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  • Porsche

    Creating strong bonds


    While mixed-material vehicle body structures yield impressive weight reduction results, the joining processes present a challenge for OEMs. How do they fix the myriad materials but still maintain the requisite properties and structural integrity?

  • Lincoln Electric Image#1

    Worth its metal


    Aluminium welding requires special care but an understanding of the process helps suppliers to make good choices, writes Lincoln Electric’s Raheel Khan

  • Fronius_PW_19-03_ANFRAGE_ams_advanced high strength steel_04

    Strong bonds


    James Bakewell looks at the challenges of joining new grades of advanced and ultra-high strength steels in the latest multi-material vehicle structures

  • BMW_AM__mini-yours-customise

    Customising production


    James Bakewell reports on BMW’s growing use of additively produced parts in both vehicle personalising and series production applications

  • Fronius joining of steel and aluminium

    Low heat input welding


    The Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) welding process reduces the heat input in comparison to other MIG/MAG processes, claims Fronius. This uses a digital process control, which automatically detects short circuits and then helps to detach the droplet by retracting the wire; during welding, the wire moves forward and is pulled ...

  • Porsche test

    Passing the test


    As modern vehicles become more sophisticated, production testing technologies and processes need to keep up. Mike Farish looks at developments with both carmakers and tier suppliers

  • BMW Dingolfing

    Sticking together


    The use of a wide variety of materials throws-up significant production challenges and chief among those is joining. How can this plethora of materials be fixed together without affecting their structural integrity or their individual characteristics? The automotive industry is mostly set-up for resistance spot welding (RSW) . This ...

  • Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 08.50.11

    The full measure


    In-process measurement can guarantee fewer rejects, easier assembly, and ultimately, happier customers before a single part reaches the OEM The ‘where’ in automotive manufacturing has changed and expanded over time as OEMs rely further on increased content from Tier suppliers. From frames, closures, headlamps and tail lamps all ...

  • Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 08.50.11

    Cool calculations - rapid welding


    Advanced rapid welding technology is helping to surpass challenges in series production at Voestalpine Fronius has recently added the successful CMT welding process to the company’s most modern power source, the TPS/i. The second generation of the “cold arc” allows robotic welding in many applications with unprecedented levels of ...

  • Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 08.50.11

    Weld the right result


    Welding zinc coated steels presents a variety of challenges. Lincoln Electric’s Global Industry Segment Director for Transportation Tim Hurley explores the solutions As engineers and designers respond to the need to decrease vehicle weight while maintaining or improving crash worthiness, automotive manufacturers are using more high strength steels ...

  • Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 08.50.11

    Interview: Daniël Bottema, AWL-Techniek


    Daniël Bottema, research and development manager at AWL-Techniek BV, talked to Dermot Healy about the role AWL hope to play developing the fully automated factory of the future You have been speaking recently about the fully automated factory in presentations to customers. How far along the automation road ...

  • Nissan X-Trail St Petersburg

    Nissan makes X-Trail in St. Petersburg


    Russia - The new Nissan X-Trail is now being produced at the company's St. Petersburg plant, joining the Qashqai and Murano. This follows on from a small rise in the brand's sales in the country from 9,049 to 10,134 units between August and September 2018. "We are very pleased to ...

  • Kuka

    Extreme flexibility is essential


    KUKA offers numerous solutions that are helping vehicle manufacturers to tackle several challenges The automotive industry is undergoing the biggest transformation in its history. Megatrends such as digitisation, autonomous driving and e-mobility have significant implications not only for manufacturers but also for suppliers. What is required are smart ...

  • Chiron brake caliper

    Making metal add up


    Additively manufactured metal parts present a challenge for high-volume production but at the other end of the scale, engineers are successfully developing the process for specialist, low volume parts. Mike Farish reports All over the automotive industry companies are exploring the potential of additive techniques to make parts in polymers ...

  • Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 12.22.34

    Time for an upgrade


    As Toyota shapes up its global manufacturing network to build the new vehicle platform, Nick Holt visits the OEM’s Valenciennes facility to see the progress being made To meet the challenge of rapidly changing markets and segment volatility, the development and adoption of common, modular vehicle platforms is now a ...

