The AOV-10 Axially-Compliant Random Orbital Sander from ATI Industrial Automation is the ideal robotic solution for surface preparation and finishing.

The compact and lightweight design suits a variety of robot sizes and types, including collaborative robots. The AOV-10 also features built-in compliance which overcomes process variation due to part misalignment, part geometry inconsistency, or robot path deviations. This streamlines the programming process and improves overall process quality of sanding and finishing operations.

The AOV-10 Robotic Sander is optimized for use with 5” or 6” abrasive pads and comes with a 3M Abrasives Starter Pack. Streamline your robotic sanding implementation with two trusted automation industry experts. 3M and ATI have teamed up to deliver a new automated sanding solution — a complete kit including a compliant orbital sander and professionally selected 3M sanding abrasives. For more information about ATI’s Robotic Orbital Sander visit

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