Ammeraal Beltech says its uni AMB belt has a permissible tensile strength of 180.000N/m

uni AMB

Ammeraal Beltech uni AMB belt

The company claims this is designed to meet the high-strength requirements of heavyweight product conveying and notes it’s suited to applications in the automotive industry, particularly in managing the higher conveyor loads required for the production of electric vehicles.

Its high strength enables higher loads and longer conveyor lengths, says the company and accessories include moulded car pushers, wear plate inserts and electrically conductive-EC-inserts. It’s noted that the belt’s patented insert technology adds an extra feature to its surface, protecting workers and en-route electronic components, to meet the electrostatic discharge (ESD) standards of the automotive industry.

This belt is available in a choice of standard materials such as regular POM-NL and flame-retardant POX-FR and the company claims that retrofitting is possible.