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  • Mitubishi Motors Thailand 5m milestone copy

    Mitsubishi hits 5m milestone


    Thailand - The company's plant in Laem Chabang has churned out over 5m passenger vehicles, just two years after it had reached the 4m mark. According to Osamu Masuko, CEO of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, the news reflects increasing demand in the region."We have always had the confidence in Thailand's potential ...

  • Final Inspection Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe

    Building the boost


    The manufacturing process of turbochargers requires high precision and extensive testing. Michael Nash provides insightThe trend of vehicle electrification is picking up pace as more car manufacturers launch new hybridised and pure electric models. Some have even promised that all their models will soon feature some level of electrification, be ...

  • Toyota Panasonic

    A bigger bet on BEVs


    Most famous for its hybrids, especially the Prius, Toyota is now widening its focus to battery-electric vehiclesUntil relatively recently, Toyota positioned battery electric vehicles (BEVs) as a niche solution for short-range urban mobility. This stance led directly to the launch of models like the i-Road, an ultra-compact electric commuter vehicle, ...

  • EV disruptors Faraday Future

    New kids on the block


    Many promising start-ups are looking to crack the electric vehicle segmentOf all the disrupting forces threatening to unseat established automakers, the rise of electric power could be first to strike. After all, this is a proven technology that can be swiftly adapted, engineered and marketed by any start-up company with ...

  • Mercedes-Benz EQC

    Lofty production plans


    AMS provides a summary of the latest electrification plans outlined by numerous OEMs across the world Barely a day goes by without a carmaker announcing the launch of a new electrified vehicle, or outlining projections for growth in the battery electric vehicle (BEV), hybrid or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) ...

  • Renault Valladolid AMS janfeb2017

    Alliance appoints new production team


    France - The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance has outlined a new employee structure for executives and senior members in the hope of saving money and readying the business for growth. It has also appointed a new team that will oversee manufacturing, production engineering and supply chain management.Starting on 1 April 2018, Jose ...

  • Mitsubishi Electric predictive maintenance

    Predictive maintenance for robots


    Mitsubishi Electric says it has developed a cloud-based predictive maintenance solution for robots that utilises the AI platform within IBM Watson. The platform uses predictive maintenance models, digital simulation and extrapolation of trends to provide maintenance information based on actual usage and wear characteristics.Communications between the robot and the user ...

  • Alliance Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Motors

    Alliance takes the lead


    Paris/Yokohama/Tokyo – The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance announced that its member companies sold a combined total of 10.6m units in the 12 months to December 31, 2017, which makes it “…the number-one automotive group worldwide,” according to chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn.Total unit sales were given a lift of 6.5% in 2017 ...

  • carlos ghosn brilliance

    Renault & Brilliance plan LCVs for China


    Carlos Ghosn, Groupe Renault Chairman CEOFrance/China – Groupe Renault and Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Limited have agreed a deal forming a new joint venture in light commercial vehicles tailored to the Chinese market. The JV will manufacture LCVs under the Jinbei, Renault and Huasong brands with the aim to ...

  • Carlos Ghosn

    Renault evolves its Drive strategy


    Having driven the change, Renault is now driving into the future – according to its new strategic strapline. Just a few days after Ford announced its latest corporate strategy under new CEO Jim Hackett, Renault’s long-standing leader, Carlos Ghosn, announced its own strategic plan. According to the CEO, Renault had ...

  • Aluminium

    Kobe investigates quality violations


    Metal producer Kobe Steel has admitted delivering aluminium and copper products in the past year which did not meet specifications agreed with customers, leaving Japanese car manufacturers concerned about the impact on their own output. Kobe is conducting internal quality and government-ordered safety checks, but has already stated that affected ...

  • Carlos Ghosn, Alliance 2022n Announcement 1-source copy

    Alliance 2022 plan to boost synergies


    France – The strategy aims to double annual synergies to €10 billion ($12 billion) through deeper cooperation between Renault, Nissan and the newest member of the group, Mitsubishi. This target follows a 16% increase in synergies last year to €5 billion.“To achieve this target, on one side Renault, Nissan and ...

  • Multimode eTransmission, GKN

    GKN to build new factory, Tokoname City


    Japan – The plant, which will replace an older facility, will be equipped with GKN’s best-practice manufacturing technology to enable it to produce next-generation all-wheel drive systems and rear-drive modules. Groundbreaking will take place this month, with completion set for halfway through 2018.“One-third of the world’s vehicles are designed and ...

  • Focus, Ford Rayong

    Colonised by China


    The underdeveloped but populous countries of South-East Asia could be rich pickings for Chinese OEMs Malaysia's domestic makers Japan dominates Indonesia Philippine production boom Thailand and Vietnam open up Mixed success for motorcycles Suppliers find opportunitiesThe Chinese are now mounting their most serious attack yet on the domination of Japanese ...

  • Kia

    Troubled times


    New global politics and difficulties at home threaten the production and export hubs of Japan and Korea Nissan reforming Mitsubishi Production is laboured in Korea Motorcycle decline slowing Suppliers finding new partnersThreats from the US to tear up free-trade agreements and impose tariffs on imported vehicles is causing fear in ...

  • APAC 2017

    OUT NOW: Asia-Pacific special edition


    Given the political upheavals of the past year or so, these are uncertain times for global industry and trade. This includes the vast Asia-Pacific region which is home to some of the biggest players in the automotive industry, such as top producer Toyota (routinely number one or two worldwide in ...

  • Mitsubishi Thailand

    Rebooting Mitsubishi


    As the OEM is integrated into Renault-Nissan, new possibilities open up for its production in South-East AsiaIn October 2016, with its own fuel-economy scandal at its peak, Mitsubishi was subsumed within Nissan when the latter acquired a controlling 34% stake. Still flushed with the success of the Alliance with Renault, ...

  • Inspectionline

    Real-time reliability


    Mike Farish looks at how the Industry 4.0 concept has become a reality at a leading US transmission manufacturerThe concept of Industry 4.0 (I4.0) does not necessarily lend itself to a precise definition. Indeed the fact that more or less the same set of ideas is also known variously as ...

  • Article

    Mitsubishi inaugurates new plant in Indonesia


    Japan – Following a 65 billion yen ($565m) investment the company says this state-of-the-art facility will employ 3,000 workers and produce 160,000 units a year at full capacity.Located in the new GIIC Industrial Estate in Bekasi Prefecture, the new plant was completed following a two-year construction project, and will begin ...

  • Mitsubishi ASX

    Mitsubishi to transfer RVR production


    Japan – The OEM announced that it will move the RVR (the ASX or Outlander Sport in some markets) from Okazaki Plant, Okayama, to Mizushima Plant in Aichi at the end of December. Mitsubishi said it is optimising its domestic production before launching the Eclipse Cross compact coupe SUV at ...