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    Behaviour study


    Big data technology has enabled Gestamp to tackle energy consumption at several of its plants and, crucially, closely observe just how equipment behaves in operationBack in 2014, Gestamp resolved to address a noted upturn in its energy consumption. The Spain-based company specialises in designing, developing, and manufacturing metallic assemblies and ...

  • Inspectionline

    Real-time reliability


    Mike Farish looks at how the Industry 4.0 concept has become a reality at a leading US transmission manufacturerThe concept of Industry 4.0 (I4.0) does not necessarily lend itself to a precise definition. Indeed the fact that more or less the same set of ideas is also known variously as ...

  • Mirai, Toyota Motomachi

    Travel blog: Getting hands on in Japan


    Are traffic lights in public toilets strictly necessary? I would suggest they are a little redundant when the possession of at least one functioning eye can alert you to an available cubicle just as easily. Japan, however, is a nation so fussy about functionality that it takes automation to extremes, ...

  • PHS

    ArcelorMittal webinar: Efficient Lightweighting with new press hardnable steels


    ArcelorMittal – A new generation of high-strength, press hardenable steel (PHS) grades are coming to the automotive market. As well bringing significant weight savings in vehicle structures, particularly on crash applications, the new PHS grades enable OEMs to create parts with more complex geometries. In this webinar, we explore ...

  • Mladá Boleslav

    Skoda presses ahead


    Not content with installing the first PXL technology in the VW Group, Skoda has now opened a second servo-mechanical line which is capable of producing large aluminum components. AMS went to see it in actionMladá – or “Young” – Boleslav seems an ironic name for a city where even the ...

  • DESTACO Digital-Solutions_Accelerate-VR

    VR digital design solutions tool


    Destaco says its Accelerate Vision Virtual Reality (VR) digital design solutions tool has been designed to work in the production of its Accelerate Collection end effector components, which can be assembled into custom solutions for most pressroom stamping applications.By using this digital design tool at the beginning of the design ...

  • Schuler

    Schuler presses head for North America


    US/Mexico – The company will deliver 15 machines featuring automation and pressing forces ranging from 400 to 2,000 tons to a US automotive supplier with factories on both sides of the border. The deal includes transfer, ProgDie and stamping presses.“This is an important order for our team in Weingarten and ...

  • DTP_SKV_0706

    Open-door opportunity


    Much R&D work has been done to reduce the weight of vehicle structures, but closures still represent a significant opportunity for weight savingsClosures are mounted after body assembly and can be built up off-line, meaning that they can be made of entirely different materials, such as aluminium, to the vehicle’s ...

  • Kia Anantapur

    Kia announces first Indian factory


    India – The OEM has signed a memorandum of understanding with the state government of Andhra Pradesh to build a new plant in Anantapur District, with construction beginning in Q4, 2017 and production in H2, 2019. The $1.1 billion factory will have the capacity to make up to 300,000 vehicles ...

  • Renault Nissan Chennai

    Persistence paying off


    Confidence is rising among carmakers that India’s famously tricky automotive market is worth sticking withThe list of OEMs that have tried and failed to make an impact with India’s value-conscious consumers is long, but 2017 marks the start of a comeback for two of the most famous of those: Volkswagen ...

  • Gestamp Hot Stamping

    Gestamp opens seventh plant in Brazil


    Brazil – The Spanish company has invested €24.9m to set up a new hot stamping plant in Betim (Minas Gerais, Brazil), that will serve Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA), supplying parts for the Fiat Palio and Siena models. The new plant, which will also be equipped with laser cutting and assembly ...

  • ArcelorMittal S-in motion midsize sedan

    Jet set

    2017-04-04T16:02:00Z By ArcelorMittal

    A breakthrough technology for advanced high strength steel coating, the JVD process is demonstrating higher performance with lower environmental impact The recent launch of ArcelorMittal’s JVD line at its facility near Liege, Belgium, represents the culmination of years of scientific investigation by its research and development teams.The only one ...

  • Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 12.14.33

    A world of possibilities


    Advanced high-strength steel offers advantages for cost and sustainability in automotive manufacturing Looking into the future of automotive manufacturing, some challenges are clear. Vehicle weight, environmental impact and the number of injuries due to accidents must all be reduced, yet costs cannot be allowed to rise. Advanced high-strength steel ...

  • HPM Karawang

    Honda celebrates 1m units at Karawang


    Indonesia – Production began at the site in February 2003 with the Honda Stream. The original 512,500 sq.m factory had a capacity of 80,000 units; total volume was raised to 200,000 in January 2014 by the launch of a second plant covering 145,760 sq.m. Honda reports that its sales in ...

