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    El lento retorno al crecimiento


    Las marcas automotrices en Sudamérica experimentan signos de recuperación impulsados por el crecimiento de las exportaciones, según informa Nick GibbsBrasil es de lejos el mayor mercado en Sudamérica y hace una década el país estuvo recibiendo inversiones de todo el mundo gracias al crecimiento que había llevado las ventas de ...

  • Ian Henry

    PSA and Nissan exploring new ground


    An interesting news report caught my eye recently; the article suggested that PSA – whose Chinese plants are operating well below capacity – will lease one of its factories in China to Nissan later this summer. The report suggested that the factory and its workforce will move to Nissan in ...

  • Ellesmere Port

    Gaining PACE!


    Groupe PSA’s acquisition of GM’s loss-making European operations raised a few eyebrows. Ian Henry looks at the plan to turn around the Opel/Vauxhall brandsAfter several months of due diligence, the deal was completed on August 1, 2017. Come early November, a new strategy, PACE!, was announced. Having been making a ...

  • Drive-E 4 cylinder Diesel Engine - D3/D2 Front

    Diesel – is the final curtain about to fall?


    Car companies across Europe are facing a serious problem with their diesel line-ups; whether it is the loss of consumer confidence following the VW crisis, or a rising environmental awareness among consumers, coupled with evident official policy moving against diesel, barely a week goes by without reports of declining diesel ...

  • Land Rover discovery Solihull

    JLR opts for EU over UK


    Uncertainties surrounding Brexit are causing some OEMs to move car production from the UK to Europe. Michael Nash investigatesIn November 2016, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) said that it would make its all-new Discovery in the UK and Slovakia in order to meet soaring demand in the segment. But news that ...

  • Electric Vehicles 2018 cover copy

    Out now: Electric Vehicles 2018


    As governments and vehicle-makers turn away from combustion engines, the time for EVs is nowIn this era of stricter regulations, commitment to the environment and energetic competition, alternatively-powered vehicles are central to every OEMs production strategy. While the take up of electrified vehicles over the past two decades has endured ...

  • WMG 1

    Packing in the power


    As JLR ramps up its electrification efforts, Mike Farish visits a pilot production line for battery packs, developed together with WMG at the University of WarwickThe difference between round and square is not just a matter of abstract geometry; it has real implications for the construction of effective battery packs ...

  • Mercedes-Benz EQC

    Planos de produção elevados


    A AMS oferece um resumo dos mais recentes planos para eletrificação delineados por vários OEMs em todo o mundoPraticamente todos os dias, temos notícias de uma montadora anunciando o lançamento de um novo veículo elétrico ou fazendo projeções de crescimento nos segmentos de veículo elétrico a bateria (VEB), híbrido ou ...

  • Mercedes-Benz EQC

    Los ambiciosos planes de producción de vehículos eléctricos


    AMS ofrece un resumen de los últimos planes de vehículos eléctricos que han presentado marcas automotrices de todo el mundo Prácticamente cada día tenemos noticias nuevas sobre el lanzamiento de un nuevo vehículo electrificado o sobre las proyecciones de crecimiento en los segmentos de vehículos de baterías eléctricas (VBE), híbridos ...

  • Mercedes-Benz EQC

    Lofty production plans


    AMS provides a summary of the latest electrification plans outlined by numerous OEMs across the world Barely a day goes by without a carmaker announcing the launch of a new electrified vehicle, or outlining projections for growth in the battery electric vehicle (BEV), hybrid or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) ...

  • Ian Henry

    Of Geneva, Brexit and yet more diesel scandal …


    It’s March, so it’s time for the annual trip to the Geneva motor show. These days I just do a day trip which means a long day, first plane out and last plane back. This year I had a 2-hour delay at Heathrow on the way out, an hour’s delay ...

  • plastics welding

    Reflexão conjunta


    A soldagem de plásticos e outros materiais não metálicos é agora uma técnica de fabricação bem estabelecida para componentes automotivosA soldagem de materiais não metálicos é frequentemente usada para criar peças como consoles de cabine, conjuntos de luzes e espelhos, coletores de admissão e reservatórios de fluidos, incluindo tanques de ...

  • 5-Laser cutting provides the highest level of precision for the shape and features of bumper beams. (Constellium White, GA)

    Aluminium allegiance


    Industry analysts are predicting a growth phase for aluminium content in the vehicle material mix. AMS reports on the new grades and applications that underpin this claim

  • plastics welding

    Uniendo plásticos


    La soldadura de plásticos y otros materiales no metálicos ya es un método establecido para componentes automotricesLa soldadura de materiales no metálicos se utiliza con frecuencia para crear piezas como por ejemplo consolas de cabina, luces y ensamblados de espejos, colectores de entrada y depósitos de líquidos, incluido el tanque ...

  • plastics welding

    Joined-up thinking


    The welding of plastics and other non-metallic materials is now well established as a fabrication technique for automotive componentsThe welding of non-metallic materials is frequently used to create parts such as cabin consoles, lights and mirror assemblies, intake manifolds and fluid reservoirs, including fuel tanks. However, despite being a common ...

  • APAC profil 3

    Down to earth


    Validation tests of Profil’s grounding nut and stud assembly by major OEMs have shown improved and more consistent conductivity compared with classic welding solutionsOne of the clearest advantages of grounding studs is they are self-piercing. This means that each stud makes a neat hole through the sheet metal component. This ...

  • Ian Henry

    A winning formula?


    Like all new strategic plans announced by vehicle companies from time to time, the new Opel PACE! plan leaves many questions unanswered. It’s not clear yet what will happen to the enlarged manufacturing network which PSA-Opel/Vauxhall now has; by common consent, the group has too many plants, but CEO Carlos ...

  • Nick Holt

    Editor's note: High anxiety


    We live in anxious times, if the headlines are to be believed. In the UK, Brexit has seemed to be less of a concern to the consuming public than it does to a nervous business community. But worries regarding what the future holds for the millions of diesel and petrol ...

  • Francisco J Riberas

    New stamping ground


    Gestamp chairman and CEO Francisco Riberas tells AMS about the growth in outsourcing of press shop operationsSpanish metal parts supplier Gestamp has grown to the point it is now the go-to company for European makers wanting to outsource body-in-white and chassis parts, particularly stronger hot-stamped steel parts.It has leveraged this ...

  • SR_2013_12_09_CK_AUDI

    Composição química


    A maior utilização de materiais mistos na construção de veículos exigiu mudanças no processo de pré-tratamentoO tratamento inicial que uma carroceria de metal nua recebe é fundamental para alcançar os principais parâmetros de desempenho de todas as operações subsequentes de revestimento e pintura, obviamente, proteção contra corrosão e adesão da ...