Profil KSB earthing stud The new KSB earthing stud from Profil is self-piercing, removing the need for additional processes involved in either welding studs into place or having to drill holes and then bolt them on, claims the company. Also, with material thicknesses being reduced to save weight, the company says the use of a cleaner, mounting and installation method reduces the risk of deformation in the parent material.

This stud’s flanged construction is said to provide a seal against paint, material ingress or bleed through, and provide completely clean faces when mounting the earthing cables in the assembly process. These studs can be installed either manually, for short-run or prototyping purposes, or by bespoke, automated installation equipment supplied by Profil. The company notes that KSB earthing studs are available in two versions, and can be used in both steel and aluminium construction, with material thicknesses ranging from 0.7mm to 4mm.