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  • Skoda Octavia

    Skoda’s 20 years of Octavia production


    Czech Republic – The model first rolled off the line at a newly opened facility in the Mladá Boleslav plant in September 1996. The last vehicle from the first generation was made in November 2010, after 970,000 saloons and more than 470,000 estates had been delivered. More than 5m Octavias ...

  • Skoda

    Skoda modernises plants in downtime


    Czech Republic – The OEM is using a three-week break this month to service and optimise its production facilities at Mladá Boleslav, Kvasiny and Vrchlabí. Major projects include the installation of a new press line at Mladá Boleslav; preparations for the start of production of the Skoda Kodiaq at Kvasiny; ...

  • Skoda Kvasiny

    Skoda Kvasiny makes 100,000th Superb


    Czech Republic – The milestone, third-generation vehicle rolled off the assembly line slightly over one year after production began. Since 2001, more than 850,000 Superb models have been manufactured in total.The first generation Superb, based on a classic notchback saloon, was made from 2001 to 2008. The second generation was ...

  • Skoda

    Skoda and VW hail 25-year anniversary


    Czech Republic – The start of the partnership in April 1991 set Skoda on course for its transformation from a regional maker to an internationally recognised brand. Currently, the OEM is expanding its manufacturing operations in the Republic. “What began as a one-series producer with annual sales of 170,000 ...

  • Skoda China

    Skoda strengthens Chinese operations


    China – Volkswagen, SAIC Motor Corporation and Skoda Auto have signed a memorandum of understanding to expand the brand’s model range and invest in new automotive technologies. Subject to government approval, Skoda will acquire a stake in the joint venture SAIC Volkswagen. The development of Skoda’s model range in China ...

  • Skoda Octavia

    Skoda makes 1m third-gen Octavias


    Czech Republic – The milestone vehicle, an Octavia Scout, was produced at the OEM’s main factory at Mladá Boleslav. The third generation was introduced in 2013; since the original launch in 1996, Skoda has made a total of 5m Octavias. The third-generation Octavia range includes the hatchback and estate ...

  • DQ 200, Skoda Vrchlabí

    Skoda Vrchlabí makes 1m DQ 200 gearboxes


    Czech Republic – Production began in September 2012 and during this year the plant will reach a daily capacity of 2,000 units. The half-million mark was reached in October 2014.“In preparing for DQ 200 production, Skoda and the Volkswagen Group invested a total of €245m [$270.1m] into reconstructing the production ...

  • Skoda Kvasiny

    Skoda turns out 18 millionth car


    Czech Republic – The milestone vehicle, a Superb Estate, rolled off the line at the Kvasiny plant – just over 100 years since the OEM began production. Skoda’s output has been on the increase, and in 2014 it produced 1m units in a single year for the first time. ...

  • Article

    Movassaghi is now director of Skoda UK


    UK – Alasdair Stewart is relinquishing the directorship to take up a senior role with Volkswagen Group UK; his replacement, Duncan Movassaghi, moves from his current position as head of Service and Parts Operations at Volkswagen Passenger Cars. Movassaghi joined the VW Group in 2010, after occupying senior management ...

  • Article

    Skoda’s 7m gearboxes, Mladá Boleslav


    Czech Republic – The total produced so far includes 6m MQ 200 units and 1m of the MQ 100 variety. The two transmissions are used in Skoda and other Volkswagen Group vehicles. “Producing 7m manual transmissions proves the competitiveness of our component manufacturing in Mladá Boleslav,” commented Michael Oeljeklaus, ...

  • Article

    Skoda Mladá Boleslav celebrates 12m milestone


    Czech Republic – The cumulative production total at the OEM’s main plant, which has been operating since 1905, was reached this month. Mladá Boleslav is currently undergoing a modernisation and expansion programme which will see its capacity increase still further. The factory currently makes six Skoda models: the Octavia, ...

  • Skoda 1905 Voiturette Type A

    Skoda celebrates 120 years of production


    Czech Republic – The company has grown from its origins as a small-scale bicycle manufacturer in the 19 th century to become a vehicle-maker which is active in more than 100 markets worldwide. In 1895, Václav Laurin and Václav Klement started designing and manufacturing bicycles under the name ...

  • Skoda Mladá Boleslav

    New press shop: Skoda Mladá Boleslav


    Czech Republic – The OEM has begun construction on the M4 hall and next spring will install a servo press line to produce aluminium body panels – introducing a new capability to the site. The €86m ($93.6m) facility will come online in February 2016.Costing €19.5m, the new hall will be ...

  • Bernhard Maier

    Maier is Skoda’s new CEO


    Czech Republic – Previously sales and marketing director at Porsche, Bernhard Maier takes over the leadership of Skoda from Winfried Vahland, who leaves the Volkswagen Group at his own request. Maier held several managerial positions at BMW in Germany and abroad before leading the business operations of Porsche Deutschland ...

  • Skoda Yeti, Kvasiny

    Skoda Kvasiny turns out 500,000th Yeti


    Czech Republic – The milestone vehicle, a Yeti Monte Carlo, rolled off the line six years after the model was launched as Skoda’s first SUV. The Yeti was redesigned in 2013 to create versions for urban and country driving, both available in front- and all-wheel drive. The sporty Monte Carlo ...

  • Superb 2015, Skoda Kvasiny

    Skoda plants restart after shutdown


    Czech Republic – Mladá Boleslav, Kvasiny and Vrchlabí are again running at full capacity after a two- to three-week break for optimisation and expansion. Amid a range of adaptations, the main focus was the planned production conversion at Kvasiny.In order to accommodate a production increase at Kvasiny to 280,000 units ...

  • Sko-Energo

    Skoda halves production energy per car


    Czech Republic – Over the 20 years the OEM has been working with its energy provider, Sko-Energo, production has seen a drop of more than 50% in energy use and a “significant” reduction in water consumption (including 15% in 2014).“Using energy efficiently gives companies a real competitive edge,” said Michael ...

  • Skoda  Superb

    Skoda makes 750,000th Superb


    Czech Republic – The milestone vehicle rolled off the production line at Kvasiny, just a few months before the market launch of the third generation of the model. The Skoda Superb has been the brand’s flagship car since 2001.Winfried Vahland, Skoda’s CEO, claimed the Superb has been “synonymous with the ...

  • Skoda Kvsiny

    Skoda expands further at Kvasiny


    Czech Republic – The plant and surrounding public infrastructure are to be modernised and expanded over the next three years, after the OEM signed a memorandum of cooperation with the government and the Hradec Králové authorities.Skoda will invest 7.2 billion CZK ($298m) in the Kvasiny site by 2018, boosting capacity ...

  • Skoda

    Skoda produces 17 millionth vehicle


    Czech Republic – The milestone car, a Skoda Rapid Spaceback, came off the production line at the company’s headquarters in Mladá Boleslav. Production of the 17 millionth vehicle highlights the success of the carmaker’s growth strategy; in 2014, Skoda manufactured and sold more than 1m cars for the first time ...