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  • Simufact LightHinge+Monitor_rot

    Success hinges on AM


    Simufact’s Michael Wohlmuth and Michael Tran describe LightHinge+, a co-engineering project that used the extended possibilities of additive production to develop a lightweight solution with fewer components and simpler assembly One of the main advantages of additive manufacturing (AM) is the near-unlimited freedom in design due to die-less ...

  • Renault Valladolid AMS janfeb2017

    Spain’s rising star


    Renault’s Valladolid plant is piloting some of the latest digital manufacturing technologies The Spanish plant has become a star in Renault’s production network for making one of the brand’s most successful new-segment launches: the Captur small SUV. Since start of production in 2013, the car has passed the ‘1m built’ ...

  • gom-conf-2017_pres-clemson-abu-farha

    New aspects


    GOM’s 3D Metrology Conference continued the tradition of showcasing the latest in industrial 3D metrology, inspection and testing to automotive manufacturing professionals from around the world With more than 750 visitors from more than 50 countries, the GOM Conference proved again to be an established forum for experts in metrology, ...

  • Henkel duaLCys

    Cleaning and machining


    The Bonderite duaLCys process has been used in a precision tool, machining project at German customer Mapal, claims Henkel. The company says the process can be tailored to the customer’s needs across their value chain from casting and machining to assembly. One of the stated benefits is the recycling of ...

  • no title (00098203)

    The stage to engage


    The continually restructuring tier supply environment is witnessing record M&A activity amid rapid technological change Tier one suppliers currently face a bewildering mix of challenges, some long-term and some short-term in impact. This has always been the case, but the pace of change and the scale of adjustment required now ...

  • Indiana Harbor, ArcelorMittal

    Steel town


    ArcelorMittal’s Indiana Harbor steel mill has needed to change with the times. AMS paid a visit ArcelorMittal employs over 4,200 people at its Indiana Harbor facility, which has been the site of steel making for over 100 years. According to Wendell Carter, long-serving steel man, vice-president and general manager: ...

  • Hond Anna

    Honda Anna reaches 25m engines


    US – The milestone unit, built on Line 4, was a 1.5-litre turbo for a 2018 Accord made at Marysville Auto Plant, also in Ohio. Honda’s largest engine factory worldwide has reached this cumulative total after 32 years of operation. Anna Engine Plant recently received investment of $47m to introduce ...

  • Wind energy, GM

    GM goes green in Ohio and Indiana


    US – The OEM announced that its manufacturing facilities in the two states will by powered by 100% renewable energy, through the purchase of 200MW from wind farms. When the turbines come online at the end of 2018, renewable energy will account for 20% of GM’s global electricity consumption. The ...

  • Kosai 3

    Autonomy drive


    Suzuki has stayed independent of big joint ventures despite becoming increasingly dependent on markets outside Japan In an industry where mergers and collaborations between major players are increasingly common, Suzuki remains something of an outlier. It has largely eschewed wide-ranging, large-scale alliances with other vehicle companies, especially since its joint ...

  • Q60, Nissan Tochigi

    Nissan Tochigi's human touch


    Automotive manufacturing is known for its robotics, but Nissan’s ‘master craftsmen’ show that there is still a place for human skill. AMS went to see them at work on the GTR and Infiniti models made at Tochigi, Japan Most countries value luxury products, but few cherish the beauty of ...

  • DTP_SKV_0706

    Open-door opportunity


    Much R&D work has been done to reduce the weight of vehicle structures, but closures still represent a significant opportunity for weight savingsClosures are mounted after body assembly and can be built up off-line, meaning that they can be made of entirely different materials, such as aluminium, to the vehicle’s ...

  • 2015 Ford F-150 frame and body

    Growth and innovation


    Reduced costs, recyclability and new joining technologies are driving the use of aluminium in automotive structures Ford's switch from steel to aluminium for the body of its F-Series trucks was called its ‘billion-dollar gamble’. But the carmaker felt that the opportunity to shed some 300kg of weight from the vehicle ...

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    Desbancando ineficiências


    Inovações de ferramentas combinadas com parcerias de fornecedores estão se provando importantes para o ganho competitivo em oficinas de máquinas automotivas em todo o mundo A fábrica de motores da Ford Bridgend, no Reino Unido, que produz mais de 750.000 motores a gasolina por ano, se envolveu em uma parceria ...

  • BOSCH; Common Rail; Bamberg

    Around the block


    The mix of in-house and external sourcing that OEMs regularly deploy in vehicle engine production make its supply chain quite distinct from that of all other components along the assembly line Engines, whether diesel or petrol, have a supply chain that is quite distinct from that which provides components to ...

