Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 17.08.43For this, our second issue of the ATS supplement, we have spoken once again to key players in this crucial sector of the market, revealing their insight on the current state of automotive manufacturing.

With the wider industry preparing itself for a connected, autonomous, electrified and lightweight future, it’s fascinating to see how suppliers are responding in their planning, process and production.

The stage to engage Tier one suppliers currently face a bewildering mix of challenges with the pace of change and the scale of adjustment required now are arguably both far quicker and wider ranging than in the past. Ian Henry reports

Motor reflex Brose’s Bernd Kaufer tells Gareth Price how engineering instincts helps him to run the company’s Würzburg plant

Bright work Coatings specialist Hauzer has developed a viable physical vapour deposition process for automotive parts. Nick Holt reports

Parts of the process Tenneco CTO Ben Patel talks to Gareth Price about the company’s approach to perfecting process, sharing best practice and mastering materials.

Fibre space The recycling of carbon fibres presents a real challenge for the industry but with interest being shown by the makers of electric vehicles and sportscars, opportunities are emerging. James Bakewell reports.

Smart rotation SKF looks to digitalise its business model and manufacturing operations. Nick Holt speaks to Luc Graux, SKF's director for manufacturing and process development to find more about the impact of IoT

New stamping ground Gestamp chairman and CEO Francisco Riberas speaks Nick Gibbs about the growth in outsourcing of press shop operations

European ramp up Yanfeng is busily growing its operation within Europe as two new facilities come on stream. Mike Farish pays a visit

Seating plan Detlef Juerss speaks to Gareth Price about how Adient seeks supply chain excellence through a mix of the standardised and the complex

In addition, our From the Industry section includes contributions from: SSAB, ABB, GOM, Dürr, Coherent Rofin, Zeiss, Inos Automation, AWL, Tornos, Omni-ID