Industry 4.0 training, Seat MartorellSpain – The OEM says that personnel will interact with some of the tools and technology that will become common in production processes in the near future and are already being introduced, including virtual reality, collaborative robots, 3D printing and augmented reality. Of 2,000 employees registered for training, 1,200 have so far participated.

At the Professional Automotive Training Centre (CFPA) in Martorell, workers are taught about previous production transformations before arriving at the ‘fourth industrial revolution’. The processes and technologies are described, together with their applications at Seat. The company says it is committed to turning Martorell into a benchmark smart factory and has already introduced ‘smartglasses’ and collaborative robots.

“We have worked to design a programme that is aligned with Seat’s training and development strategy, based on an innovative method used to explain the industrial transformation in a way that is easy, interactive and digital,” said Xavier Ros, the OEM’s vice-president of HR. “Seat has evolved to make progress towards this new model of industry and respond to the challenges it presents to the automotive sector.”

Seat currently employs over 14,500 people at its three plants in Spain (Martorell, Barcelona and El Prat de Llobregat). The OEM also has facilities in Portugal, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.