The Control exhibition offers automotive professionals the opportunity to examine what new equipment is on offer in the field of metrology and quality control. 

The 2010 Control fair, held in Stuttgart, Germany from 4-7 May, will include an automotive industry-oriented presentation platform held by the Fraunhofer IPA, with the theme ‘Energy Efficiency in Production’. In addition to this, the Fraunhofer-Allianz Vision will again present its special innovations show entitled ‘Contactless Measuring Technology’. These highlights will be supplemented with the customary exhibitor forum, at which visitors are able to view the latest offerings from companies in the quality assurance technology, product and sub-systems fields. AMS previews what some of the companies attending the Control fair will have on offer:

Faro Europe (Hall 3, Stand 3404)
Faro recently announced the release of its latest 3D measurement system, the Faro Laser Tracker ION, claimed to be the most advanced Faro Laser Tracker model. Faro bills the unit as the ‘the most accurate laser tracker available’, based on common measurement applications. The new, lighter Faro Tracker ION features a longer measurement range, using the fastest distance measuring system, Agile Absolute Distance Meter. Specifically, the ION has improved volumetric accuracy over the previous model to 0.049mm at 10m, an improvement of 27%. The measurement diameter range has been extended by 36% to 110m, while the unit has been slimmed down by 12% to 17.7kg.

Hexagon Metrology (Hall 5, Stand 5302/5102)
As part of the Hexagon AB Group, Hexagon Metrology includes leading metrology brands such as Brown & Sharpe, CogniTens, DEA, Leica Geosystems (Metrology Division), Leitz, m&h Inprocess Messtechnik, PC-DMIS, QUINDOS, ROMER, Standard Gage and TESA. At this year’s Control event, Hexagon Metrology will show several new products from these various brands. Additionally, the company will introduce a new brand, Optiv. The new brand offers a wide portfolio of multi-sensor measuring machines combining the power of vision, laser and touch probe inspection in a single system. In addition, robotic solutions will also feature on the company exhibition stand.

Hommel-Etamic/Hommel-Movomatic Jenoptik (Hall 3, Stand 3501)
Hommel’s new DM400 gauge head is offered as a complement to the current range of digital heads. While the existing Hommel-Movomatic range focuses on high precision, the new DM400 is designed to address the needs of mass production of standard parts, such as transmission shafts, camshafts and valve spools, providing precision measurement even under extreme conditions. The DM400 can also be equipped with the crash-safety gauge arms, a popular feature that until now was only available on the DU200. The unit prevents damage to the gauge head in the event of a collision with the workpiece or other machine components. The company will also being showing its DU200, a solution for small series production runs where a high level of flexibility and short adjustment times are crucial. An ideal complement to these new gauge heads is Hommel- Movomatic’s newly-developed numerical control, the ESZ400. Modular and flexible in design, this compact device is particularly easy to install when used with a Profibus interface for the grinding machine. HM claims that all required electronics can be fitted into the machine’s cabinet.

SAP (Hall 5, Stand 5207)
SAP will be present at the Control fair to support activities in various virtual and real-time areas of automotive manufacturing, including: • audit management and its mobile processing add-on functionalities • demonstration systems to help establish efficient processing and analysis of complaints to avoid and reduce failure and warranty costs • managing an 8D cockpit with portal access via QDX/ internet agent to install a collaborative complaints processing between companies and their suppliers • helping to realize company-wide and integrated Quality Management within SAP ERP.

X-Rite (Hall 1, Stand 1912)
The portable X-Rite multi-angle MA96 and MA94 spectrophotometers allow those involved in the supply chain to not only agree on one colour standard, but to also adhere to a standardised measurement method. Paint companies and QA personnel can now provide hard, accurate data to customers at all levels of the supply chain, essential for speedy and successful approvals of sample warrants and PPAP/APQP analysis. X-Rite says that automakers and suppliers can improve production line uptime and reduce the amount of product rework using the system. The two multi-angle measurement tools accurately and consistently measure all metallic, pearlescent and other complex special-effect finishes. The units provide either 6 (AM96) or 5 (MA94) measurement angles, with the unit featuring a rugged, compact and ergonomically-efficient design. The 1.2kg devices measure 8.7cm x 11.4cm x 26.9cm. Also at Control 2010, X-Rite will be displaying its latest in-line, non-contact measurement tool, VS450, at the Fraunhofer Institute (Hall 1, Booth 1612). This portable spectrophotometer enables accurate control of colour quality by measuring a wide range of wet and dry samples without having to make contact with the test surface.