  • Dow Automotive Systems structural adhesive solutions

    Structural adhesive joining solutions


    Dow Automotive Systems claims its Betaforce, Betamate and Betaseal structural adhesive solutions will enhance lightweight module construction. The company says its structural adhesives are developed with rapid-cure characteristics that are suited to mass production manufacturing environments. Primerless-to-plastic formulations help remove VOCs from assembly operations, and new multifunctional adhesives are in ...

  • AMS NA cover sq

    Out now: North America 2018


    When it comes to America and automotive manufacturing, some things are impossible to ignore. Foremost among them are: The Big Three, the light truck segment and Trump. In our latest global region supplement, we bring you the full set. In this AMS special supplement we examine a region ...

  • Article



    在一个极其动荡的政治环境下诞生了一个新工厂 — 这就是沃尔沃在美国的第一家工厂。Michael Nash 报道 沃尔沃汽车正式在美国开设第一个工厂。南卡查尔斯顿工厂的建设始于2015年,董事长兼首席执行官Håkan Samuelsson强调了当地生产对发展和达成利润目标的重要性。这个工厂现在只生产新款S60轿跑车,这款车是在可扩展整车平台(SPA)上制造的。 Samuelsson说,“查尔斯顿工厂的建立使美国成为我们第三大国内市场。轿车级别和SPA平台有能力促进盈利,为沃尔沃汽车在美国和全球的发展提供巨大机会。” 工厂原来计划每年制造100,000辆汽车,但是生产力可以达到150,000辆。工厂占地230万平方英尺,到2018年底为止,员工数量将达到1,500人。该制造商已经花费11亿美元,但是只有5亿美元是指定给工厂投资的。 S60汽车是沃尔沃汽车非柴油机汽车阵营中的第一款汽车额,体现了公司到2019“走向全面电动化”的方针 — 这个战略起于2017年,就是推出的每款汽车都要完成一定程度的电气化,配有中等混合动力系统或全电池驱动汽车。工厂还没有敲定生产电动车,但是据Samuelsson称,如果进行“少量”投资的话就可以实现。 缓慢而稳步 除了S60以外,查尔斯顿还会从2021年开始生产沃尔沃最畅销的SUV汽车—XC90。制造商没有澄清延迟生产的原因,因为这款SUV与S60共享SPA平台,因此同时生产两款汽车本应该很直接。 不久前在接受AMS采访的时候,沃尔沃行业战略高级总监Ulf Nordelöf解释称,沃尔沃瑞典哥德堡工厂就因为只使用SPA平台上生产而受益匪浅。他回忆说,“在三四年的时间里,我们逐步放弃使用3中平台生产,然后仅用1个平台,而且还推出5个新车型,其中不包括V60。我们有勇气去做书本里没有的事情,那就是改变过程,改变产品系列,最重要的是提高产量。” 但是沃尔沃在查尔斯顿谨小慎微的举动得到了查尔斯顿与区开发联盟(CRDA)全球业务开发副总裁Mike Graney的赞扬。他对AMS说,重要的是制造商克服了急于求成的诱惑。 他说,“运营一个汽车厂是马拉松,而不是百米冲刺。沃尔沃很明智的选择一种适度的发展速度,这与宝马30年前的策略是一样的。我们认为沃尔沃的汽车生产会随着在美国以及其他地方树立强大的品牌影响力而提高。这对我们查尔斯顿所有人来说都是一个令人兴奋地时刻。” 回顾2015年,沃尔沃宣布要在美国建设工厂,并说出选择查尔斯顿的几个理由。其中首要理由是这里的港口,城市位于东海岸,便于进口零部件以及出口整车。大约工厂生产的一半汽车会在美国市场销售,而其余的一半则用于出口。高素质劳动力以及制造领域丰富的经验也是查尔斯顿中选的重要特点。 沃尔沃查尔斯顿工厂开始时仅生产S60轿跑车,这是最畅销的大型SUV汽车,2021年开始将增加XC90汽车的生产 据CRDA称,查尔斯顿港口自称是大西洋南岸最深的港口,可以让沃尔沃抵达全球150多个国家。在劳动力方面,在当地雇佣的33%员工都具有本科以上学历。城市人口增长迅速 — 从2010年到2016年,人口增长速度是美国平均的4倍,是南卡平均数的两倍。 其中一部分原因是有很多向沃尔沃这样的公司到这里来投资。