A new heavy-duty truck dynamometer from Burke E. Porter consists of a 500hp AC motor and a hydraulic brake connected to each of the 1.9 metre rollers. These are joined using an advanced coupling system. This enables the system to deliver inertia simulation of 1,500kg to 35,000kg and tractive effort of up to 100,000 N continuous (135,000N peak for three seconds). It also provides knock-off couplings so that the brakes can be removed from the system to increase responsiveness when the full tractive effort simulation range is not needed, says the company.

The foundation of the system is the industry standard D3 controller, a mission-critical real-time controller that enables precise control, says the company. By combining the D3 with advanced control algorithms, and an onboard quad load cell confi guration, the dynamometer is able to deliver a dynamic response time of 100ms and a road load simulation accuracy of less than 4.5kg.

These advancements enable users to perform a full range of tests – powertrain performance evaluation, ECU calibration, fuel economy evaluation, power takeoff, emission, thermal loading, balance testing, and durability testing.