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    Where the Catena-X automotive cloud stands


    The vehicle cloud Catena-X intended to provide a more integrated network for automakers and suppliers. In reality, standalone solutions have prevailed so far and made the task of networking the entire auto industry even more strenuous.

  • AMS live team

    End of conference: evolution and revolution


    At the end of the event, it’s clear that automotive manufacturing will see both incremental and radical change, and that the industry will need to work together to adapt

  • Rene Deist, ZF

    Every production challenge has a cloud solution at ZF


    Chief digital officer René Deist tells the AMS Evolution Summit how the global tier one supplier is using the cloud to transform manufacturing and better leverage data analytics and artificial intelligence

  • Raman Mehta, Johnson Electric

    Better than the real thing: digital factory simulations


    Increasing production of battery enclosures at scale will be essential to launching EVs in line with targets. ABB’s Patrick Matthews and Zeiss’s Paulo Cruz discuss automation and quality control opportunities.

  • Jim Birley, Ford

    Factory futures: networked, data-driven, flexibly automated


    Manufacturing experts share their vision for current and future automotive production technology, including leaders from Ford, Cognex, Symbio Robotics and Jay Global Techno Alliance

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    Day 1 wrap up: now that was electrifying!


    After the first half of the AMS Evolution Summit, it is clear that digitalisation, electrification and sustainability are converging in automotive production

  • BMW virtual-collaboratio with UE (2)

    Digital twins: Making more of the data


    Developments in data management are making digital tools that will support closer cooperation between vehicle engineering and manufacturing operations

  • Christian Vollmer, VW 1

    A production transformation that will last 20 years at Volkswagen


    Christian Vollmer at Volkswagen discusses how virtual tools have helped production move during the pandemic, why cross-plant collaboration has accelerated and VW’s evolving manufacturing strategies to ramp up EV production.

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    Watch: Vehicle lightweighting rises to the top of the agenda for designers and engineers


    This livestream investigates how designers and engineers at Ford, Gestamp and key suppliers are using innovative materials and creating lightweight architectures, including for models like the Ford F-150 Lightning and Maverick compact truck.

  • Audi Employee VR

    The software-defined assembly line


    The manufacturing industry is on the cusp of a revolution, where investment is led by software rather than hardware. That in turn enables a raft of new possibilities in creating the factory of the future, according to experts from Audi, ABB and Cosmo Tech.

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    VR training for assembly operations


    Introducing a completely new model to the production line and ramping up to mass production is a challenge. The team at Honda’s East liberty Auto plant have deployed a VR training system to support the assembly line workers with impressive results

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    Skoda opens new centre to build test vehicles and prototypes


    Test vehicles and prototypes will now be built under one roof in the new manufacturing technical development department at Mladá Boleslav

  • SEAT-transforms-its-Prototype-Development-Centre-and-commits-to-3D-printing_04_HQ

    Tooling printed to order


    How have OEMs been integrating 3D printing into their development and production operations? We look at recent developments at Seat and Audi

  • Toyota TILT Lab Microsoft HoloLens hardware

    People get ready: recruitment and retention in a complex automotive industry


    With contributions from Volkswagen, Toyota, BMW and Audi, AMS looks at some of the strategies OEMs are using to attract and retain employees with the skills needed to work in modern digitalised workplaces – and to adapt to cutting-edge developments in hybrid, electric and autonomous vehicles …

  • Daimler VR

    Simulate to fabricate: vehicle plants keep VR and AR in their sights


    Carmakers are exploring how virtual reality and augmented reality can be used to improve manufacturing and inspection operations 

  • BMW engine assembly training

    Quick learners


    From training, quality and work station design, OEMs are seeing a host of applications that can benefit from virtual and augmented reality technology

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    Gathering clouds


    Cloud computing has been used for some time by carmakers, but its full potential has still to be realised in automation applications. 

  • SEAT-begins-its-electric-offensive-by-introducing-the-Mii-Electric-on-its-inaugural-SEAT-on-Tour_03_HQ

    Success for Seat


    Spain’s biggest exporter has turned its finances around and looks to have a bright future. Ian Henry reports

  • Mercedes-Benz Actros Worth plant

    Mercedes begins Actros production in Wörth


    Germany - The first new Actros has come off the production line at the Mercedes-Benz Wörth plant in southern Germany. It is the first facility in the OEM’s global network to start making the new model. 

  • Siemens digital machining

    At the leading edge


    Steed Webzell looks at edge computing and the hardware requirements for those looking to digitally monitor, measure or control their machining operations Certain terms surrounding digitisation have become pretty familiar over the past 5-10 years: Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 (I4.0), edge computing, big data, smart factory, artificial intelligence ...