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    与供应商合作相适应的工具革新对汽全球车机械工厂提高竞争力极为重要。 福特英国布里真德(Bridgend)发动机工厂一年生产750,000多台柴油发动机。工厂与Mapal进行切削工具合作,帮助工厂实现SPC目标,以及发动机关键组件的精确度。为了这个目标,Mapal工厂已经永久聘请工程师Wayne Keepins。Keepins说,“我们努力帮助Ford实现改进生产力,降低年成本10-15%的目标。” 像很多现代发动机一样,福特公司动力系统采用了轻质铝材缸体,内壁压上烧结贴衬垫,支持移动磨损部件,而Mapal产品很大部分都用于发动机缸体铣削和钻孔作业。该工具公司称,为了解决这个难题,公司专门开发了多步钻孔方案。 组合工具提高生产力 Keepin是说,“为了提高效率、生产力、工具寿命并降低成本,我们不得不走出之前更换钻孔工具的方法,我们必须设计全新的理念。比如,为1.5升和1.6升发动机生产线加工阀座。之前的工序以来3个不同的可转位替换刀片,完成4个程序。这中操作包括加工混合进气口、进气门座半加工、气门导管领航,阀座完成,以及引导。我们开发了一种新的组合工具,能够把3个工具降低到2个,降低了成本、启动时间,而且提高了生产力。” Mapal说,取消单程库存材料,就不需要单独的气口混合和阀座工具。新的组合工具降低了循环时间。从64秒降低到34秒,而且切削工具固定时间减少了30%,每年能够减少800次工具更换次数。 公司还开发了其他工具,解决发动机内在缸体加工问题。在JLR V8发动机生产线上,工具后侧受到木屑颗粒污染的时候,连杆大端孔流程就可以阻止钻具导料块上的木屑。为了解决这个问题,Mapal开发了一个双工具流程,替代之前3工具设备。把粗镗工具拿走,并从板材一侧加工整孔,双工具加工降低了衬垫消耗,提高了工具寿命,每年节省5,200英镑(约合64,000美元)。 一部分原因是新工具需要4个衬垫,而不是8个,节约了50%。生产线每年生产145,000个发动机,得益于精准的钻孔机表面抛光,每小时发动机产量提高了,工具更换次数将少了。 粗加工,光洁整理 在铣刀工具更新上,还有一个切削工具专家,那就是Sandvik Coromant公司。公司引进了一个平面铣刀,专门用于不锈钢涡轮增压安装外壳粗加工。涡轮排气装置粗加工的主要难点在于,薄壁组件的外形很复杂,而且夹具(用于振动操作)很精致。Sandvik Coromant公司开发的M612平面铣刀的几何结构非常优良,据说可以消除振动,从而优化面板切削操作。反过来,也可实现较高的金属切削率。 Sandvik Coromant公司汽车应用工厂是Jacques Gasthuys说,“不锈钢将成为涡轮装置的最佳选择,其性能优于传统的铸铁,有助于提高抵抗排气温度(最高可达1,300摄氏度),同时也可以抗腐蚀。” “每年大约生产5,000万个涡轮增压器 — 有铸铁的,也有不锈钢的 — 但是加工不锈钢的成本要高出20倍,因为这些操作非常短,而且刀片寿命不确定,而且磨损不均匀。考虑这些因素,我们的目标就是开发牢固的道具,可以降低组件成本。” 在特点级别为GC4240刀片的客户项目中,使用M612铣刀,周转速可以从212rpm提高到273rpm,切削速度也会从70m/min提高到90m/min,而且给料速度也会从0.13mm/rev提高到0.18mn/rev。同时,切削深度可以达到2.5mm。实验结果显示,M612平面铣刀可以降低每个组件27%的加工时间,而工具寿命增加了172%。 Advances in CBN tooling are introducing new compounds, coatings and geometries to improve tool life 工具的艰难时刻 在汽车硬态切削加工也需要不断提高生产力,降低生产前置时间,以满足成本节约的要求。最新CBN(立方氮化硼)工具采用特殊混合物、高效率涂层及新的几何结构,提高受热、表面加工,抵抗断续切削带来的机械冲击。 有一个很好的例子就是Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal公司新开发的“混合”系列CBN硬态切削刀片。SumiBoron混合物,BNC2010和BNC2020都具有多层,在烧制CBN粉缸体时采用抗热抗磨损微观结构涂层,而底层融合了碳氮化物粘合剂。 此外,公司还开发了一种名为 “Break Master” 的木屑轧碎机,以及用于加工淬火钢的N-FV和N-LV,还有能够提高消除碳化层过程中的碎屑控制。 在对比传统涂层CBN刀片(用于传动轴硬态切削)的试验中,BC2010刀片能够提高230%的工具寿命。此外,当BC2010用于恒速万向节切削的时候(加工过程中会有断续切削),工具寿命可以提高150%。 有了这些优点,用户可以提高材料单个操作战略的生产力优势,可以超过45HRc,因此可以消除研磨和EDM加工。实际上, ...

  • Mitsubishi 2.5mm diameter End Mill Machining Apertures on Base Plates

    Edging out inefficiencies


    Tooling innovations matched with supplier partnerships are proving critical to competitive gain at automotive machine shops the world over Ford’s Bridgend engine plant in the UK, which produces over 750,000 petrol engines a year, has engaged in a cutting-tool partnership with Mapal to help the factory to hit its SPC ...


