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    Quality under Control


    Faro EuropeHexagon MetrologyHommel-Etamic/Hommel-Movomatic JenoptikSAPX-RiteThe Control exhibition offers automotive professionals the opportunity to examine what new equipment is on offer in the field of metrology and quality control. The 2010 Control fair, held in Stuttgart, Germany from 4-7 May, will include an automotive industry-oriented presentation platform held by the Fraunhofer IPA, ...

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    Measuring at Formula 1 speed


    Made to measureContrasting elementsThe world of Formula 1 demands highly-compressed lead times, whether for major car developments between seasons, or for smaller scale repair or improvement in the gaps between races.The ability to implement testing and measurement procedures that bring both quality and speed makes F1 a useful arena for ...

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    v5.75 of Plato system for hot engine testing


    Anthony Best Dynamics (ABD) has released version 5.75 of the company’s Plato system, an objective noise/vibration/harshness (NVH) measurement and analysis system for powertrain and power-steering testing. Designed for end-of-line, off-line audit, R&D and durability testing, through to in-vehicle and pass-by-noise measurement and analysis, Plato provides a wide range of NVH ...

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    AMS 10th Anniversary: Measurement & quality


    Sensors determine finish qualityKeeping it in shapeMobile scanningDisruptiveMeasurement is a key aspect of maintaining quality in a variety of areas of automotive part manufacture and assembly. As well as physical areas like fit and finish, and gap and flush, quality measurements must also be made in areas such as the ...

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    AMS 10th Anniversary: Lasers & vision


    Boxing cleverExtremely costlyGoing furtherVision systems can help maintain and improve quality standards across most areas of car production, while also driving new technology designed to increase automation and reduce production costs.Such systems are predominantly used in the following areas: part inspection (including measurement); assembly verification; flaw detection; and part identification ...

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    Light fantastic


    Fraunhofer ILTiieFraunhofer ILTTrumpfAmtronConclusionThe next Laser World of Photonics event will be held at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre from 15-18 June. While covering a broad spectrum of laser usage across a variety of industries, the exposition will also offer carmakers the opportunity to view some of the latest laser ...

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    Fiat Brazil and Carl Zeiss


    Premium measuring technologyEagleEye navigator in South AmericaFiat strives for growthAs the company with the largest local market share in Brazil’s passenger car and light commercial vehicle sectors, Fiat do Brasil plays a key role in the Fiat Group. Fiat has manufactured cars in Betim, Minas Gerais, since 1976 and is ...

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    Standing the test of (development) time


    Metrology, measurement and testing play a critical role in production development, where process accuracy and repeatability are paramount.Sparkling performanceSeal of approvalQuality control and testing have never been the most expedient of processes in the automotive manufacturing environment, but the advent of technologies such as digital inspection and 3D laser scanning ...

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    Multisensor technology is now available for large measuring ranges


    With the newly-developed ScopeCheck MB, Werth Inc has introduced a multisensor co-ordinate measuring machine for vision and touch probe measurement of large components in the shop floor environment, including large automotive powertrain components.Due to modular construction, this measuring machine can also be retrofitted for future requirements by adding application-dependant sensor ...

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    Abaqus advances


    Dassault Systèmes has released Abaqus 6.8, its technology-leading unified finite element analysis software suite from SIMULIA. Engineers, designers, researchers, and scientists can use Abaqus to lower costs and reduce cycle times through the realistic simulation of stress, impact, crush, fluid-structure interaction, thermal dynamics, and other complex behaviours of products, materials, ...

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    Two microns for good measure


    Pinpoint accuracyMillion-point metrologyErgonomics 101Safety firstImage is everything when it comes to measuring and inspection, and the meticulous accuracy of the latest digital holography tools promise great leaps forward in quality, safety and performanceThe new wave of digital holographic imaging technology developed at the University of Michigan is emerging as the ...

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    Flawless bodies


    High output and increased complexity mean that Daimler’s highly automated plant in Bremen depends on the most accurate technology when it comes to body-in-white measurement and inspection. AMS reports on how the plant manages the perfect fit and finishLooking for a perfect fitTight tolerancesInline measurementMobile and modularThe first thing you ...

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    The optics at Ogihara


    When Japanese Tier One parts supplier Ogihara introduced its revolutionary manufacturing system it needed to bring OEMs up to speed with a user-friendly measurement data solution. CogniTens’ Optigo technology provided the means at just the right timeAhead of the gameEnter CogniTensTime-sensitive troubleshootingRe-engineering and OptigoKey benefitsSix years ago, Ogihara’s quality team ...

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    This smart little worker needs no rest


    New module programming and configuring technology from Mahle Powertrain puts an end to end-of-line testing. AMS reports on the opportunities for assembly line flexibility and cost savings that come with VPPRail systems become expensivePlug and let playMeasuring contentWhen it comes to the programming and testing of today’s electronically sophisticated vehicles, ...

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    Dynamometer offers increased responsiveness


    A new heavy-duty truck dynamometer from Burke E. Porter consists of a 500hp AC motor and a hydraulic brake connected to each of the 1.9 metre rollers. These are joined using an advanced coupling system. This enables the system to deliver inertia simulation of 1,500kg to 35,000kg and tractive effort ...

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    Testing time in Europe


    Between 8-10 May, 2007 at Messe Stuttgart Killesberg in Germany there will once again be plenty of products and services making their debut in the world of test, evaluation and quality engineeringDürr Assembly Products GmbHMetrisLMS Engineering InnovationBodycote Testing Europe BVMoog GmbHITK Engineering GmbHConverteam Group SASAries Ingenieria Y. Sistemas, S.AnCode InternationalESG ...

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    Quality control in Germany


    Control 2007, to be held between 8-11 May in Sinsheim, Germany, is the world’s leading exhibition for measuring technology and quality assurance featuring 750 exhibitors. Quality is increasingly important as vehicles become more sophisticated and complex.Hexagon GroupCarl Zeiss 3D Metrology Services GmbHGE Inspection TechnologiesJenoptik Automatisierungstechnik GmbHSick Vertriebs-GmbHSiemens AG Automation & ...