ATI Industrial Automation says its AOV-10 axially-compliant orbital sander features adjustable compliance force to accommodate a wide variety of applications

Axially-compliant orbital sander is specifically designed for robotic surface preparation and finishing

AOV-10 axially-compliant orbital sander

The company notes that this sander is specifically designed for robotic surface preparation and finishing, and utilises a double-acting motion that offsets the weight of the tool to produce the desired finish. ATI says that the unit can be mounted directly to a robot or to a fixture, in any orientation, and is designed to suit a range of robot sizes and types, from cobots to industrial models.

It’s also claimed that this orbital sander can provide a direct replacement for manual surface preparation and finishing techniques, and that it is optimised for use with 3M abrasives and includes a media kit of sanding discs and backup pads.