Between 8-10 May, 2007 at Messe Stuttgart Killesberg in Germany there will once again be plenty of products and services making their debut in the world of test, evaluation and quality engineering

Now in its ninth year, Automotive Testing Expo Europe has become the most important event anywhere in Europe covering the automotive test, evaluation and quality-engineering sector. For 2007, an additional exhibition hall has been added, increasing the floor space by 25 per cent. This will also enable a further 50 companies to display their very latest technologies and services that are all working toward the reliability, durability, safety and quality of automotive vehicles and components.

For the first time, the organisers of Automotive Testing Expo Europe will join forces with ASAM (Association for Standardisation of Automation and Measuring Systems), to put together a three day Technology Forum with presentations from leading OEM’s and Tier One and Two suppliers.

Dürr Assembly Products GmbH

Dürr Factory Assembly Systems (FAS) recently introduced a new laser-based measuring process for wheel geometry measurement: x-3Dprofile which will be on show at Stuttgart. This method offers a much wider range of measurement and is more flexible.

The x-3Dprofile sensor operates on the principle of stereo-photogrammetry. During this process the measurement points on the tyres are illuminated by at least 64 laser lines and recorded by two cameras; the alignment of the wheel is then calculated three dimensionally on the basis of the measured values.

x-3Dprofile stands out amongst other methods because it has a measurement frequency that is three times higher than its competition. It is less prone to failures caused by overheating or defective lamps that could be a problem with beam-aided methods like colour-coded triangulation.


Metris will be demonstrating the Metris WheelTracker G2 at the Automotive Testing Expo. This is the nextgeneration, real-time 6-DOF (degrees of freedom) wheel and engine motion measurement system designed for vehicle packaging and ride and handling studies on the road.

Thanks to the optical, contactless measurement approach, WheelTracker is not only highly accurate but also very reliable, even under harsh driving conditions. It is very convenient to install: within two hours the car is ready to collect full front axle data on the road. Metris will also demonstrate the K-Series DMM 3.0 software that upgrades their K-Series Optical CMM system into a “Dynamic Measuring Machine” for applications like door closing analysis.

LMS Engineering Innovation

LMS delivers a unique combination of virtual simulation software, testing systems, and engineering services. They are focused on the mission critical performance attributes in key manufacturing industries, including structural integrity, handling, safety, reliability, comfort and sound quality.

The key message from LMS is superior product innovation and reduced time to profit call for a high performance development processes, supported with efficient and accurate engineering capabilities. A process that delivers the right products – designed right first time.

LMS focuses on user experiences and enabling technologies in key functional performance areas such as noise and vibration, comfort, acoustics, durability, structural integrity, motion, vehicle dynamics, engine and driveline dynamics. Engineers from leading manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, and other advanced manufacturing industries have indicated that advances they made in virtual prototype simulation, in combining test and CAE, in tackling performance issues earlier, and in increasing the productivity in prototype testing has delivered real benefits.

LMS has just introduced LMS TecWare, which accelerates laboratory tests with advanced durability load data processing algorithms that import, correlate and analyse large amounts of information from multiple sources to identify fatigue encountered by parts during operation.

The software then determines compressed load time histories that deliver this same damage potential, it defines an accelerated test routine based on these repetitive load signals and automates the workflow process.

Using LMS TecWare, customers can duplicate years of key fatigue cycles typically in just a few days of testing. Because operating loads are precisely identified by the system, engineers can develop parts better with adequate fatigue life without being over-designed, allowing them to minimise product size, weight and cost.

Bodycote Testing Europe BV

Bodycote Testing B.V. provides material testing services, mechanical, chemical and corrosion testing as well as failure analysis. The testing includes less common tests like the Pellini drop weight test, the API drop weight tear test, pressure testing and tests modified to specific client requirements.

The emphasis lies on metals but also non-metallic materials like plastics, ceramics and composites are tested and/or investigated. All testing equipment is calibrated according to governing international standards and results are traceable to international standards.

Moog GmbH

Moog’s Industrial Group designs and manufactures high performance motion control solutions combining electric, hydraulic, and hybrid technologies with expert consultative support in a range of applications including plastics, metal forming, textiles, power generation, and simulation. They help performance-driven companies design and develop their next-generation machines.

Moog acquired FCS Control Systems in August of 2005. Moog FCS, a part of the Industrial Group, provides high performance flight simulation and testing systems to the aviation, aerospace, and automotive markets.

ITK Engineering GmbH

For many years now, ITK Engineering has been a premium partner of development to the automotive, aerospace, and robotics industries.