  • ArcelorMittal S-in motion midsize sedan

    New press hardenable steels for automotive


    ArcelorMittal claims the properties of its two new press hardenable steels – Usibor 2000 and Ductibor 1000 – complement each other, and when the two steels are combined into a single laser welded blank, offer several advantages including weight savings, improved crash behaviour and cost savings through material and manufacturing ...

  • Gestamp Pune

    Gestamp’s new hot-stamping plant, Pune


    India – The dedicated facility, which cost €36m ($38.5m), is the supplier’s first of this type in the country and will serve Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), Ford and Tata. The plant has started to manufacture previous series and will enter full production in May this year.“The installation of a technology ...

  • SAI_OLP40

    Touch and go


    The diversity of parts produced by automotive tier suppliers sees them use both contact and non-contact measurement techniquesCompanies involved in contact and non-contact measurement operations have to make a fundamental decision about the type of coordinate technology they will utilise – either a contact technique involving a touch probe or ...

  • Article

    Uma questão premente


    Com as novas oportunidades que se abrem, o setor de prensagem e estampagem independente continua a evoluir.Tomadores de decisão focados em tecnologias exigentes impulsionadas por regulação - especialmente quanto às emissões, conectividade, carros autônomos e elétricos - limitações em termos de recursos e capacidades significa que novas oportunidades estão se ...

