacturing is not new, the latest techniques are offering OEMs more options for its use The use of additively manufactured parts in vehicles is now unexceptional, if not yet pervasive, at least at the high end of the market characterised by low volume and high purchase price. But ...

  • Brose_Electric-Motors

    Motor reflex


    Brose’s Bernd Kaufer tells AMS how engineering instincts helps him to run the company’s Würzburg plant At 7:00am each working morning, Bernd Kaufer begins his day by consulting his smartphone. As general manager of Brose’s Würzburg plant, his first task is to check on the status of operations there. ...

  • Paintshop, MAN Munich

    MAN to invest €2.4 billion by 2020


    Germany – The funds, equivalent to $2.8 billion, will go towards modernising the company’s sites and improving efficiency across all divisions, and will include a €1.1 billion upgrade at its main plant in Munich between 2015 and 2020. In Munich, MAN is opening a new paintshop, expanded bodyshop, a combined ...

  • Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 10.15.15

    How RFID is changing EDI


    With OEMs and tier suppliers seeking benefits on cost, quality, delivery and access to more data than ever before, technology provider Radley Corporation sees manufacturing competitiveness coming not only from emerging technologies but also the adaptation of older, existing technology such as electronic data interchange (EDI) and RFIDFor over 40 ...


    All the right tools


    Supplying the Asia Pacific region ASSAB not only offers a wide range of premium quality tool steels, but also innovative metallurgical and tooling services Headquartered in Singapore the company has its sales companies and service centres in all of the key industrial markets in Asia Pacific. ASSAB says it is ...

  • Industry 4.0 training, Seat Martorell

    Seat launches 4.0 training programme


    Spain – The OEM says that personnel will interact with some of the tools and technology that will become common in production processes in the near future and are already being introduced, including virtual reality, collaborative robots, 3D printing and augmented reality. Of 2,000 employees registered for training, 1,200 have ...

  • Jim Hackett

    Ford hopes new top team can Hackett


    US – Replacing Mark Fields, who is retiring after 28 years with the company, Jim Hackett will become president and CEO, reporting to executive chairman Bill Ford. The OEM also named Jim Farley, Joe Hinrichs and Marcy Klevorn in new leadership roles under Hackett. Hackett held senior positions outside the ...

  • 3D printing of vehicle parts

    It's time to get personal


    The advent of 3D printing has set the industry’s imagination racing with regard to how far this innovative technology could actually push technological boundaries, particularly concerning personalisation. We all love choosing the colour scheme, upholstery, wheels and trims for our new cars, so how great would it be if your ...

  • Virtual Manufacturing

    Macro ergonomics


    By assessing hundreds of assembly tasks through virtual simulation, ergonomists at Ford have helped to drastically reduce worker-injury rates Industrial athletes, that’s how Ford affectionately regards its assembly line employees. The phrase is an acknowledgement of the physicality required to work on an automotive production line. However, the OEM also ...

  • Stratasys, Ford

    Ford trials large-scale 3D printing


    US – The OEM is exploring how substantial, one-piece components such as spoilers could be printed for the prototyping and future production of vehicles, with resultant decreases in weight and fuel consumption. Ford is using a Stratasys Infinite Build 3D printer at its research centre in Dearborn, Michigan. “With ...

  • pic-1_tier-1

    Position of power


    Flexible power distribution systems are energising automotive tier one suppliers’ growthGrowth in the automotive industry is benefiting from an extensive global network composed of thousands of tier one suppliers. While not only good for business, this growth functions as a catalyst for advancements in technology that eventually will be adopted ...

  • Article

    Layer upon layer


    Researchers at Ford Dearborn are keen to see additive manufacturing move on from its prototyping origins and into the mainstream volume production process In itself, there is nothing new about the automotive industry’s use of the set of techniques generally known as additive manufacturing or 3D printing, in which objects ...

  • stratasys-infinite-build-3d-demonstrator_backdetail

    Layer upon layer


    Researchers at Ford Dearborn are keen to see additive manufacturing move on from its prototyping origins and into the mainstream volume production process In itself, there is nothing new about the automotive industry’s use of the set of techniques generally known as additive manufacturing or 3D printing, in which objects ...

  • landrover_bar_manifold_am_part

    Infinite possibilities


    Mexico’s firm footing in the automotive industry makes it an ideal market for additive manufacturing technology Additive manufacturing, sometimes known as 3D printing, is a revolutionary technology able to produce complex shapes which cannot be produced by traditional techniques such as casting, forging and machining; expanding the possibilities of ...

  • Divergent 3D

    PSA and Divergent 3D to transform car structures


    France – The OEM has signed a Strategic Partnership Letter of Intent relating to multiple development projects in collaboration with the US-based 3D printing company. PSA plans to boost the efficiency of its operations by implementing Divergent 3D technology in its production processes. Divergent 3D has developed a software-hardware ...