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  • Carlos Ghosn, Alliance 2022n Announcement 1-source copy

    With its architect in exile, the Alliance is destined for separation


    Having led the way on OEM collaboration and cooperation, Renault and Nissan seem set to unwind their alliance

  • Sony Vision S_exterior

    Is Sony’s Vision S a scary sight, or a revelation for carmakers and suppliers?


    Should automotive manufacturers fear or embrace this surprise announcement from the consumer technology giant?

  • Ultima-BI-logo

    Job Opportunity: Special Projects Editor – Automotive at Ultima Media and Automotive Manufacturing Solutions


    Interested in moving your career in automotive media and content to the next level? Consider joining our editorial team in a new role as Special Projects / Brand Editor

  • VW Zwickau - Pre-series production in the assembly hall

    EVs are transforming the automotive workforce as well as the market


    The means by which electric vehicles powertrains and batteries are assembled could lead to significant reductions in factory headcounts

  • FCA Sergio Marchionne

    PSA-FCA merger: Sergio Marchionne gets his wish, posthumously


    As CEO of FCA, Sergio Marchionne tried and tried to find a mega-merger partner for the group. Less less than two years after his death, a likely candidate has emerged…

  • Skoda Karoq Kvasiny

    Breaching the Wall, building the lines


    This weekend marked the 30th anniversary of a major turning point in world history - the fall of the Berlin Wall. Despite the political upheaval that followed and even new borders being drawn, the Central and Eastern Europe region has seen its strong engineering and industrial heritage re-established with automotive manufacturing underpinning much of the economic progress…

  • Russelheim

    Weighing up the long-term future for Rüsselsheim


    Opel management believe the Rüsselsheim plant is secure for the next decade but, with compact cars sales in decline and competition fierce, Ian Henry believes serious questions remain

  • ID3 battery

    A European battery gigafactory … someday, somewhere


    As OEMs continue to push the scale and variety of their electrified vehicle ranges, Ian Henry asks, is battery production and supply up to the task?

  • Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 16.43.42

    Supplier financials a cause for concern


    Recent quarterly results from some of the major tier ones make for grim reading, as company after company reports declining profits and cites common themes for these disappointing times

  • JLR’s announcement of £1bn investment in Castle Bromwich

    Have EVs reached a tipping point in the UK?


    With the continued political uncertainty from the lack of Brexit progress, JLR announcement of a £1bn investment in its Castle Bromwich facility to make the new electric XJ will be met with some relief by the UK government, writes Ian Henry

  • FCA concept

    The Fiat-Renault merger – inevitability postponed?


    Ian Henry provides insight on the situation between FCA and its partners and potential partners

  • May-June-montage

    Out now: AMS May-June issue...


    AMS May June 2019 The May-June issue of AMS is out now, and includes… Ford – A new alliance with Volkswagen, a pick-up offensive in the US and plans for electrification – AMS provides an overview of the Ford’s ...

  • Geely Geometry

    The politicisation of electric vehicles accelerates


    I have commented before on how barely a week goes by without one or other vehicle company announcing a new electric vehicle; Geely went one step further recently by announcing a whole new brand for future electric vehicles, to be called Geometry. This follows in the footsteps of Volkswagen (ID), ...

  • Ford Focus Saarlouis

    Tariffs: controversy reigns with Trump and Brexit adding to confusion


    In President Trump somewhat simplistic analysis, trade wars fought through the medium of tariffs are easy to win. Angered, apparently, by seeing too many Mercedes and BMWs on Fifth Avenue, Trump has threatened to invoke section 232 of the 1962 US Trade Expansion Act, raising tariffs from ...

  • kia-hwasung

    Is Korea set to become a low-cost country?


    In what may be a portentous move for the industry, Hyundai has chosen to try to revive its domestic fortunes by opening the first new car factory to be built in Korea for over 20 years; what is intriguing about this move is that the workers in this plant will ...

  • Hackett and Diess

    Ford and VW confirm their alliance; and raise questions …


    Ford CEO Jim Hackett, VW COE Herbert Diess After months of rumours and speculation, Ford and Volkswagen have announced an alliance which would begin with the co-development and production of vans and pick-ups; it offers the prospect of wider forms of co-operation, in other segments, electric ...

  • P90330620_highRes_assembly-of-the-all 600 x 400

    New year, new arrangements


    As 2018 draws to a close, the pace of change in vehicle manufacturing is accelerating. The move to EVs is gaining speed while the companies themselves continue to realign and optimise their manufacturing footprints. The future of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance has been thrown into doubt with the arrest of ...

  • FCA Chrysler Drive HQ

    The break-up of Fiat Chrysler gathers pace


    A couple of years ago, Ferrari became an independent quoted company, separate from Fiat Chrysler . This was followed by the separation of CNH Industrials, the holding company for Iveco Trucks. Now Fiat Chrysler has spun off its components activity, Magneti Marelli, to CK Holdings in a deal worth over ...

  • 2019 Ford Kuga home charge

    Ford's future


    The UK press was rather excited recently when one of the Sunday papers claimed that the Ford Mondeo would be axed. Given that this model is not, and has never been, made in the UK, such concern was perhaps surprising. This was part of a wide-ranging story that Ford was ...