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    大部分原始设备制造商多年来都是在厂内冲压车间生产汽车车体,但是现在出现新的契机,独立冲压部门正在悄然出现随着汽车制造商不断关注新技术、并不断追求规则引导的技术 — 尤其是排放量、连通性、自主性和电动车 — 在资源和能力方面的局限性,为Gestamp, Magna这样的公司提供了新的契机。汽车公司自己生产几乎所有Class-A表面外盒;有一些例外(比如Porsche Macan),但巨大多数可视车体都是在厂内冲压车间冲压而成,不论是钢材还是铝材。大部分工作实在相关汽车装配厂完成,但有些情况就涉及到复杂的冲压件内部供应链:比如,GM在欧洲各工厂之间运输冲压件 — 有些零部件是在英国制造的,运输到波兰,而有些是在波兰冲压制造,最后送到德国。GM甚至从Kaiserslautern(联邦德国)的组件厂派送冲压件到外饰座椅结构制造商或座椅装配厂,而自己的汽车厂充当一级、二级或三级供应商。规则之外虽然这个行业大多数独立公司生产不可见车体下部分、结构冲压件和装配,但是也有例外;其中一个就是美国公司Tower Automotive,公司在欧洲也有工厂,比如在比利时为Volvo供应,在德国东部也有工厂。公司在茨维考(德国东部城市)的工厂制造车体冲压件和外壳板材,尤其是为VW集团供应。特别的是,工厂为Porsche Macan提供80%的外板;工厂还制造Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7和Volkswagen Touareg汽车的下部装配。促成这种结果的因素是Tower公司在茨维考的工厂过去曾制造声名狼藉的Trabant汽车。公司在2015年投资Ä11m(约合1,170万美元),实现冲压车间现代化,安装了AP&T的热冲压线。最近几年里,外部冲压件市场发生了很大变化,主要是通过公司合并,计划收购和淘汰并存。与此同步的是,热冲压成为主要工艺,使供应基地有机会改变投资,保证长期发展,而大多数汽车公司选择外包一些货全部流程。VW公司和Fiat公司都是安装自主热冲压线的公司,但是双方,尤其是VW公司使用外面的供应商,比如Gestamp和Tower公司,因为对使用该技术生产的零部件的需求迅速增长。因此,正如其他汽车领域一样,外部冲压部门正逐渐被大型国际公司所引导,最著名的是Magan, Gestamp和Kirchhoff公司;钢铁公司VoestAlpine建立了车体结构工厂,遍及全球,但是最近主要投资北美;这种综合方式很少被钢铁公司采用。ThyssenKrupp过去在结构冲压领域影响很深,但是不久前已经退出这个行业。从西班牙的小城镇到国际舞台Gestamp公司能从西班牙小公司转变成为全球领军公司,主要得益于最近刚刚兴起的热冲压技术,该技术已经成为核心工艺了。公司是第一批投资该技术的公司,最著名的是德国的Griwe工厂,而且在领域内的收购也很显著,首先是与瑞典SSAB Hardtech合并,之后是法国的Sofedit公司(是从ThyssenKrupp手中收购的)。公司还从ThyssenKrupp手中购得英国Tallent公司。 Gestamp has grown through both the acquisition of other companies and investment in new technologies, notably hot stampingGestamp公司还投资北美、西班牙的热冲压工厂,最近还在英国投资 — 在英国进行脱欧投票之前宣布,要在英国投资7,000万英镑(约合8,860万美元),确定后脱欧未来前景。新的投资是在伯明翰附近Cannock特意建造的工厂,将使用传统的热冲压系统和新的热冲压技术,使用一个传输伺服冲压线。公司还投资英国东北部Newton Aycliffe的Tallent工厂,在那里安装了两个新的冲压机,据说可以保证工厂未来30年的发展。冲压机是从西班牙供应商处购得,供应商离Gestamp西班牙总厂很近;这些冲压机已经老化淘汰,运送到英国用于再装配。他们不仅向英国的JLR,Nissan和Honda供应零部件,而且还想欧洲的Volov和Ford公司供应。Gestamp公司在2011年从ThyussenKrupp手中收购法国的Sofedit公司,此后投资3,300万英镑安装新的热冲压生产线,升级原有的生产线,增加激光切割设备,用于加工热冲压零部件。Gestamp公司不仅收购西班牙以外的公司,还收购国内的公司。2016年7月,公司收购西班牙同行冲压公司Estampaciones Sabadell公司60%的股份(2011年收购40%的股份)。Sabadell公司的一个亮点就是合约长期性 — 比如2014年,公司的一份合同里,为Mecedes Viano/Vito MPV/Van Programme提供构架,直到2027年。Gestamp目前一年的营业额为70亿Ä,来自全球100多个生产厂。公司报告称,2017年计划公开发行股票,这是在2016年日本Mistsui公司收购12.5%的股份之后提出的想法。Magna拓展冲压业务加拿大Magna公司也通过收购壮大;Cosma分公司获得冲压厂。最近还收购了英国的Stadco公司,后者也有收购历史,2011年收购英国的日本供应商Ogihara,并在Mayflower公司推出汽车业之后收购了该公司剩余股份。英国公司(长期以来为JLR, GM和Ford Saarlouis供应)现在已经并入Magna旗下Cosma分公司。Magna在英国Telford建设新工厂,从2018年开始为JLR供应结构铸件。Magna公司还进行大规模投资,建设自己的工厂,比如墨西哥Morelo建设工厂,这是Magna在该国的第31个工厂,于2015年开始营业。工厂位于墨西哥城以南100公里,为Nissan生产结构性焊接装备。此外,公司在中国重庆开设工厂,为Ford和VW公司供应。公司在中国的上海、长春和长沙也有冲压厂,在中国很有影响力。日本公司在欧洲和北美活跃日本的汽车公司已经将国内的供应商带到欧洲和北美的各个部门,包括冲压领域;但英国的Ogihara的业务却并没能持续,Unipres的情况有些不同 — 应该是更加乐观。Unipres在英国工厂的年营业额超过1,8亿英镑(大部分来自Nissan和Honda)。Unipres公司在近几年投资热冲压和传统冲压;2015年公司宣布增加两部冲压机(一台2,500吨压力Tri-Axis转移式冲压机,一台600吨冲压机,工厂冲压机总数量达到18台),主要视为西班牙的Renault供应,人们认为应该是Kadjar汽车,因为该车组件与Qashiqai基本一致,两款汽车平台相同。尽管公司位于英国北部,但是Unipres在西班牙中部的供应力也很具竞争力。此外,Unipres在中国与Dongfeng公司合作建立合资公司,铺设冲压生产线。公司在墨西哥投资6.7亿比索(约合3,300万美元),建立新厂,为Nissan在阿瓜斯卡连特斯工厂提供各种冲压装备,包括散热器悬挂梁架、中心后座构架和顶棚加固。跨国边境进入美国,Unipres公司投资了两个工厂;一个在田纳西Portland,和英国工厂一样,这里也安装了2,500吨转换式冲压机和一台600吨冲压机 — 这些冲压机用于制造Nissan ...

  • voest-4

    A pressing issue


    With new opportunities opening up, the independent pressings and stampings sector continues to evolveWith car-makers focusing on new, demanding and regulation-driven technologies – especially in emissions, connectivity, autonomous and electric cars – limitations in terms of their resources and capabilities mean that further opportunities are opening up for the likes ...