Czech Republic - The OEM has used the summer shutdown period to carry out several updates and maintenance works at three of its plants. It has also taken steps to improve infrastructure in order to relieve congestion around one of the sites.

Specifically, the company fitted a new painting line and installed new robots in the body shop at its Kvasiny plant, which is located in the north-eastern part of the country. It also built additional lanes on the roundabout outside the plant and opened a cycle path.

At its plant in Vrchlabí, situated in the north, Skoda carried out maintenance work on the production equipment that is used to make the DQ200 automatic gearboxes. Finally, at its Mladá Boleslav plant, which is close to Vrchlabí, the OEM focused on optimising production and service technologies while also repairing transport routes on the site.

Skoda has made several recent large investments in its facilities. A new production line, for example, went into operation at the Kvasiny plant during the start of 2018, and the company also built a competence centre at the site.