ITK Engineering was founded in 1993 in the German technological region near Karlsruhe. Today, ITK Engineering maintains branch offices in Munich, Stuttgart, Marburg and Ann Arbor (USA). More than 100 certified engineers and software engineers work in the areas of software development, technical consulting, engineering, and training.

ITK will have a joint exhibition stand with their partner company Converteam.

Converteam Group SAS

Converteam is a worldwide specialist in power conversion. They provide customised solutions to convert electrical energy through optimum application of technology in drives, controls, motors and generators. Their customers operate in three main markets: marine, energy and industry as well as in many specialised areas. Their extensive offerings, from design-only to turnkey systems, installation and commissioning are backed by a full range of services.

Aries Ingenieria Y. Sistemas, S.A

Aries Ingeniería is a Spanish independent engineering company, specialising in integrating advanced technology systems. It specialises in the development of solutions for the automotive, railway and airport sectors. The experience acquired over the last 20 years in addition to the engineers’ expert team allows them to develop specialist, high quality engineering projects adapted to their customer’s needs and requirements.

nCode International

nCode’s solutions help customers eliminate unexpected failures by converting measured, performance and operational data into information from which timely and intelligent engineering and business decisions can be made.

For 25 years nCode has been a recognised leader in durability engineering solutions. Whether your company is an OEM, systems supplier, or component supplier, nCode offers a unique portfolio of product life performance (PLP) solutions for obtaining “real value” from measured data. These PLP solutions provide a scalable environment that supports and enables a wide range of initiatives such as accelerated testing, durability prediction, and fleet prognostics/health monitoring.

At this year’s Testing Expo nCode will be showcasing their PLP solutions for making intelligent business decisions with live demonstrations highlighting their unique capabilities for streamlining the measure – manage – process – predict information flow.

In addition, nCode will be announcing the next release of our GlyphWorks software at the show. GlyphWorks uniquely and powerfully processes large volumes of data with easy to create automated process flows enabling fast reporting and decision making. This release includes functionality that specifically supports the needs of our European customers.

ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH

ESG will be introducing CANpressure from IPETRONIK at Testing Expo 2007. This is the first CANpressure sensor that meets all the requirements for automotive measurement technology.

IPETRONIK, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of measurement technology for the automotive industry, has partnered with the Swiss company STS Sensor Technik Sirnach AG, a specialist for pressure sensors of the highest grade, to develop the “CANpressure” intelligent measurement module. The highly compact CANpressure device combines a pressure sensor with all the functionality offered by IPETRONIK’s familiar range of CAN-bus measurement modules. For the first time, the new pressure sensor module now makes it possible to process pressure data directly within the measurement chain without having to take a detour via a voltage input.

CANpressure now makes it possible to integrate pressure measurement points directly into the engine compartment in a way that is easy to configure and adjust. The CAN bus reduces wiring complexity and thus the overall expense of the application.


CORRSYS-DATRON introduces new CeCalWin Pro Software, now with data acquisition capabilities for vehicle dynamics testing.

New from CORRSYS-DATRON is the CeCalWin Pro Software package, the professional version of the company’s well-known set-up software for its extensive range of CORREVIT Non-Contact Optical Sensors. This new, enhanced version of CeCalWin software adds the capabilities to program and perform standard automotive tests such as acceleration tests, brake tests, coast-down, top speed, elasticity, and more.

Used in conjunction with CORREVIT Optical Sensors, and connected directly to a laptop via RS 232 or USB, CeCalWin Pro completes an easy-to-use data acquisition package. CeCalWin Pro Software can be configured to work with start and stop triggers derived from speed, distance, and time values via keyboard input or by using hardware triggers, (e.g. brake switch) connected to the CORRSYSDATRON Triggerbox Interface.

CeCalWin Pro can be set-up to display up to 5 numerical values and a 4-channel time chart during the test. Data generated is conveniently saved in ASCII format, and is easily imported by any standard evaluation program. In addition to sensor-generated values such as speed, distance and time, CeCalWin Pro provides calculated results as different acceleration rates, MFDD (mean fully developed deceleration rate) and many others.

CORRSYS-DATRON with also be showcasing their new optical speed and distance sensor designed for wet testing applications. The new CORREVIT L-350 Aquaplaning Sensor produces outstanding accuracy on all standard test surfaces – wet or dry. Designed for applications such as aquaplaning testing, the L-350 Sensor marks a major step in the evolution of the proven CORREVIT optical measurement principle. L-350 Aqua adapts automatically to smooth, static water-covered surfaces, as well as to areas of moving or turbulent water, or sprayed surfaces.

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