Graney继续说,“全球贸易与投资促进查尔斯顿大都会的经济满融,国际公司和人才在这里的根基和人脉都很深。30多年来,南卡一直发展汽车制造业。宝马在北部打开第一枪,博世紧随其后落足查尔斯顿。我们拥有综合性人才培训项目、健康的行业分为,以及强有力的激励措施。” CRDA一位发言人补充说,查尔斯顿“成为大萧条之后宣布在美建厂的最早两家汽车装配厂的落脚地……查尔斯顿提供的劳动力和人才让公司获得了发展和成功。就算是迎来波音、沃尔沃和戴姆勒的大肆扩张,查尔斯顿的人才库仍然足以为公司的发展提供机会。” 全球发展 我们心里“一直在进步”,沃尔沃在美国生产汽车的时候正是公司销量创纪录的时候。从全球销量来看,公司在2018年前半年共交付317,639辆汽车,比2017年同期增长了14.4%。公司最大的市场是欧洲,2018年前半年里,公司在欧洲共售出164,480辆汽车。中国是第二大市场,共出售61,480辆汽车,美国是第三,售出47,622辆。 然而,销量增长率最高的是美国,增幅为39.6%。在中国和欧洲分别增长了18.4%和5.7%。2018年5月6月,XC90汽车在美国的需求比2017年同期分别增长了30.1%和17.4%。除了在美国建造工厂之外,公司还宣布要提高欧洲及亚洲工厂的产量,以满足这些市场对XC40小型SUV的“巨大需求”。该车型是在紧凑型模块化品平台(CMA)上生产,该平台是沃尔沃和姊妹品牌 — 凌克一同开发的。 Samuelsson评论说,“XC40的成功远远超过我们的预期。小型SUV汽车的发展非常迅速,增加CMA平台生产的车型之后,估计我们的利润会继续增长。”公司并没有透露在扩大之后,比利时根特工厂、中国刘桥工厂会生产多少汽车。但两家公司很快会生产Lynk&Co 01汽车,这也是一款SUV汽车,也是吉利旗下第一款品牌汽车。 "沃尔沃很明智的选择一种适度的发展速度,这与宝马30年前的策略是一样的。我们认为沃尔沃的汽车生产会随着在美国以及其他地方树立强大的品牌影响力而提高。" - Mike Graney, CRDA 开设查尔斯顿工厂正值全球汽车业处于微妙处境的时刻。美国总统特朗普以贸易大战威胁中国,对中国4,000亿美元的进口货物征收关税。欧洲各国认为这种行为会在全球产生联锁反应。 但Samuelsson却仍然很淡定。最近他在接受Bloomberg Television电视台采访的时候说,“首先,虽然我们的行业处于非常时刻,但庆幸的是我们在当地建有工厂。如果没有工厂,未来我们会更加忧虑。我们前方的道路有很多,但我们认为在美国发展对我们来说更加重要,不仅要建立与合作商、零售商之间的新任,而且还要更加靠近客户。了解他们的喜好,我们将来才能为他们制造更好的汽车。” S60汽车零部件中大约有50%是在美国当地生产的,而其他组件来自墨西哥和欧洲。Samuelsson说,他坚信“贸易要开放,但是也会做好两手准备。”也就是说,他认为沃尔沃的供应链不会受到影响,会继续盈利,而且他们的汽车会自由地向全球出口。没有这些措施,汽车的而成本就会增长。他还说,“我希望我们能满足低关税要求,不用缴纳高标准关税。这对我们的客户来说才是最佳方案。” 尽管新的沃尔沃工厂的建设早于美国总统选举,但是有些媒体认为,开设查尔斯顿工厂是特朗普总统企图哄骗大量制造厂进入美国计划成功的结果。然而,如果关税威胁继续升级,沃尔沃汽车的成本继续增长,那么这家瑞典公司未来提高产量满足需求的预期也就化为泡影了。

  • Volvo Charleston robots

    The Scandinavian settlement


    A new plant has been born in an extremely turbulent political environment – Volvo’s first in the US. Michael Nash reports Volvo Cars has officially opened its first plant in the US. Construction began at Charleston, South Carolina, back in 2015, with president and CEO Håkan Samuelsson highlighting the importance ...

  • Volvo Cars XC60 production

    SPA in the DNA


    Rising global demand for Volvo vehicles and the arrival of models using the SPA platform is having a considerable impact on the company’s Torslanda plant. Michael Nash investigates As they typically employ thousands of people, mass-market vehicle production plants often have a significant influence on local and indeed national economies. ...