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  • Kosai 3

    Motivação para autonomia


    A Suzuki permaneceu independente de grandes empreendimentos conjuntos apesar de se tornar cada vez mais dependente de mercados fora do Japão Em uma indústria onde as fusões e colaborações entre os principais participantes são cada vez mais comuns, a Suzuki continua tendo um valor desproporcional. Em grande parte, evitou grandes ...

  • Article

    Volando libre


    Suzuki se ha mantenido al margen de las grandes asociaciones de empresas a pesar de depender cada vez más de los mercados fuera de JapónLas colaboraciones y fusiones son cada vez más frecuentes en el sector automotriz, pero Suzuki permanece independiente. Hasta el momento ha evitado las grandes alianzas con ...

  • Article

    Danowski to become PPG’s automotive VP


    US – Moving from his current role as vice-president, operations, automotive coatings, Gary Danowski will become VP of the division. Tim Knavish, currently senior vice-president, automotive coatings, will replace Shelley Bausch as SVP, industrial coatings; Bausch has decided to leave the company. Knavish will also take responsibility for PPG’s ...

  • Leaf, Nissan Sunderland

    Nissan hits 150m-unit milestone


    Japan – The total has been reached 84 years after the company was founded; it took 73 years to make the first 100m but only 11 years to turn out the next 50m, following the increased expansion of the OEM’s production network beyond Japan. The majority of its vehicles are ...

  • Article

    Entrevista: Bill Russo, Ford


    Bill Russo esteve na China em tempo integral por pouco mais de 18 meses, mas nas indústrias automotiva e de engenharia há mais de 40 anos. Sua carreira começou com a Ford, seu primeiro trabalho pós-universitário, e mais tarde mudou-se para cargos no setor industrial mais amplo, gerenciando uma fábrica ...

  • CAF Hangzhou

    Entrevista a Bill Russo de Ford


    AMS entrevista al vicepresidente de producción de Ford en la región Asia-Pacífico en su sede de Shanghái para discutir los retos a los que se enfrenta la marca en esta región, especialmente a través de sus empresas conjuntas JMC y Changan en China Bill Russo lleva más ...

  • Kosai 3

    Autonomy drive


    Suzuki has stayed independent of big joint ventures despite becoming increasingly dependent on markets outside JapanIn an industry where mergers and collaborations between major players are increasingly common, Suzuki remains something of an outlier. It has largely eschewed wide-ranging, large-scale alliances with other vehicle companies, especially since its joint venture ...

  • Focus, Ford Rayong

    Colonised by China


    The underdeveloped but populous countries of South-East Asia could be rich pickings for Chinese OEMs Malaysia's domestic makers Japan dominates Indonesia Philippine production boom Thailand and Vietnam open up Mixed success for motorcycles Suppliers find opportunitiesThe Chinese are now mounting their most serious attack yet on the domination of Japanese ...

  • Kia

    Troubled times


    New global politics and difficulties at home threaten the production and export hubs of Japan and Korea Nissan reforming Mitsubishi Production is laboured in Korea Motorcycle decline slowing Suppliers finding new partners Threats from the US to tear up free-trade agreements and impose tariffs on imported ...

  • Volvo S90 pre-production, Daqing of the new Volvo S90 in the Daqing manufacturing plant

    Getting the green light


    Under government pressure, domestic and international OEMs in China are switching to new-energy vehicles US vehicle manufacturers Premium European brands European high-volume makers Japanese and Korean OEMs Motorcycle producers SuppliersThe origins of Chinese vehicle manufacturing are rooted in technology transfers from European, US and Japanese OEMs through joint ventures in ...

  • FAW Audi Changchun

    First and foremost


    Audi’s links with FAW stretch back more than 25 years to the origins of large-scale car production in China. AMS visited the JV's Changchun plant, Jilin, which has recently added new body and assembly facilities As one of the first large-scale joint ventures established within China’s automotive industry, the ...

  • APAC 2017

    OUT NOW: Asia-Pacific special edition


    Given the political upheavals of the past year or so, these are uncertain times for global industry and trade. This includes the vast Asia-Pacific region which is home to some of the biggest players in the automotive industry, such as top producer Toyota (routinely number one or two worldwide in ...

  • CAF Hangzhou

    Interview: Bill Russo, Ford


    AMS met Ford’s vice-president for manufacturing in Asia-Pacific at its Shanghai headquarters to discuss the challenges the OEM is tackling in the region, especially through its JMC and Changan JVs in ChinaBill Russo has been in China full time for a little over 18 months but in the automotive and ...

  • David Filipe

    Ford announces leadership appointments


    US/China – David Filipe will take the role of vice-president, Powertrain Engineering, while Jason Luo will become president and CEO of Ford China, responsible for all business in Greater China, including Lincoln, Changan Ford, commercial vehicle investment in Jiangling Motors, imports and operations in Taiwan. The appointments will be ...

  • H6, Great Wall

    Building a Greater Wall


    One of China’s most successful vehicle-makers must protect future growth by expanding its model line-up Since its creation in 1984, Great Wall Motors has established itself as one of the most widely known and successful Chinese automotive manufacturers. According to recent research by Macquarie Capital Securities, it is currently ranked ...

  • APAC schwartz

    Pressed for success


    Recognising at an early stage China’s growing role in the automotive industry, schwartz is enjoying year by year growth in its heat treatment systems operations in Kunshan Earlier this year, a heat treatment equipment reconstruction project was completed by schwartz HTS, the group’s China subsidiary. A 10-year-old try-out ...

  • Renault Samsung Busan

    Renault Samsung goes Rogue


    Since launching in 2000, Busan Plant has developed into a flexible and productive operation. The OEM has pushed through a 'Big Deal' with unions which halts the automatic wage increase typical of South Korea Busan in the south-eastern corner of Korea is the location for Renault Samsung Motor’s (RSM) sole ...

  • Honda Prachinburi

    Going with the flow


    AMS takes a look at Honda's innovative ARC production system, recently installed at Prachinburi in ThailandDescribed by Honda as a unique assembly line that differs from conventional systems by incorporating flowing cell production units into the main line, the newly developed Assembly Revolution Cell (ARC) line became operational at Prachinburi, ...

  • Article

    SAIC seeks a niche in South-East Asia


    By expanding its production in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, SAIC hopes to break into the market share of the dominant Japanese OEMsGiven their mushrooming domestic market and traditional heavy dependence on imported European, US or Japanese technology, China’s car companies have, until recently, developed only a limited presence outside the ...

  • Mitsubishi Thailand

    Rebooting Mitsubishi


    As the OEM is integrated into Renault-Nissan, new possibilities open up for its production in South-East AsiaIn October 2016, with its own fuel-economy scandal at its peak, Mitsubishi was subsumed within Nissan when the latter acquired a controlling 34% stake. Still flushed with the success of the Alliance with Renault, ...