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  • tesa Thermosetting adhesive tapes

    Thermosetting adhesive tapes


    tesa’s claims its reactive HAF thermosetting adhesive tapes have been designed for use in creating compact lightweight designs that reduce emissions and fuel consumption. The company says these tapes feature an adhesive layer that contains nitrile rubber and a phenolic resin, and when heated a chemical reaction is started that ...

  • Profil KSB earthing stud

    Self-piercing earth stud


    The new KSB earthing stud from Profil is self-piercing, removing the need for additional processes involved in either welding studs into place or having to drill holes and then bolt them on, claims the company. Also, with material thicknesses being reduced to save weight, the company says the use of ...

  • Ecoclean water-based part cleaning processes

    Water based cleaning systems


    For water-based part cleaning processes, Ecoclean says it offers an extensive range of both standard cleaning systems and customer-specific designs. The company’s EcoCflex 3 features the Scara manipulator, which it says has been developed specifically for use in cleaning equipment, replacing the conventional adapted six-axis articulated arm robot. Made with ...

  • Docol-Elbil-2018_Utkast

    How to make safe electric vehicles in a smart and cost effective way


    In a future with more electric vehicles, the advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) will have an important role to play. In this webinar Jonas Adolfsson, car body design expert at SSAB, talks about how advanced high strength steels can help make electric vehicles safer and lighter at an ...

  • Nissan Aguascalientes

    Nissan commits to steel


    Japan - The OEM has announced plans to make more cars with a new type of steel developed by Nissan and Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation. The first vehicle to use the steel was the Infiniti QX50 with the front and rear side members.According to the companies, the steel ...

  • Pre-production of the new Volvo S90 in the Daqing manufacturing plant

    A global future


    Now Chinese-owned Volvo enters its tenth decade looking stronger than ever. Ian Henry reportsFord had owned Swedish carmaker since 1999, but had never been able to integrate it into the rest of its operations. Nonetheless, when Geely bought Volvo it found a company full of new ideas and plans which ...

  • ThyssenKrupp Steel USA, LLC

    Foreign policy friction


    Tariffs on steel imports, NAFTA renegotiation and the return to sanctions on Iran have been at the centre of recent policy actions by the US president; the implications for the auto industry are potentially severe but how things will develop are far from clear.The decision to impose tariffs on steel ...

  • Magswitch T30 magnetic gripper

    Magnetic grippers for materials handling


    Magswitch has introduced its new T30 magnetic gripper, which the company says features larger airports for increased compatibility, robust connections and is claimed to be 20% stronger, 26% more compact and manufactured to precision tolerances (+/-0.02 mm). According to Magswitch the T 30 can replace suction cups ...

  • Volvo Cars XC60 production

    SPA in the DNA


    Rising global demand for Volvo vehicles and the arrival of models using the SPA platform is having a considerable impact on the company’s Torslanda plant. Michael Nash investigatesAs they typically employ thousands of people, mass-market vehicle production plants often have a significant influence on local and indeed national economies. But ...

  • Electric Vehicles 2018 cover copy

    Out now: Electric Vehicles 2018


    As governments and vehicle-makers turn away from combustion engines, the time for EVs is nowIn this era of stricter regulations, commitment to the environment and energetic competition, alternatively-powered vehicles are central to every OEMs production strategy. While the take up of electrified vehicles over the past two decades has endured ...

  • AutoDrive SA

    Arc-welding aluminium: challenges and solutions


    Lincoln Electric’s Tim Hurley and Michael Klee look at how the number of aluminium structures in BEVs can create new challenges to those unaccustomed to welding the metal AutoDrive SAWith the increasing number of electric vehicles that are being developed and introduced to the automotive market, vehicle architecture is changing ...

  • Battery holder, BatterihÂllare,

    Steel can make a difference


    New, innovative advanced high-strength steel grades are being developed to help the automotive industry create vehicle structures for the electric age One common contention in the rapid growth of the electric vehicle is the range they can be driven between recharges. Whereas one important question, of course, is how ...

  • arcelor

    Steel going strong


    ArcelorMittal provides an insight into how the trend of electrification will impact steel demand in vehicle designLast year marked the first on in which global sales of electrified vehicles exceeded one million units. Although the numbers are still a long way behind sales volumes of conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) ...

  • Daimler Factory 56

    Forging a future in Factory 56


    New car manufacturing facilities will need to be highly flexible as the trends of vehicle electrification and autonomous driving continue to evolve. Mercedes-Benz futuristic ‘Factory 56’ paves a new path. 

  • Generation EQ

    Smarter EV production


    As it launches ‘electric intelligence’ models, Mercedes-Benz is also adapting its factories for flexible productionAt first there was some confusion over what Mercedes-Benz meant when it announced that it was creating an ‘EQ’ division. Was it to be a line-up of cars which would directly challenge BMW’s i models, as ...

  • WMG 1

    Packing in the power


    As JLR ramps up its electrification efforts, Mike Farish visits a pilot production line for battery packs, developed together with WMG at the University of WarwickThe difference between round and square is not just a matter of abstract geometry; it has real implications for the construction of effective battery packs ...

  • Saint Gobain white paper

    Saint-Gobain white paper: Preventing corrosion in car hinges


    Automotive door hinges face constant corrosion risk due to the combination of weather conditions and risk factors in popular car painting techniquesBy reducing the risk for corrosion and red rust, car manufacturers can boost the quality perception of their vehicles and improve customer satisfaction, leading to increased brand loyalty.Learn how ...

  • SeatAnimated1

    How to make front seats 20% lighter with advanced high strength steels


    In this webinar you will discover how advanced high strength steels (AHSS) can be used to achieve significant weight reduction for vehicle front seats. Our newly ArcelorMittal S-in motion study shows that the weight of front seats can be cut by almost 20 percent while maintaining ...

  • James Bakewell

    Weighing up the options


    Disruptive technology was high on the agenda at JEC World, the composites industry’s flagship event held every March in Paris, France.A sizable proportion of the 42,445 people who attended the show flocked to see Dirk Ahlborn, Chief Executive Officer of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), lay out his vision for the ...

  • ABB spot welding technology at Scania plant in Oskarshamn

    Spotting an opportunity


    Steed Webzell talks to major players in joining, automation and materials technologies to get their take on the future of spot welding ABB spot welding technology at Scania's plant in OskarshamnAccording to a Technavio 2017 report, spot welding is the most popular type of robotic welding, generating more than 48% ...