    FCA US to open new training facility


    US – The OEM will unveil its fourth World Class Manufacturing Academy (WCMA) site at Tipton, Indiana, this March. The $2.1m centre, funded by FCA US and Unite Automobile Workers (UAW), will serve personnel from the Tipton Transmission Plant (TTP) and the UAW National Training Center (NTC) Kokomo. “FCA US ...

  • Ohio Assembly Plant

    Presidential suite


    As Donald Trump has entered the White House, Ford has elected to make a number of key financial and strategic changes Things have changed at Ford in recent times, both financially and strategically. And since November 2016, its strategy has changed still further, with a number of key decisions taking ...

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    不管是低排放、零垃圾、再用水,还是再生能源、可持续性发展、以及能源管理,都已经成为汽车制造商的当务之急 可持续性发展和能源管理:这些词是汽车制造业在过去十年里的流行词。现在有几个大型汽车制造商没有可持续性政策?福特公司最新发表可持续性年度报告中称,从2010年到2015年,制造业能量消耗降低了25%。Seat公司能源效率战略被称为“Ecomotive Factory(经济动力工厂)”,而丰田公司还以水资源使用和环境管理而得到非营利性可持续性经济发展机构CDP的奖励。 大众还进入世界上可持续性发展最好制造商名单,此前不久,公司还爆出使用能够规避清洁空气标准的设备。在之后的丑闻中,人们开始意识到,可持续性发展和能源管理对消费者和类似业务有多重要。 当汽车制造商第一次制定能源管理和节能目标时,他们也许会踌躇满志,但是他们可以改变方法,找到改进可持续性发展的方法。在旧工厂采用新技术,使用可再生能源,又或者从新工厂建设之处就注重能源效率。 综合性能源管理 通用汽车讲能源管理融合到公司核心业务内部,在每个工厂内部都有专门的人事部门。过去的15年里,公司在节能方面取得很大的成绩,占总体使用的60%。 通用全球能源部经理Al Hildreth说:“我们的挑战就是找到新的创新性技术和行为变化,让我们继续节能的步伐,但是我们也是意识到,我们无法取得比过去15年还多的成绩了。我们的目标是从2010年到2020年之间,减少耗能20%,节水15%,这一定要从方方面面入手。” GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant is reusing storm water in its paint shop 虽然在建造工厂时就注意能源效益看上去会取得更大效果,但是通用公司通过改进原有设备同样获得加大的节能效果。 Hildreth说,“我们在老厂节能方面看到了巨大的机会,尤其是没有过多车型改变或机械的工厂。我们有很多例子,用创新设备替代了旧系统。比如说,我们在发动机上放入无级变速器,用适当的发动机尺寸提高效率,此外我们还使用建筑管理系统,降低工厂的耗能。” Hildreth还提到了很多的项目。在印第安纳州,通用在Fort Wayne装配厂安装了变频驱动,有助于冷却塔泵系统和风扇,提高精确度。在密歇根州,Lansing Delta Township工厂的喷漆车间安装了新门,隔离了气流。公司在俄亥俄州Bedford Casting Operation工厂,熔解炉里安装了高效燃烧器控制器,减少12%的耗能。工厂还改进了检测与控制设备。 通用还启动一个目标计划,就是到2020年,100%采用可再生能源,满足全球工厂的店里需要,将密歇根州Grand Rapids工厂11,000个LED灯管替代来下。在新款变频驱动热力与冷却设备的帮助下,耗能会降低18%。 照明问题同样也是Seat公司关注的焦点 — 公司计划到2018年,每辆汽车实现减少耗能25%。该西班牙制造商 — 与Philips Lighting合作 — 将西班牙Martorell工厂所有的外部照明都替换成LED照明。 2016年,通用公司最具创新力的项目之一就会在Detroit工厂对雨水进行回收利用。 Hildreth说,“我们发现,Detroit-Hamtramck装配厂可以通过回收利用雨水,来降低喷漆厂的耗能。我们已经在搜集雨水,但是要送到工厂进行处理。我们在搜集雨水和水处理工厂进行大量的投资,现在我们搜集雨水,而不是导入到底特律河里(这么做会出现环境危险)。我们得到极大的回报,预计工厂使用该设备之后,每年能够节省大约200万美元。” 另一个在能源效率创新方面的典范就是Toyota Manufacturing UK,公司升级了Derbyshire工厂的喷漆厂,安装的新系统能够解决废气问题。公司的目标就是对最后从烘箱加热设备中拍出的废气进行分离。为了实现这个目标,独立承包商George Koch Sons Europe公司为每个炉子安装了气驱动加热系统,使用带有逆变器控制的风扇。这样就能根据生产中车辆的装填,控制并监控炉子的再循环,改进了整体能源效率。 创建相关工厂 另一个熟练掌握节能的就是使用率。通过自动化房屋管理和设备,汽车制造商能够确保在最需要的时候使用技术和工艺。 ...

  • Masterpact MTZ

    Saving energy


    Whether lowering emissions, going landfill-free, reusing water or harnessing renewables, sustainability and energy management has long been a top priority for carmakers Sustainability and energy management: these are the buzzwords that have dominated automotive manufacturing over the past decade. How many major automotive manufacturers can you think of that don’t ...